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Paying homage to shows such as "Pardon the Interruption", "Around the Horn", "The Best Damn Sports Show Period", "Best Week Ever", and "The Soup", We Love to Interrupt is a weekly raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows. Comments are always welcomed here!

Hosted by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, and featuring the editors/contributors to GSNN

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No infringement of copyright is intended by these fan pages; production companies of shows this site covers retain all rights to the sounds, images, and information contained herein. No challenge to copyright is implied. 

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March 28, 2005

Chico:  Fo shizzle.
Jason H:    My nizzle.
Jason B:    Drop it like it's hot.
Gordon: So we are back for a look back at 50 WLTI episodes.
Chico:  We're back, dropping the 50th WLTI episode... Unfortunately, Steve had a personal situation and had to drop out. We hope everything is ok with him. In the meantime, it's time for a history lesson.
Gordon: Shall I put on the historian hat?
Jason H:    fo sho.
Chico:  Only if I put the classical music on.
Jason B:    (hands you a tassle and mortarboard)
Gordon: Go for it.
Jason B:    (hands Chico Vivaldi's Four Seasons)
Chico:  It all started on October 10, 2002... Two men, who watched way too much pop culture/sports TV/game shows got it in their heads to drop commentary on the subject.
Gordon: Well said
Chico:  *starts playing "Four Seasons"* Thank you!
Gordon: Do you remember our very first commercial?
Chico:  Why yes... I do. Push Nevada, the pseudo contest in interactive TV. Didn't pan out so well, but the winner got his money.

(This commercial break has been sponsored by Push Nevada, We know all of our clues are being exploited across the internet, and we know that our show is more convoluted than Split Pea Soup, but WATCH, US DAMIT!)

Gordon: Felt like yesterday.
Chico:  Memories...
Jason B:    We need some good ones :)
Chico:  Then came the first game... Roleplay.
Gordon: The show was planned to be a monthly, but as it was the most watched show, it turned into a bi-weekly.
Jason B:    And then weekly.
Chico:  And the game show fan world was never the same.
Gordon: Our first interview was with Andy Aaron, who won $250,000 on Millionaire
Chico:  And from there, other people would stop by to answer... 20 Questions.... A sampling? Yeah, we have that.

"Anything else you'd like to say that we may have missed?"
Steve Altes (Extreme Dodgeball): Yes. Have you ever thought that maybe we don't have a set number of years to live? Instead our lives tick away by odd markers. Like the number of times you change the battery in your smoke detector. Maybe you're destined to only hear the song "Tin Man" by America sixty times in your whole life. The 60th time, you die! Maybe you just heard it an hour ago for the 37th time. You just moved closer to death without even realizing it.

"Have you ever been on The Price is Right? What's the closest you have been and if you won, what did you win?"
Jay Lewis (Net Price is Right): The closest I have been to Studio 33 is Niagara Falls, Ontario.

"You know how they ask you for something interesting about yourself. Have to ask... Why DDR? I mean, I'm a fan, you're a fan, but I'm just wondering."

Jeremy Soria (Pyramid): Well, I know it is very popular in California. There are a lot of people of Asian descent in California (San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco). You've got the Japanese and Filipinos there, and they love music and video games. DDR just seemed to be one of the games that epitomizes putting the two together. It's a great game in Asia, it's really big in California. I just figured I wanted to point out something that I like that perhaps some folks from California in the studio could connect with.


"Do you think you could kick Ken Jennings's rear?"
Dan Avila (Greed): I'd love to try, but he may be too good on the buzzer.


"Last question! It's time to play Stump the Spear. This question is likely a layup for you. What current Major League Baseball player was born with six fingers on each hand and six toes on each foot?"
Curt Spear (Stump the Schwab): Is that Alfonseca?
Mike: He's good. Antonio Alfonseca.
Joe: WOW
Chico: Whoa.
Gordon: He didn't win the whole thing for nothing.

Gordon: Episode #3 we premiered the most popular game on our show - TAKE-A-SIDE
Chico:  And arguably the bloodiest.

