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Episode 32.7 - The Alex Trebek Sweepstakes
March 18

Gordon: Welcome back to WLTi.
Chico: Thanks for being a part of our week and allowing our week to be apart of you. Now it's our favorrite time of the year, when national attention turns to a bracket-shaped grid and the populaces within.
Jason: When My alma Mater doesnt even make it :)
Chico: I'm talking about... Determining the worst show of 2012!... What did you think I was talking about?
Gordon: In tnis case, I don't think you want your alma mater to make it.
Jason: Right.
Chico: Yep. Here's how it happened. Before the show, the GSNN Braintrust ranked the 32 worst shows in order from slightly twisted to obscene. Then THE Bracketologist...Take a bow, G.
Gordon: *bows*
Jason: *fanfare*
Chico: He did all the calculations and assembled the bracket that you will see here.
Gordon: And hence, we have our bracket. Now as all brackets go, we have our last 4 out. These are the shows that were only mediocre. They are The Celebrity Apprentice, Sugar Dome, Best Ink and Be The Boss.
Chico: Makes sense.
Jason: Mostly.
Gordon: And now here are a list of the shows by 'Conference', aka, the channels they were aired on.

ABC: 7
NBC: 4
CW: 3
CMT: 2
FOX: 2
IFC: 2
MTV: 2
OWN: 2
GSN: 1
TLC: 1

Gordon: ABC leads the pack with 6 shows, NBC right behind them with 5.
Jason: No wonder why NBC is in 5th place. YIPE
Gordon: Note there are no shows from CBS and no shows from VH1. Before you exclaim that they are really good, keep in mind they didn't release very many new game shows this past year.
Chico: Nope.
Jason: VH1 is still reeling from Megan Wants a Millionaire and Ton of Cash
Chico: In CBS' case, all they had was Survivor, Race, Price, and Deal. And they're arguably four of the best hours on TV.
Gordon: So without further ado, are you ready to vote?
Chico: Let's make it short and sweet. OPENING ROUND!
Gordon: We start with THE WHAMMY BRACKET

1. Totally Clueless (MTV) Vs. 8 Bachelor Pad (ABC)

Jason: Clueless
Chico: Clueless. One is accidentally brainless.
Gordon: Make it a 3 some. It's the MTV Show that took the worst in the hidden video failed formats. Totally Clueless moves on.

4. World's Toughest Trucker (DISC) Vs. 5. The Bachelor (ABC)

Gordon: You have the show that didn't last 3 episodes in the US Vs. Chico's Faaaaaaaavorite show.
Chico: Yes you do. One had a brain, though. Bachelor.
Jason: Yup Bachelor
Gordon: I have to go with Trucker on Principle. It got yanked before we saw who won.
Jason: That's fine.
Chico: First upset of the bracket. I'll take parity for $200, Alex.
Gordon: The answer is 'Chico's Biasedness got this show to the next round', Though I will say that Ben Flajnik's series was arguably the worst and most train-wrecked in a while,
Chico: Thank you.
Jason: It hasn't gotten better.
Gordon: No it hasn't. Next pairing...

3. Stars Earn Stripes (NBC) Vs. 6. Numbnuts (MTV2)

Gordon: The show that ended Sharon Osbourne's career on AGT Vs. The show that started Horse's career.
Jason: NUMBNUTS. Stars Earn Stripes had a heart (even though it was formulaic).
Chico: Stars Earn Stripes.
Gordon: Stars Earn Stripes. I feel the principle of the show (Keeping someone out because of MS when they didn't have to) advances the show.
Jason: I thought we were going on worst show...not worst backstory
Gordon: Sometimes, the backstory contributes to the show.
Chico: On principle. America deserves better than that.
Gordon: They did. Next one...

