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Paying homage to shows such as "Pardon the Interruption", "Around the Horn", "The Best Damn Sports Show Period", "Best Week Ever", and "The Soup", We Love to Interrupt is a weekly raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows. Comments are always welcomed here!

Hosted by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, and featuring the editors/contributors to GSNN

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July 23, 2005

Chico: I hear tell tuition is dirt cheap.
Gordon: Professors include Professor Tiy-E, Janelle, Omarosa, Will 'Mega', Scott Savol and others that we'll find out more from in the upcoming months.
Travis: Apply now. Classes are filling up very slowly.
Gordon: I'm going to enroll in late August after GSC. Hey, did you know that the Game Show Congress will be holding their 4th annual convention in Los Angeles?
Chico: No I didn't, due to poor promotion.
Gordon: Ouch.
Travis: No, please tell us more, Gordon.
Gordon: It's going to be the weekend of August 19-21 in L.A. If you are interested, go to
Travis: Neato cheeto frito bandito! The website is amazing.
Chico: I'mma do that right now.
Travis: Ditto.
Chico: Another thing I'mma do right now, a little game called "Number Please".
Gordon: Here's Professor Chico giving us a math lesson.
Chico: It's real simple. I have seven numbers. You tell me what .... Chairman Chico to you, boy. .... Anyway, you tell me what they mean.
Gordon: Yes Professor Chairman.
Travis: I forgot my apple.
Chico: Travis, ... the dowel, please.
Travis: Here you are, Chairman.
Gordon: (Puts on Dowel Protective Armor)
Chico: Thank you. *Whaps Gordon*
Gordon: (Clang!) Hah!
Chico: Too late. Damn.
Travis: The DPA has a +6 saving throw against dowels.
Chico: Whatever, I can still poke your eye out. *does* Anywho, going in numerical order...


Chico: What does "2" mean to you?
Travis: Number of seasons of Extreme Dodgeball that were Rip-less.
Gordon: The number of Apprentices that will be on the air in September.
Chico: I have "number of championships David Madden backed into this week."
Gordon: That works, too. You can see that he's visibly tired.
Travis: Which is a shame. He hasn't been going that long.
Chico: For those playing along at home: a "backdoor" championship is where one person wins by virtue of another losing when they could've won.
Gordon: Ken Jennings made this look impressively easy, but the champions can tell you that taping all of those shows consecutively does put a strain on you.
Chico: And after 10 or so, you begin to see it.
Travis: That makes sense. College Bowl does tend to get exhausting after going all day.
Chico: Sure does. Two people could have won this week, dethroning David in the process....
Gordon: True - but give David credit, he managed to hang on. He performed in Final Jeopardy.
Chico: Yep.
Gordon: One time he did, and the frontrunner got it wrong, You give him credit for a now 14 game win streak.
Chico: Yep. Next number.


Travis: Position in Bidder's Row I was in when I got my hot tub.
Gordon: The season number that Lingo will be starting in August 1.
Chico: And what a nice hot tub that was... and what a nice game that is.
Gordon: Awesome game. (kiss, kiss, kiss)
Chico: But I have "number of houseguests that were in fights that had to be broken up by Big Brother".
Gordon: Ah yes. We have Michael Vs. Eric and Ivette Vs. Kaysar.
Chico: That night, BB gave the players a warning: "Knock it the (^_^) off or I'll (^_^)-can the lot of you and put up a CSI rerun."
Gordon: Or a George Bush speech.
Travis: Nice.
Chico: On that note....


Chico: ... the number of minutes that was preempted by el Presidente.
Travis: Squares on the "Secret X" Board.
Chico: Or the H2 board. Or the Tic Tac Dough board.
Travis: Slots in Plinko.
Chico: Mmmm... Dough board.
Gordon: Or the number of people who can vote on the next Big Brother Eviction. Maggie and James are up for nomination, thanks to Kaysar.
Chico: We're just rolling here, aren't we?
Gordon: Is this a smart move on his part?
Chico: I would've put up Janelle again.
Gordon: Well, you can't, as Kaysar, Janelle and Howie are all in the same clique.
Chico: Good point. You can count on Eric trying to use Kaysar to save Maggie, I bet. Sure, Maggie is playing the game from day 1, but is James really?
Gordon: James is - but he's playing it the wrong way. Actually, on the live feeds, Eric's rallying the voters to eliminate James - which is the smart thing to do, as long as James doesn't win veto.
Chico: Good move.
Gordon: As he promised Kaysay that he wouldn't compete in the Power of Veto to save his 'Friend' Maggie. It's really the only thing he can to do not look like an idiot.
Chico: True. Next number...