Gordon:  Pick a former Barker's Beauty - who is the best one?
Chico:  Holly. She was the playful one.
Gordon:  Holly? How can you not pick Gina Lee Nolan, Ms Baywatch, Ms Sheena, and Ms Hotcakes?
Chico:  Suddenly, the Bob wasn't good for her. Easy. She left.
Gordon:  She is the syndicated queen of shows now - she is a model and has a huge future in front of her.
Chico:  Fine. You can stay at home drooling over a video image and I'll go to Utah, show Holly what a complete and utter fineass she is, and get a free ski weekend out of the deal. What'd'ya say to that?
Gordon:  Mark Walberg will be jealous
Chico:  Let'em. Next one.

Jason B:    Wow. Bloody indeed.
Joe:    lol
Jason B:    But Chico is right. Holly Hallstrom is hot.
Chico:  Thank you!
Joe:    Word.
Chico:  Props to the Block.
Gordon: bah
Jason B:    Dian and Janice were way too blonde. Holly was the one I had a crush on as a kid.
Chico:  What can I say, Holly was a cutie.
Jason H:    Holly = cute
Gordon: Then comes episode #5 - The infamous episode with this....

Gordon: Dear Dr. Chico. I am a perverted Game Show TV Fan. Can you tell me which of these game shows - or any show - would I be most likely to see nudity during sweeps week?  - Jason

Jason B:    Hey! I didn't write that!
Joe:    ROFL
Gordon: It wasn't Jason Block or Alexander we were lampooning.
Jason B:    Can you explain that one to me please!
Gordon: It was Jason Elliott - who happened to be the webmaster. Let's say he didn't like it.
Chico:  That got us canned the FIRST time.
Jason B:    Pushing the buttons of the boss. Funny.
Gordon: He pulled the show - one of 2 shows he would pull.
Chico:  The other would be the lost episode with the 20 ?s from Jeremy Soria, which you just say a clip from.
Gordon: Yes - he didn't like that one either and just yanked the whole thing.
Chico:  So rather than let us take him in to defend his craft, he yanks.
Gordon: We start Season 2 in January of 2003, with the first new featured guest. Let's go back and see who that was...
Ryan:   *gets into Wayback machine*
Chico:  That would be... YOU, Ryan!
Ryan:   Wow!  I feel special!

Gordon: Celebrity  Millionaire or I'm a Celebrity, get me out of here - which one is the lesser of the 2 evils? Chico, you start
Ryan:   And someday you'll actually meet me and find out that I am REAL!
Chico: Celebrity Millionaire. Because 1) Knowledge Factor. Millionaire's an engaging quiz. IACGMOOH is just a stupid Survivor rip. 2) Anything that's
determined by the audience is subject to scrutiny
Ryan: IACGMOOH, while it may be seen as a Survivor rip, actually makes celebrities work for their money, by performing physical challenges and offering themselves up to the public. Celeb Millionaire usually consists of questions like "What colour does red and blue make? A) Purple, B) 12, C) Phi Beta Kappa D) On his shoe - and hey, you can turn around and ask your b-list friends for help!"
Chico: No, yo're thinking of the WB now.
Gordon: I think that Celebrity is a stupid rip-off, but I do agree with Ryan about the b-level celebrities - not to mention that asking friends for help taints the game. Point to Ryan.

Jason B:    Ryan...funny argument
Gordon: By the way - that Take A Side ended up in...a 2-2 Draw.
Chico:  This is where I finally get it in my head that Take-a-Side is rigged.
Ryan:   Easy Chico! :)
Jason B:   Dull surprise--a draw
Gordon: Chico, he drew you fair and square. Stop whining
Chico:  It's half my show and I'm halfwhine if I want to.
Gordon: We also had the debut of the sponsor that would be the most advertised one in the history of the show - care to guess what it is?
Chico:  Grizzlebee's! You'll wish you had LESS fun!
Joe:    lol
Jason H:    LOL
Chico:  From the Tinfins episode of Sealab 2021. Our favorite.
Gordon: You got it.
Gordon: Grizzlebee's has showed up 5 times - the most of any ad
Jason B:   Not a sealab fan....
Chico:  It's the go-to ad when we run out of ideas.
Gordon: Then there's Episode #11 in March of 2003, which was very special for this reason...

