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Episode 34.7: Money, Money, Yeah, Yeah
October 21

Chico: You realize there's no way the Vikings win that one, right?
Gordon: No. They need to lose. This is a Huge game for the G-men. The Vikings will find a way to win.
Chico: They have one decent player. If AP gets injured... you're screwed.
Gordon: Bubble Wrapping a player is legal, right?
Chico: No.
Gordon: ...oh. Welcome Back to WLTI. Thanks for letting us be a part of your week and for letting our week be a part of you. Now Chico, I hear you have a shiny TiVo
Chico: I do. And... AND...I just hooked up an expander. Watch more, erase less. This is going to hold the entire season of the Tomorrow People long enough for me to copy to computer!
Gordon: Nice! So let's say what these show say about you. I'll start it...

The Voice...and then Sleepy Hollow

Chico: It says that i like my TV to be more sophisticated than I am. See, there are two popular shows, but they are incredibly complex. Right?
Gordon: Sure, but here's what it says about me. I love watching the battle rounds...and then the loser to be carried off with their head on a pike.
Chico: Nice. Let's go to Tuesday, shall we?
Gordon: Sure!

Face Off... then Agents of SHIELD.

Gordon: I love my sci-fi comics, but I want some Sharknado also afterwards.
Chico: I want the TV to have so much special effects that it ends up watching me after two hours.
Gordon:'s watching you right now.
Chico: It's watching me and boring a hole in my soul. Next?
Gordon: Next one...

Wednesday: Top Chef, then The Tomorrow People

Chico: I like to watch food disappear... then I like to watch people disappear. I'm just a fan of disappearing.
Gordon: I like shows with Web Extensions: Last Chance Kitchen and then promos and back history for the Tomorrow People.
Chico: Not to mention classic episodes if you can find them on YouTube.
Gordon: I believe you can find all of them out there in one form or another.
Chico: Seems like Gordon and I are the only ones that know where everyone's going with Jedekiah. *fist bump*
Gordon: *fist bump* next one?
Chico: Next one...

Thursday! The X Factor... then anything on NBC.

Chico: Easy answer: "I'm a glutton for punishment."
Gordon: I'd watch that, then Sean Saves the World, because I need something to validate that there's something worse out there than The X Factor.
Chico: That would be Welcome to the Family...

Chico: It's OFFICIAL. Welcome to the Family is out of the family. Can we get some work for Mike O'Malley please?
Gordon: Glee still has a season...then...yeah.
Chico: He hosted GET THE PICTURE for crying out tears.
Gordon: Next one...

Friday: Shark Tank...with the Katy Perry special on the CW

Chico: My name is Chico Alexander. :-) Kidding.
Gordon: My name is QUISLA Alexander.
Chico: I'mma tell her you said that.
Gordon: She likes Katy Perry
Chico: She does.
Gordon: So maybe I want her to know ;)
Chico: Maybe you do. She also likes all that money that flies in the Shark Tank. Okay, let's finish the weekend...

Family Game Night.... Then Amazing Race... Then Sunday Night Football.

Chico: Says to me... "I want to do some running around, but watching other people do it is SO MUCH EASIER."
Gordon: I like competitions - and I am not a NY Giant fan, because if I was, it means I want an early bedtime.
Chico: One man who didn't wait all day for Sunday night.
Gordon: Guess not. So that's what your TiVo says about you. We'll get to what we say about all sorts of people after this!

(Brought to you by the Sing Off: Klingon Edition. Sure you can sing, but can you Kling? Check out these contestants. )

Chico: I didn't even know they translated that song into Klingon.
Gordon: You haven't heard 'Together Forever' yet, have you?
Chico: You have it, don't you?
Gordon: I don't want to get censored, so we'll move right along to What's My ZInger.
Chico: Okay, you know how we do it, so we'll start with...

Another wayward misspelling costs another player a championship on Jeopardy! when he can't spell "Kazakhstan".