2. Take Me Out (FOX) Vs. 7. The Bachelorette (ABC)

Jason: Take Me OUT
Chico: Bachelor... ette. Yes, Take Me Out was a bunch of cheese but the Bachelorette continues to be a non-factor turned serious.
Gordon: In this case, Take Me OUT needs to be taken out and shot. I'm trying to figure out how you guys thought this UK show would work here.
Chico: Because it worked over there. Who knew.
Jason: Change the host and the attitude.
Chico: There you go. Next?
Gordon: Next one - The ZONK Bracket

1. The Glass House (ABC) Vs. 8. Duets (ABC)

Jason: Glass House. WOW.
Chico: Glass House advances.
Jason: Just Wow.
Chico: I can't vote against John Legend no matter how vacant the show is.
Gordon: I won't either. The bottom line is that The Glass House is a show that's terrible in concept, a blatant steal from Big Brother, and something that never should have left the concept floor.
Chico: Right on.
Gordon: Glass House moves on. Next one...

4. Bunk (IFC) Vs. 5. Love in the Wild (NBC)

Chico: Whose Quiz Show Is It Anyway? vs. another dull romance show... Dull romance show is dull.
Jason: Love in the Wild. Bunk was just either like it or not.
Gordon: Love in the Wild was a social show that failed, vs. a show that I'm not sure was a game show. Love in the Wild moves on. Next one...

3. The Next: Fame is at Your Doorstep(CW) Vs. 6. Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me! (BBCA)

Chico: The Next. This... just went without saying. Besides, Wait Wait works on the radio.
Jason: The Next. Very bad AI/Voice Clone
Gordon: The Next was a good idea that went into the hideous clone bin with all the other The Voice Rejects. The Next advances. Next one...

2. Trust Us With Your Life (ABC) Vs. 7. Worst Cooks in America (Food)

Chico: Hard choice.
Gordon: It is. Interesting 2/7 matchup. A show that miserably failed to be entertaining vs. an entertaining show with a flawed concept.
Jason: Trust US was trying to get us to like Whose Line again. That was the bigger crime. TRUST US.
Chico: I want to put in Worst Cooks for just overstaying its welcome.
Gordon: I do too, but I have to go with the worse show, and that's Trust Us With Your Life
Chico: Trust Us and Fred's little Willard advances.
Gordon: Now we go to the Klunk Bracket
Chico: Hi, Geoff.

1. Killer Karaoke (CW) Vs. 8. Super Saver Showdown (OWN)

Chico: I almost want to put in Super Saver Showdown for being a one-and-done.
Gordon: Well it gets the record for doing that Twice, so it's a one and done twice. But KK is really, really bad. Killer Karaoke.
Jason: KK was an abomination
Chico: And KK is in.
Gordon: Next...

4. Sweet Home Alabama (CMT) Vs. Bud United Presents: The Big Time (ABC)

Jason: Sweet Home. Bad Romance Clone
Chico: Yeah. Sweet Home Alabama. Anything BUT.
Gordon: I'll make it a trio. Make it an unsweet home. Next one...

3. The Choice (FOX) vs. 6. Around the World in 80 Plates (Bravo)

Chico: Choice. Why, Cat Deeley! You were the chosen one! ... or something.
Jason: The Choice. Bad Dating/Voice clone over bad execution of a show that should have been SO MUCH BETTER.
Chico: It's a Mike Darnell copytype.
Gordon: This is one of those how did this show get out of development questions. We choose the Choice
Chico: It's a bad choice. It really is.

2. Viral Video Showdown (SYFY) Vs. 7. Four Houses (TLC)

Chico: Viral Video Showdown. Delete.
Gordon: I'd actually go with Four Houses here. Viral Video Showdown wasn't a bad concept. 4 Houses was.
Jason: And I agree with...GORDON. Four Houses.
Chico: to each their own.
Gordon: We have an upset!
Chico: Upset special Four Houses.
Gordon: FInally, we have the Rapping Dragon Bracket

1. Funny or Die's Billy on the Street Vs. 8 Rachel Vs. Guy Celebrity Cook Off

Chico: Billy. It's... it's bad. It's just bad. Why IFC. WHY.
Gordon: This is 2 ill-fated shows, but while Rachel Vs. Guy has the potential to be good, Billy doesn't make this a game. It's more like 'Guess What I'm Thinking' that to me, doesn't pay off. Billy advances.
Jason: Billy is the most unfunny thing on TV
Chico: Funny or Die... how about just DIE.
Gordon: Dead show moving on. Next one...