Gordon: Lets try this again - I'm Gordon, and We're watching the finals of Star Search...Well, so much for Star Search for the evening
Chico:  And CSI.
Gordon:  But the Bachelorette is still on as we speak
Gordon: We interrupt this WLTI to tell you that the United States has just declared war on Iraq. Somber night, eh? Sort of makes what we're doing shallow, don't it?
Chico:  Very much so.
Gordon:  But my attitude is to do this, just somply because A. People want some entertainment and B. we have to continue to live.
Chico:  Correct, we need normalcy at these uncertain times, something to remind us that life goes on.
Gordon:  But as someone who's brother-in-law was in the military, and to whom some people in my bowling league belong to, my heart goes out to everyone fighting and to please come back alive. And at 9:45pm ET, ABC switches to news. And any of you military people are reading this, we hope that we are entertaining you.
Chico:  Agreed. As an army brat who had to live through the homefront torture of Desert Storm, our hearts, most definitely, are with the men and women in uniform. That said... we shall continue.
Gordon:  I had to live through September 11th. You can guess what my opinion is.
Chico:  True.
Gordon:  So let's go to what did actually air in it's entirety tonight - Survivor  - what happens when you have a love triangle? You get rid of the girl and the guys live happily ever after. Wha?

Jason B:    Holy Cow.
Gordon: THAT brings back memories
Jason B:    Brings me back to 09/11 actually. Nice job guys.
Joe:    Indeed.
Jason H:    Ditto on that one.
Chico:  Yep.
Gordon: Then, two months later, Gordon has another case of footinmouthitis.
Chico:  This was before he could get away with it.

Gordon: But enough losers... let's talk winners for a moment. At the end of next week, someone's going to win $250,000 of Jeopardy!'s money. Could it be...BEN TRITLE???????
Chico:  Maybe... or maybe it'll be Brian Weikle, whose streak shattered any and all records... As if he needs that much more money, taking Sony for $140,000.
Gordon:  no offense to Ben, but he got the 5 time championship moniker by luck in the first episode - he will have to be much better in this tournament to get out of the first round.
Chico:  Agreed.

Jason B:    I think Ben read the site.
Chico:  He did. Wasn't happy. Jason pulls the plug... again.
Gordon: Note that Chico agreed with me - but IM the one that gets the nasty e-mail - and I get threatened once again by Jason
Chico:  Yep. AS I though. Sure. Blame the guy who just agrees.
Gordon: We actually stay pretty calm after that Tritle moment...until I open my mouth yet again on episode #23...

Gordon: And Chico, when you visit the Heather and Eve emporium, you can go to their porn site at (censored). As a matter of fact, you can see nude pictured of all of your favorite Survivor celebrities at (censored).
Chico: Do we get them with or without peanut butter and chocolate?
Gordon: I think you decide.
Chico: Ah.

Steve:  I've learned if you even voice the simplest opinion, you're going to make somebody angry.
Gordon: Well, in this case, the somebody was once again our webmaster Jason Elliott, who was appalled that we would even mention porn pictures, less say there was a website on them. So we get the show yanked.
Chico:  Again.
Gordon: That was the last show yanked - and fortunately, there was an era of calm, and we start Season 6 with...guests!
Jason H:    *GASP!*
Joe:    WHOO!

Chico: Okay, before this turns into Smutfest 2004... Topic #4: Ken Jennings has been one of the better players to ever go on Jeopardy!. QUESTION: Has he made the show more watchable? Travis, begin when ready.
Travis: I would argue that he's made the show popular for the unwashed masses, much like Thom McKee did for "Tic Tac Dough." Jeopardy is second behind Wheel. Not a whole lot of room to grow. J! is already watchable, Ken is just icing on the cake. So, I have to go with a "qualified no," as Larry Blyden would say.
Chico: Alright, Aldo has a "qualified yes" then.
Aldo: Yes Ken has made it more popular. That's like saying someone breaking a record isn't good for sports. He's in uncharted territory in the likes of which most of us haven't seen before and probably will never see again. He's doing something we haven't seen on Jeopardy.
Travis: Winning?
Aldo: Ken was even on ESPN in Pardon the Interruption.