What is the Dan Quayle school of Jeopardy success?
Chico: Where's your rage NOW, INTERNET?!
Gordon: What's good for the one....

Stars from Big Brother, Survivor and The Amazing Race are all going to be on Bold and the Beautiful

Chico: Better then another appearance by Jack Wagner on Price, I'll tell you that much.
Gordon: And it's FINALLY minute #15 on the clock.
Chico: Next stop, a Rooms to Go commercial.. Brenda Lowe from the Heroes vs. Villains season. (True story)
Gordon: And Wendy Pepper is doing the decors.
Chico: Friend of yours?
Gordon: Project Runway Season #1 villainess.
Chico: So perhaps to be put up...(NO RELATION)*

*that we know of

Chico: Next one...

RuPaul's Drag Race is airing a previously unaired "lost" season.

Gordon: And some of the contestants needed to stay lost.
Chico: It was probably hidden in Viacom's Adam's apple.
Gordon: Though it really is only Season 1 revamped.
Chico: That's it? That's the big secret?
Gordon: Umm...if you see the contestants for the lost season, they look VERY similar to the contestants on Season 1.
Chico: Well damn. Fair point. Next?
Gordon: Next one...

DL Hughley is looking for a new game show.

Chico: I would watch my back if I were you, Alex. You know he's cerebral like that.
Gordon: His first show is going to be Last Comic Begging for a gig.
Chico: Wordplay five.
Gordon: Next one...

We have 2 marriages set for The Bachelorette series on ABC.

Chico: And how many marriages for the army of diehards who watch the show?... anyone? anyone?
Gordon: I hear Mike Fleiss is going to be married to the program director.
Chico: Noooooo!!!!!!!!!last one...

There are reportedly holes on the America's Got Talent stage.

Chico: If there were actual holes on the stage, it would be a lot more entertaining. Three Xes, down you go.
Gordon: Can we use those holes for the cast of the Sean Hayes show?
Chico: Now now, Gordon... Sean Hayes did give us a moderately entertaining summer filler show.
Gordon: For you maybe
Chico: I said MODERATELY.
Gordon: And with THAT, we go to break.

(Brought to you by IronBlindside. It's all fun and games until a network votes against you. How many contracts will be put into the Urn of cancellation this season?)

Gordon: ...I sense a theme this week.
Chico: Augie is hungry this year. Let's see... Lucky 7...Ironside...We Are Men...
Gordon: He's going to get fed, as we move into our Speed!
Chico: Survivor: Who gets fed to Redemption Island?
Gordon: I think the lone lady is in trouble. WHo's in trouble on the Race?
Chico: I don't like Tim & marie's chances
Gordon: I think Amy and Nicky's chances are worse. Millionaire gave $250,000 to Dr. Oz. What are the chances we'll see someone get to the second level this week on millionaire?
Chico: 100%. But no one gets as far as HE did.
Gordon: Im going to go the other way. 0%. Time to readjust the budget, so let's put out the harder questions. Does anyone make a run on Jeopardy?
Chico: Nope.
Gordon: I'll go with that. Any email?
Chico: We have a tweet!
Gordon: Whoo hooo!
Chico: From @DOriginalDonald...

bird, new, square, twitter icon

@wltiongsnn If Only Connect WERE to show up here would it be hosted by Annie Duke or someone else? #VictoriaCoren

Chico: I say... Why not give Victoria a shot?
Gordon: I'd go with Victoria also. But if you were to Americanize it...what about Kennedy?
Chico: Kennedy. Sure, Kennedy.
Gordon: So what happens if someone else has a question?
Chico: They can tweet us like @DOriginalDonald did @wltiongsnn... or they can follow us on Facebook. If you simply must email us, you can do that too, Big thanks to... well, big thanks to you for reading. And that's all we can thank, because... well, we're the only ones here!
Gordon: Next week: Supermarkets, Singing and probably more zombies. For Chico, this is Gordon saying Game Over and spread the love.