4. Beat the Chefs (GSN) Vs. 5. Are You Normal, America? (OWN)

Jason: Beat the Chefs. A bad cooking show made worse by forced drama
Chico: Beat the Chefs. Matt Rogers. Game making nothing out of something. Barry Poznick hosting saves Are You Normal.
Gordon: At least Are You Normal tried to be different and unique. Beat the Chefs. Next one...

3. Ford's Escape Routes (NBC) Vs. 6. Oh Sit! (CW)

Chico: Oh Sit got renewed for being a Wipeout clone. Escape Routes aired on a Saturday and was a 60 minute commercial for Ford. ESCAPE ROUTES.
Jason: Escape Routes. It was a commercial for Ford...and a bad one.
Gordon: Make it Unan1mous. Escape Routes. Next one...

2. Take It All (NBC) Vs. 7. Redneck Island (CMT)

Jason: Redneck Island was a doofus clone of Survivor.
Gordon: Just on the horrible bonus game concept alone, Take It All may Take It All in the other direction.
Chico: We went on record as saying that Take It All was bad for the genre. Redneck Island is just goofy. TAKE IT ALL.
Jason: Take It All was 55 minutes of foreplay to a bad end game. TAKE IT ALL
Chico: Another sweep. And I believe we are now at the...


1. Totally Clueless (MTV) Vs.5. The Bachelor (ABC)

Chico: Clueless. See above comment. It's just... horrible.
Gordon: You going against The Bachelor?
Chico: Have to. Chris Harrison is a saving grace.
Jason: Clueless
Gordon: Make it a Sweep. Next set...

3. Stars Earn Stripes (NBC) Vs. 2. Take Me Out (FOX)

Jason: Take Me Out
Chico: Stars Earn Stripes. Again, Jack Osbourne and a few well-connected Marines can't be wrong.
Jason: This is a travesty. You are basically saying "the show" isn't the problem. The shenanigans are
Gordon: I'm going to go with Mr. Block here - The Back Story is not as important as the gameplay. Take Me Out is a terrible concept, which trumps what happened backstage of Stars Earned Stripes. Take Me Out wins.
Chico: I couldn't watch Stars. I could, on the other hand, sit through Take Me Out, but that's just me.
Gordon: I could if I had some NyQUIl. Next one...

1. The Glass House (ABC) Vs. 5. Love in the Wild (NBC)

Jason: Glass House.
Chico: Glass House. No discussion needed.
Gordon: Nope. Glass house moves on

3. The Next: Fame Is At Your Doorstep (CW) Vs. 2. Trust Us With Your Life (ABC)

Chico: Hard to choose. Bad Whose Line clone vs. bad Idol clone.
Jason: Trust US. More disappointing.
Chico: The Next... finished. TRUST US.
Gordon: I have to go with Trust Us.
Chico: That's a three and out.
Gordon: Next one...

1. Killer Karaoke (CW) Vs. 4. Sweet Home Alabama (CMT)

Jason: KK. Enough said.
Chico: Sweet home Alabama. YEs, KK is offensive to the ears, but SHA is offensive to the rest of me.
Jason: Are you kidding me? Seriously? KK is offensive on every level.
Chico: You think Sweet home Alabama is better than Killer Karaoke?
Jason: Yes.
Gordon: They are both offensive to me. Chico just doesn't like relationship shows. Killer Karaoke advances. Next one...

3. The Choice (FOX) Vs. 7. Four Houses (TLC)

Jason: The Choice.
Chico: Choice.
Gordon: The Choice did not choose wisely.
Chico: Nope. Again, why Cat Deeley. Why.
Gordon: Next one...

