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The phenomenon that started the great game show revolution of the new millennium has returned to primetime!

Recaps by Agent Josh & Don Harpwood, GSNN

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Night 9
August 19

Last night, Leslie Salyer (Louisville, KY) made it to $8,000, and so far, she has only used Ask the Audience. She could see herself winning the million dollars, but will it happen?

Tonight's Expert: Ken Jennings, the man that won 74 straight games on Jeopardy! He's been the Expert before on the syndicated Millionaire, so this shouldn't be a problem for him.

[$16,000] (Under the Sea)
When fully developed, which of these fish typically has both eyes located on the same side of its head?
A: Trout
B: Flounder
C: Cod
D: Bass

Having no idea, Leslie calls her friend, Cior. She says D, but doesn't have enough time to say how sure she is. Leslie then uses the Double Dip. Her first answer is D... which is wrong. Her second answer, with 6 seconds left, is A... which is also wrong! It's B! That sends Leslie home with $1,000.

The next player to enter the Hot Seat will be one of these ten...

Donald Leake (Pennington, NJ)
Jenni McKay (Wesley Chapel, FL)
Richard Mason (Santa Monica, CA)
Charles Patton (Saxapahaw, NC)
Patty Bain Bachner (Great Falls, VA)
Megan Toth (Farmingdale, NY)
Scott Six (Los Altos, CA)
Terri Pfahler (Upland, CA)
Chris Maslowski (Hamden, CT)
Michael Sivertz (Center Moriches, NY)

On to the night's first Fastest Finger question...

Put these Broadway musicals in the order they premiered, starting with the earliest.
A: Wicked
B: Cats
C: The Phantom of the Opera
D: Rent

The correct order is BCDA, and the winner is... Richard Mason! He feels that it's his destiny to win here. He's a roboticist, who has been building robot cars for a race run by the Defense Department. Now, will his destiny lead him to a million dollars?

[$100] (Safety First)
Many states have safety laws requiring children to wear helmets while doing what?
A: Taking baths
B: Riding bicycles
C: Crossing the street
D: Borrowing dad's Miata

It is of course B, and Richard has only begun.

[$200] (Southern Lingo)
As any U.S. southerner knows, a "washateria" is what type of business establishment?
A: Laundromat
B: Florist
C: Video store
D: Bookshop

Richard says that logic would suggest A, which is right.

[$300] (Well, Duh!)
The British Supreme Court concluded in 2009 that the snack treats Pringles are, legally, what?
A: Chocolate cookies
B: Pretzels
C: Cheese crackers
D: Potato chips

It took them that long? Well, it certainly didn't take Richard that long to say D.

[$500] (Sitcom Math)
The title of the classic sitcom "Three's Company" refers to what three people?
A: Two men, one woman
B: Two women, one man
C: Three women
D: Three men

It's B, and he knows it.

[$1,000] (Word is Born)
Which of these words appears frequently on Nintendo's Web site, but does not appear in Merriam-Webster's dictionary?
A: We
B: Whee
C: Wii
D: Wee

"Wii would like to play." Richard picks C, and secures $1,000!

On to a flashback. In 2000, a man named Dan Doody sat in the Hot Seat, and Regis had some fun with that last name of his. Tonight, the "Doody Man" is in the audience! Regis says that while he tries to help contestants relax and focus on the questions, he feels that he made a mistake when it came to Dan, specifically with the quote, "Who wants to be a millionaire? Doody do." Yeah. But apparently, it didn't bother Dan that much afterwards, thank goodness.

Back to Richard, as we find out that his wife and kid are out having fun in the city while he's in the Hot Seat.

[$2,000] ('60s Radio)
What hit 1967 song features backup singers who belt out the lyric "Sock it to me, sock it to me, sock it to me, sock it to me"?
A: Respect
B: Light My Fire
C: Penny Lane
D: Ruby Tuesday

Though he has an idea, Richard needs some help from the audience.

A: 83%
B: 10%
C: 2%
D: 5%

Richard trusts them, locking in A... and they're right!

[$4,000] (Historical Hoax?)
The 2009 headline "Vocal Minority Insists It Was All Smoke and Mirrors" ran atop a news account of the 40th anniversary of what?
A: JFK assassination
B: Cuban missile crisis
C: Watergate scandal
D: Moon landing

It's the subject of one of my favourite episodes of Mythbusters. Richard says D... and he's right!

[$8,000] (Step It Up)
Which of these D.C. landmarks does not have a series of steps leading up to its entrance?
A: Washington Monument
B: Lincoln Memorial
C: U.S. Capitol
D: U.S. Supreme Court

Thinking that A doesn't even have an entrance, Richard goes with that... and it's A!