Chico:  As you can see, Take-a-Side didn't get any less fierce.
Gordon: That was the debut of Travis Eberle, who now has his 'On the Buzzer' Column. Also - the debut of Aldo Villalona, who is covering poker shows for us. Four episodes later - and we all came back form Game Show Congress 3 - and we bring even MORE guests with us...
Jason H:    :-D
Ryan:   Will someone just BRING me to Game Show Congress?
Chico:  I would, but I only have enough for one ticket.
Ryan:   LOL :)

Chico: I'm Chico, the DJ of this party, and some fromwhere... drunk again, sorry... in America... WLTI is on. Got a LOT of stuff to cover, but first, intro'of the guests!
Gordon: That would be Chico Alexander and Aldo Villalona, our regulars on WLTI, and we also have 2 special guests - first, we have Joe Van Ginkel, who represented us well as the co-host of the Game Show Tournament at GSC3. A few words from Joe, please.
Joe: I thank you, sir. The last week or so have something of a blur.
Gordon: You take any tequila from Chico yet? And the other guest is Jason Fernandez, who at the Millionaire Studio show at Disney land, repre....uhhh...well...he does have one of the biggest Press Your Luck sites on the web - and he now knows the difference between a Diner's Card and a Christmas Card! =)
Jason H:    *hides in shame*

Gordon: Believe it or not, Jason Block still wasn't on the air with us.
Jason B:    I am the baby of the group.
Joe:    Which is a shock to me.
Jason B:    I am the most recent member of the team.
Gordon: He shows up on episode

Jason B: I wonder what #1 is going to be...:) Ryan: hmm.... obviously Chuck Woolery!
Chico: I'll give you a hint, it isn't Ruben and Clay :)
Gordon: Peter Tomarken coming back to host Paranoia!
Jason B: Darn. (snaps fingers)
Chico: Down, boy.
Gordon: pant, pant, pant
Ryan: Fang! Behave!
Gordon: Its not William Hung?
Chico: Number one is... the Jennings Reign of Terror! Wee!
Gordon: Which had a reign of terror on the poll
Wow Chico you are some excited today!
Jason B: So that is two in a row for the Mormon Maniac.
Chico: That's the lack of sleep talking!
Ryan: Mormon Maniac - I like that Jason
Jason B:
I dont think he is going to win this week's Top 5
Chico: But I guarantee you that he will not make this poll, because we're talking Biggest Blunder here.
Gordon: Try me...=)
Chico: Unless Gordon finds some way in his overtly creative head to make it happen.
Ryan: Oh dear, here come a gordon "spoiler" again...
Gordon: Tee hee hee hee hee
Gordon: I have a major problem with someone who makes money - and then covers up his rationale of doing so by saying he didn't want to buck tradition - and then stomps all over it. You know what I'm talking about now?
Chico: ... No idea.
Ryan: oh dear...
Chico: Great googly moogly.
Gordon: You wanted to know how I could get Ken on the list - well, here's how.
Jason B: Not a bad choice actually.
Gordon: On an interview right after he hit $52,000, Ken is asked why he didn't go for the record - and he said that he held it in too high regard. THAT NIGHT. he attempts to break the record...and after 3 tries, he finally does so on the last day of the season. That started the ball of me not liking him rolling, and if anyone wants to talk about e Kan Jennings backlash, they can point their finger to that moment. Could I put the CD in the case for you, Mr. Jennings?
Jason B: Very funny Gordon.

Gordon: That actually comes in second in the 'Worst Moment' Category in the Top 5
Chico:  And what came in first?
Gordon: The Reformatting of GSN to include such gems as Fake-A-Date and Kenny Vs. Spenny - Something Jason Block suggested. A warm welcome to Mr. Block, btw.
Jason B:    Thank you.
Gordon: So that starts the rotating panel, and even though there would be shows with just Chico and I, that's when we started to get a panel feel going in the shows
Jason B:    Steve and I agree totally on how GSN has basically alienated their audience.
Chico:  That was revealed as GSNN celebrated its 5th and WLTI celebrated its second.
Gordon: 'We then move to the start of season 7, where we have gotten the most talked about segment of WLTI...ever....and once again, I'm in the middle of it...