1. Funny or Dies' Billy on the STreet (IFC) Vs. 4. Beat the Chefs (GSN)

Jason: Billy
Chico: Billy. Beat the Chefs will be a pinkytoenote in GSN's history. Billy's still airing.
Gordon: Billy, to me, is just not funny.

3. Ford's Escape Routes (NBC) Vs. 2 Take it All (NBC)

Jason: Take It All
Chico: Take It All. Ford the Game Show was just harmless. Take It All could damage the genre.
Gordon: This is one of those rare times for me where a bad end game trumps a bad concept. Take it All. So moving on...


1. Totally Clueless (MTV) Vs. 2. Take Me Out (FOX)
Jason: Clueless
Chico: Clueless. CLUE. LESS.
Gordon: I have to go with Take Me Out
Chico: But the #1 hangs on.

1. The Glass House (ABC) Vs. 2. Trust Us With Your Life (ABC)

Jason: Glass House.
Chico: This is a hard one. Trust Us was just a waste. Glass House... also a waste, but it finished it out. Trust Us. So Gordon... you're the tiebreaker. I had to think long and hard about this one.
Gordon: Trust Us gave us a lawsuit of something not related to the show. The Glass House threatened to bring down a franchise. That wins.
Chico: Next?

1. Killer Karaoke (CW) Vs. 3. The Choice (FOX)

Jason: KK
Chico: Mike Darnell ripoff!
Gordon: Wow this is tough.
Chico: Indeed it is.
Jason: I agree but in my opinion there is a clear choice
Gordon: I will say this. I thought KK looked good on paper, but the execution was quite flawed. You knew The Choice was a dead duck the second it was announced. I'll go with that.
Chico: First #1 goes down.
Jason: WOW. (shakes head)
Chico: There are worse shows than Killer Karaoke.
Jason: Maybe.
Gordon: There are a bunch. Maybe even some here.
Chico: Last pairing.

1. Funny or Dies' Billy on the STreet (IFC) Vs. 2 Take it All (NBC)

Jason: Take It All. Genre Killer vs. just inane, idiotic and hateful
Chico: Billy on the Street is useless. Take It All could cause everlasting damage that would set the primetime game show back a few. Case in point: the end game. Take It All.
Gordon: I agree with Chico. This is now more concept over Execution. Take it all.
Chico: Another sweep.
Gordon: And now we go to...


1. Totally Clueless (MTV) Vs. 1. The Glass House (ABC)

Chico: Both die by meteor!
Gordon: Both die by meteor! is not an option, Mr. Final Fantasy Mage
Chico: Dang.
Jason: The Glass House. This one had lawsuits. See what happened with Billy. Same result. GLASS HOUSE.
Chico: Clueless. No execution. No charm, and absolutely no saving grace. Yet the same could be said for Glass House.
Gordon: It could. For me, it comes down to concept.
Chico: The concept behind Glass House actuallly worked. We know this because the concept behind Big Brother worked. See what I did there?
Jason: I do. You said it a lot nicer :)
Chico: I'm from a family of diplomats. I was being diplomatic.
Gordon: My choice is that The Glass House was a watered down concept that was technically stolen. But it worked.
Gordon: Totally Clueless came from a concept that we all know wouldn't work. Hence Totally Clueless advances.
Chico: Totally Clueless goes to the final. Next...

3. The Choice (FOX) vs. 2. Take It All (NBC)

Jason: Take It All. I am not going to pick the DOA romance show over a genre killer.
Chico: I'm in agreement with the boy. Yes the Choice sucked out loud, but Take It All was damning.
Gordon: An Ill-Fated DOA romance Show gets trumped against the worst bonus concept ever. Take It All.
Chico: And finally...