Chico: I know where this is going.
Travis: The Ultimate Answer to Life, The Universe, and Everything.
Gordon: I'm not going to go there, Marvin.
Travis: HA, I went there.
Chico: Travis is right... Depressing isn't it? Actually, he's a bit
closer than you think.
Travis: Quois?
Gordon: Thanks Marvin Alexander. I'll say the remaining dancers on Fox's show that are looking for the ultimate answer.
Chico: 42 is now the median age of viewership on GSN Primetime thanks to a little show called "The Amazing Race".
Travis: Oh yeah. I knew that.
Chico: Sure you did.
Gordon: Me too.
Chico: Sure you did.
Travis: Down from 54, right?
Chico: Right.
Gordon: With a 0.4 rating.
Chico: Yep.
Travis: See? I DID read that.
Gordon: We both read it. We were trying to play dumb for the segment to work.
Chico: Trying being the operative word. :-)
Travis: Bah-dum, ching.
Chico: But about that 0.4 rating... GSN is pantswettingly happy about it. Would you be?
Travis: I'd be panstwettingly happy about a whole number.
Chico: You, too?
Gordon: As the average rating used to be a 0.5 and AR is getting an 0.4 now, I'd be wetting my pants for a different reason. That's a 6 million dollar investment getting your 0.4.
Chico: Should we give it time? CBS bided their time and got a hit.
Gordon: Time for what, exactly?
Travis: Give it time to wear on GSN's audience.
Chico: Racers people remember?
Travis: Bingo
Chico: Not many people caught season 1.
Gordon: Well, I'm hoping so, because if the ratings erode, then you may be using those pants as a parachute.
Chico: Okay, next number....


Travis: 912 was a creepy Christian club I was in for about two weeks in high school.
Gordon: (4 + 5) * 100 + (6 * 2) = 912. Do I get my 10 points?
Gordon: Sorry - in Countdown mode.
Chico: Sounds like an R&B group.
Travis: Could be an area code.
Chico: No. Maybe this'll help.


Gordon: Ah - I know exactly what it is.
Travis: September 12 is New Season Day.
Gordon: Yep.
Chico: Yay!
Travis: Season Premieres for four of the Big Five.
Gordon: That would be Feud, Millionaire, Wheel and Jep!
Chico: J!, Family Feud, Wheel of Fortune (which we purposely don't dwell upon that much on this show because nothing ever happens), and Millionaire all start their 22nd, 7th, 23rd, and 6th seasons on this day if you count Millionaire's original network run amongst the total run.
Travis: Definitely a good day.
Gordon: And of course, TPIR starts #34.
Chico: Good segues... the next number is 919.
Travis: TPIR Opening Day.
Chico: The area code for my girlfriend in Raleigh :-) Oh yeah, and that, Travis.
Gordon: So now that we see that these shows are work horses, when do we get to see new game shows?
Chico: I say give time for Deal or No Deal to work, then we'll see some new shows coming off the pike. You know, once TV sees that game shows can work.
Travis: As soon as someone hires me after I graduate with my Bachelor's in Game Show Development.
Chico: I'll sign up for your production company. Gordon will, too.
Travis: I already have two employees for Wild Card Productions. Fantastic.
Chico: And final number...

10.3 million.

Chico: Here's a hint... it's an audience.
Gordon: The opening ratings for FOX's So You Think You can Dance?
Chico: Bingo.
Travis: I was gonna say that.
Chico: Kudos to Dick Clark Prod... err, dick clark productions for making me forget "The Chamber". It basically prompted people to say "Bring me the head of Dick Clark." Treading the fine line of entertainment and bad taste.
Gordon: Speaking of which, our continued good wishes to Mr. Clark's stroke recovery.
Travis: Get well soon, Dick.
Chico: Agreed. So the dancing trend... No fluke. At least not this summer.
Gordon: Hold that thought until we get Ice Skating with Celebrities.
Chico:  Okay, time for a break now. When we return, we're on the last train to Whammyville.
Travis: **Steam Whistle**
Gordon: They never did have a train whammy, did they?
Travis: Don't think so.

(Brought to you by "So You Think You Can Prance", the ultimate horse jumping show for a million bucks and your own dude ranch)

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