Jeff: But the question is whether it will actually cause blindness. Of course not. As a physician, I can tell you that while TV may induce seizures in some.
Gordon: it will not cause blindness, even if you sit too close. Rapid seizures in the brain could cause neural problems - including blindness. So yes, WOF COULD cause blindness.
Jeff: I am not supporting your argument, Gordon; please don't try that argument with me. It's been done. Medically speaking, this is not possible.
Gordon: I think we're talking from a figurative sense anyways, not literal. 
Jeff: Are you suggesting actual blindness, or just arguing that they don't need all the new graphics?
Joe: The latter.
Chico: The latter.
Jason: ditto.
Jeff: The question was regarding blindness, and I am taking that literally for my argument. Sometimes people write poorly worded questions, you know...
Chico: yeah, but Jason did specify excessive graphics.
Jason: (look below that)
Jeff: There it is in black and white...well, blue.
Jason: (ie; excessive graphics)
Gordon: JUDGES!
Joe: Gordon.
Jeff: Yes, but actually causing blindness?! There is nothing indicating figurative speech in the question.
Chico: Okay, the question was regarding graphics and Gordon knew that, so this one goes to him.
Jeff: Just you wait for my appeal letter in the mail! I will research this one so deeply your head will spin.
Gordon: We'll hire the WWTBAM team to make a judgement on it =)
Chico: okay, for the record, Jason. Who'd you give it to?
Jason: As much as I want to give the point to Jeff for his "shiny things that spin" comment..... (because I like shiny things...... and spinny things) But Gordon also said some bad things about the bonus wheel and I love that thing, at least. So I give the vote to ME!
Jeff: No... me!
Gordon: Sigh.
Chico: Spinny things that shine! ... No, wait.

Jason: You still got the other two votes, Gordon.... stop bellyaching. :)
Gordon: No complaints from me =)

Joe:    Uh-oh...the WOF graphics incident. (re: Mary Hart's voice)
Jason H:    Oooh, oh oh oh oh.....
Gordon: That is still the most popular WLTI Archive - the debut of Jeff Suchard as he talks about Jeopardy and how close he was to defeating Ken Jennings
Chico:  I remember him. Didn't he organize the "We Lost to KJ" party?
Ryan:   There was a We Lost to KJ party? LOL!
Steve:  Possibly....hadn't heard about that.
Jason H:    .....WHAT?!?!
Chico:  There was a We Lost to KJ party.  It happened on Nov. 30, the end of the era. And such resulted in the first use of the Spoiler Alarm.
Jason B:    That would be funny.
Jason H:    Actually, it happened day after Labor Day. =)
Chico:  We're just reliving the glory days.
Joe:    I actually was there for the incident Gordon is referring to.
Jason B:    The biggest open secret in TV History :)
Chico:  Yep.
James:  Yes...Gordon mentioned it to me, ending my chance of being the man to pull it off :)
Joe:    It was taped on September 7, and aired on November 30.
Jason H:    Oooooooh
Jason B:    And I have to compliment both sites...both GSNN and tvgameshows for handling it as well as you guys did.
Joe:    Agreed.
Gordon: 1 spoiler flashback coming up...
Jason H:    =)
Chico:  I bet it took everything to keep that down. It just personally spoiled it for me watching, having known what I knew.
Gordon: We go back to Episode #31 for this...

Chico: As per GSNN's Spoiler Policy, we are to warn you the public that act 1 contains a spoiler. If you wish not to hear it, click the edited version of act 1. If not, click the unedited version.
Chico: Now, over the past week, TV Week leaked out a report that Ken Jennings is to lose after 75 matches.
Gordon: As a matter of fact, we actually have a spy in our midst who was at the taping that he lost. Would the spy please reveal himself?
Jason: *whistles incoherently*
Chico: *looks around*
Jason: Oh....not a spy.....just a well-wisher
Gordon: You are a Spy! J'Accuse!
Alex: Ken didn't even deny the fact that he lost to me when we talked last Saturday.
Chico: But he DID deny it to the Early Show.
Gordon: Well, he sort of has to, to keep the mystique going
Jason: Oh, come on now....I don't want to TOTALLY spoil it. :-p Like Ken said, we have to leave some mystique in this
Josh: I'm interested in hearing how far the lady who beat Ken Jennings goes.
Alex: Yeah, that would be funny - Ken wins 74 games...The lady wins 1. There would be a lot of jokes about that.
Jason: I won't say anything.
Gordon: I won't say anything if you don't, Jason.
Jason: *whistles and slowly backs away*

Jason H:    *chuckles*
Gordon: We've had many great guests during this era - Steve Altes, Tim Hsieh, Travis Schario, Mike Klauss, Jay Lewis, Curt Spear, and, as seen in Episode #44, Mr. Greed....
Jason B:    Dan of THE nicest guys you ever want to meet.
Jason H:    Yep, Dan is great.
Gordon: The last flashback - and then we will move on - is from Mr. Greed, in what I think was a great segment...
Chico:  Let's go to the segment.
Jason H:    Roll that beautiful bean footage...