1. Totally Clueless (MTV) vs. 2. Take It All (NBC)

Jason: Here's the thing. I am not going to pick an inane hidden camera show(which MTV has done before) over this DRECK. Take It All is the WORST SHOW OF 2012
Chico: Totally Clueless is vapid, cruel, and vacant. Ultimately, though, people will not remember it. On the other hand, Take It All... has the capability of dooming the genre unless something is done to bring it back. Therefore... in my opinion... the WORST SHOW OF 2012...TAKE IT ALL.
Gordon: I agree with both of you. You took a perfectly bad idea we have dreaded (you can play the game perfectly and still lose), add a front game where you can also play it perfectly and STILL lose, and air this during the holiday season where people want to see happy people celebrating, not people walking away with nothing despite playing a perfect game. We had 2 shows where no one won anything (which does wonders for a show's budget), and 3 other shows where someone left someone else with nothing - which is exactly what you DON'T want to see during the holiday season, when you're curled up with your spouse and kids. You win nothing. Happy Holidays. Hence, my choice, your winner of 2012's Worst Game Show of the Year...is Take It All.
Chico: There you are. Take It All... the WORST SHOW OF 2012!
Chico: (throws flaming pile of poop)
Jason: (bronx cheer)
Chico: Next up, something infinitely better, but first... here's some guy from last year with One Shining Moment.

(Brought to you by the Madness of March. Forget the Ides. That was a freaking walk in the park compared to losing friends, alienating people, nd abandoning all reason for the next four weeks. Ourselves included).

Jason: And yes...Gordon and I two years ago saw the final four in Vegas :) THAT was a party :) And of course get the lighters ready after this weekend...after all our brackets get busted.
Chico: We have ... the Hamtaro shredder. Turns paper into mulch in 2 seconds.
Jason: Impressive.
Chico: Then once your favorite team gets bounced, we can talk about baseball, and one of the terms used in Baseball is "the hot stove", which basically refers to the movement of people and places in the off season.
Jason: Ah Baseball
Chico: We have a lot of movement in game shows this week, so we have a hot stove edition... of Bargain Hunters. As a reminder, here's what we do. We buy things from game shows and game show people. For example...

The Sing-Off has been unofficially uncancelled after being unoffiicially cancelled. Whose CD would you buy: Nota (season 1 champs), Committed (season 2 champs) or Pentatonix (season 3 champs)?

Chico: I would buy Pentatonix... for everyone. I'd buy Nota for my family. and Committed for ... anyone who wants Committed. Because I'm a junkie!
Gordon: I'd buy all 3. Thay are all good groups in their own right.
Chico: Indeed. Can't wait to see who comes out for season 4. It should be awesome.
Jason: Agreed
Gordon: Yep. We all like the show.
Chico: Next...

Let's say you were producing a version of Minute to Win It. Who do you get to host it... the Guy that hosted it, the Marco who is still hosting it, the Apolo who WILL host it, or someone else?

Jason: i want the guy. i loved him
Gordon: The Guy is a Good fit - however, if you see the whole Dancing With the Stars synergy you have to have the Apollo, because I'll guarantee you he'll charge you less than the Guy.
Chico: I can't have Marco... he's in NYC right now. I can't have Guy... he was just out of place. Apolo... well, first timers always get me skittish. I'd go for someone else. Maybe even myself. I work cheap and I like the game. :-)
Gordon: Next one, Mr. Self-promoter?
Chico: Next one..

Bad Girl's Club gets turned into a game, and Ray J is set to host. Who would you pay off to keep this show off the air: Ray J, the bad girls, or the producers behind the Real World/Road Rules ripoffed format?

Jason: Ray J...what are you thinking?
Chico: Agreed. I mean, if for anything... ANYTHING... this is the man who's responsible for Kim Kardashian. And her sex tape.
Jason: And Kanye
Gordon: To be honest, I'd buy advertising space on the show. the format sells and it's for Oxygen. If anything, I'm also buying the rights to Season 2 on the cheap before the ratings jack up the price.
Chico: You're a sucker for punishment, aren't you?
Gordon: Charm School got 3 seasons. This will be a hit, whether you like it or not.
Chico: I don't. Next one...