Gordon: There was something else that was funny, but not to the contestant who blew the $200 question on Millionaire
Jason Block: Llama alert.
Joe Van Ginkel: GADZOOKS!
Gordon Pepper: I turn the floor to Chico, who explains
Jeff Suchard: So now we come to a discussion of what actually constitutes a
Dan Avila: A furry Andean creature?
Joe Van Ginkel: Llama = WWTBAM who bombs out before reaching the $1,000 question.
Chico Alexander: Anyway, back to the matter at hand... Molly Sanford at $200. In 1939, what filmmaker received one full-sized Oscar and seven dwarf-sized ones as well? Answer now!
Jeff Suchard: Frank Capra?
Dan Avila: Michael Jackson.
Jason Hernandez: Disney.
Jeff Suchard: This is Match Game, right?
Jason Hernandez: Walter Disney
Joe Van Ginkel: Amy Jo Johnson!
Gordon Pepper: If it's Millionaire, the answer is Disney. If it's Match Game, the answer is Michael Jackson.
Chico Alexander: Jason's right.
Jason Hernandez: A $200 I got right this time!!!
Dan Avila: yayayay
Jason Hernandez: ....and there was much rejoicing!
Jason H:    ROFL....

Chico:  There was. Jason  couldn't stop talking about it.
Jason H:    That joke is never gonna get old, is it? :-p
Jason B:    Heck no
Gordon: (fast forward)
Chico:  Too much fun.
Jason H:    Hey, I'm not just any idiot. :-D

Gordon Pepper: 8) On a recent On The Cover, million dollar winner Tim Hsieh was matched up against Winning Lines $500,000 winner Cathering Rahm. If you were back on Jeopardy with your choice of contestants. who would they be?
Jason H:    *thumbs up*
Jeff Suchard: Two stupid people Gordon Pepper: And would hair guy be one of them?
Dan Avila: You mean anyone?
Gordon Pepper: anyone
Jeff Suchard: Steven Hawking and Paris Hilton - those would be my choices
Dan Avila: Other than llamas from BAM?
Gordon Pepper: Anyone, including llamas
Chico Alexander: And llama mamas.
Dan Avila: I'd like to try my brother Ernie and maybe Jeff...but I want to be sure and I'll take Emma Suchard.
Jeff Suchard: I believe he is referring to my younger daughter, who doesn't even like gameshows
Dan Avila: The other one is too smart, she would make me laugh with her mock seriousness...actually, I'd like to play Alex Trebek and Ken Jennings if this was a dream match.

Gordon: Dan Avila was the guest that was hysterical throughout the whole show - and he was very honest with the whole show.
Jason B:    Dan rules, plain and simple.
Chico:  He does.
Gordon: Unfortunately, he also said this....

Gordon: Topic #3 - Let's say that Ken gets destroyed in the Finals. Who is the person that beats him? You MUST give a specific person and prepare to defend him.
Dan Avila: I'll go with my bud Leszek.
Jeff Suchard: Yeah.
Dan Avila: He tapes on the 8th of February.
Gordon Pepper: Any why would Leszek defeat Ken?
Dan Avila: He will be battle hardened by the time he reaches KJ. He will have fought his way through the entire field. Plus, he just knows a lot. Some players are just sitting there with byes and will face players who have gotten the buzzer feel back. Leszek is in fighting form. I will be there at the taping to make sure no funny stuff goes on. I will be the cut man in his corner.
Chico Alexander: It's trivia. You either know it or you don't.
Dan Avila: He is practicing with his ball point pen.
Chico Alexander: And you can't practice with a ball point. the buzzer isn't the same.
Dan Avila: hey.....he was my Phone-A-Friend.
James Dinan: I would hope so, with so much money on the line, all players should be taking it seriously

Joe:    Gee. Ya think he was right?
Jason B:    Sounds like my NCAA Bracket from last week...(ripppppppp)
Gordon: Oops.
Jason H:    Sounds like Bucknell (BUCKNELL!!!?!) beating Kansas
Gordon: And Id like to point out that both me AND Joe awarded the point to...Dan.
Joe:    No kiddin'.
Gordon: Which by the way, ended in a 3-3 draw.
Joe:    Yep.  None of us knew what was to come.
Gordon: Will we get another draw today?
Chico:  We'll find out in a bit but first, a quickie round of Roleplay. We're back after this and I have no idea.

(Brought to you by the WABAC machine, accessory to many a clip show since 1965)

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