Food Fighters is coming to NBC, so who do you put your money behind in a completely illegal and inadvisable gambling situation... a home cook, a professional, or a really BIG professional?

Jason: The home chefs.
Chico: Food Fighters is essentially "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" for foodies. In that you fight it out against one pro... and then another... and then another.. for escalating prizes.
Gordon: Reminds me more of Face The Ace. Meh. My Money is on the Million Dollar Chef.
Chico: Same here. Next one...

Splash premieres this week. Thanks to an injury: Chuy Bravo (of E!) is out. Brandi Chastain (of soccer) is in. Who would you pay money to see?

Jason: Brandi:)
Gordon: With or without their swimsuits on?
Chico: ... Either. This is a TV show after all
Gordon: Brande Roderick? :)
Chico: Judges?


Chico: I'll allow it! No Kendra for you, though? I would've pictured you as a Kendra guy.
Gordon: No. Go with the Game Show Hussy
Chico: I'll buy the E instead of the I. I'm buying vowels all over the place!
Gordon: Someone's having a voewl movement.
Chico: Oh, you naughty. Finally...

Jeopardy! and Wheel are named to MIP's 50 shows that changed television. You just bought a space. Name another show they missed.

Jason: Who Wants to Be a Millionaire
Chico: I'll go with Millionaire. when it started. That was the show that changed everything.
Gordon: If you really think about it, Remote Control. It was Cable TV's first game show hit, and that spawned what Cable game shows are now
Chico: Okay, that's fair.
Jason: Very much so
Chico: Also fair, a break. We'll have one right now, and we'll have a Speed Round afterwards. See you soon!

(Brought to you by Who Wants to Be Alex Trebek? 12 respected broadcasters will test their knowledge, their wits, and they're cool under the pressure of a 20-time champion in order to become America's next great game show host)

Jason: I am SO in.
Chico: And you'd be voted out on the first try because you don't have a major network in. =p
Gordon: Awwww
Chico: But I'd totally pull for you. We'll follow the Trebek Sweepstakes next show. But right now, it's time for a Speed Round. That starts... NOW. Survivor. Who doesn't make the merge?
Jason: I think it will be a favorite...maybe Andrea
Chico: I think it's a favorite too... but I think it's Phillip.
Gordon: I'll go with Philip. Idol - who's next to go?
Chico: I'm going to say the ship rights itself and Lazaro goes. Especially with everyone knowing everyone else's places. Devin's going to get a bump this week.
Jason: Lazaro wins the whole thing. Devin goes.
Gordon: I think the ship rights itself and Amber goes - you still have too many R&B singers in that glut.
Jason: I predict Nicki does not show this week on time...again
Chico: ha ha
Gordon: Do we have any email?
Chico: We have a Facebook post from this guy.

Jason Block

Remember when Brandi from the Price is Right won $8.5M....not so fast, my friend! The $7.5/$8.5 million award Brandi got from her wrongful termination lawsuit? Yeah, thanks to incorrect instructions from the judge, the case goes BACK to trial.

Chico: Jason?
Jason: The deal is that the door isnt open YET to major lawsuits. New Trial means new possibilities. Who knows what happens then?
Chico: Indeed. The case goes back to trial next week.
Gordon: And yes, we will be keeping an eye out on it. Thanks for the email.
Chico: And if you want to be cool like Jason, you can email us at wlti@gameshownewsnet.com or look for us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, iTunes, and Stitcher. You also want to check Stitcher, because Jason Block had another interview, plus we've got the annual midseason syndication update there as well. A lot of good stuff, it doesn't end here.
Jason: No.
Chico: Jason Block, thanks as always.
Jason: Thank you!
Chico: You've gone above and beyond the call as always. Next week, we talk about who can and who will replace Alex, we'll talk Dancing, and we'll talk Splash. Whether it scores a perfect 10 or gets its head banged on the board.
Gordon: For Chico and Jason, this is Gordon Pepper, saying Game Over - and Spread the Love.