[$16,000] (Voice Work)
Entertainment Weekly's 2008 list of "Horrible Movie Accents" included Tom Cruise's Irish brogue in what film?
A: Magnolia
B: Eyes Wide Shut
C: Far and Away
D: Cocktail

Richard picks C... and he got it!

[$25,000] (American Hero)
In 2009, pilot Chesley B. "Sully" Sullenberger III became a national hero when he landed what type of plane in New York's Hudson River?
A: Embraer 195
B: Boeing 737
C: Airbus A320
D: McDonnell Douglas DC-10

Richard calls his friend, Rob, and he thinks he's certain that it's C. Richard trusts him... and he has $25,000!

[$50,000] (The Gift of Giving)
What gift did Michelle Obama give to France's first lady, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, when they met in 2009?
A: Louis Vuitton duffle bag
B: Gibson acoustic guitar
C: Flowers from the White House garden
D: William Butler Yeats poetry book

Richard thinks that it's C... but it's B! Well, it was a free guess, so he still has $25,000 to take home!

Back to the Ring of Fire with this...

Put these TV catchphrases in the order in which they were first spoken on American television, starting with the earliest.
A: Is that your final answer?
B: Where's the beef?
C: Live long and prosper
D: You're fired!

The order they're looking for is CBAD, and the next contestant to play for a million dollars is... Donald Leake! He's a professor at Drexel University in Philadelphia, but he's also a bartender, and a spoken word artist. Let's see if he can add "millionaire" to that!

[$100] (Ring the Bell)
A well-known lyric in the holiday song "Silver Bells" promises that "soon it will be" what?
A: July 4th weekend
B: Halloween night
C: Christmas day
D: National Burrito Month

Donald is on his way with C.

[$200] (Medical Tools)
A mouth mirror is a tool commonly used by what type of doctor?
A: Dentist
B: Podiatrist
C: Cardiologist
D: Chiropractor

He's gotta go with A, which is correct.

[$300] (Britney's Back)
In one of her recent hit songs, Britney Spears sings "All eyes on me in the center of the ring, just like a" what?
A: Library
B: Museum
C: Circus
D: Church

Just like C, which Donald correctly picks.

[$500] (Talk to the Hand)
In American Sign Language, using the hands to mimic a kangaroo's jump is a way of signing the name for what country?
A: Canada
B: Australia
C: China
D: Romania

It would be nice to hop over to B one of these days. He gets that, and moves on.

[$1,000] (Household Helpers)
Online commentators quipped "Rust in Peace" after the 2009 death of John S. Barry, the man who popularized what household product?
A: Lysol
B: Ty-D-Bol
C: Kleenex
D: WD-40

Donald says it's D, and he has $1,000!

Donald's 5-year-old son thinks that playing frisbee would be more fun than this.

[$2,000] (What Is It?)
Known for their role in exacerbating California wildfires, the "Santa Anas" are what?
A: Tides
B: Winds
C: Earthquakes
D: Rock slides

Donald quickly says B... and it is!

[$4,000] (Roasting the Romans)
In the '80s, Americans often joked that "Fix It Again, Tony" is what the letters stood for in the name of an Italian manufacturer of what?
A: Computers
B: Cars
C: Shoes
D: Televisions

Still not wasting any time, he picks B... and he's on a roll!

[$8,000] (The Unschooled)
In a 2009 commencement speech at Tulane University, who said "I didn't go to college at all...but look at me, I'm a huge celebrity"?
A: Martha Stewart
B: Oprah Winfrey
C: Ellen DeGeneres
D: Tyra Banks

This time, Donald decides to ask the Expert. Ken doesn't remember the speech, but he has a strong feeling about D. B doesn't sound right to him. But he's also considering C. In the end, while he does think D, Ken isn't confident about it, and he wouldn't want Donald to risk it based on that hunch. However, Donald does risk it, saying D... but it's C! Ouch. That means he leaves with $1,000.

Time for one more Fastest Finger question...

Put these Hillary Clinton job titles in the order in which she held them, starting with the earliest.
A: U.S. Senator
B: First Lady of Arkansas
C: First Lady of the U.S.
D: U.S. Secretary of State

BCAD is the right order, and entering the Hot Seat next is... Chris Maslowski! No time to waste, so let's get right to the game!

[$100] (Modern Living)
Mothers and fathers who "hover" over every detail of their children's lives are known as what?
A: Bicycle parents
B: Helicopter parents
C: Skateboard parents
D: Really annoying parents

Fittingly, it is B, and Chris is off to a good start.

[$200] (Yee Haw!)
In its logo, the National High School Rodeo Association depicts what type of footwear?
A: Sandal
B: Tap shoe
C: Cowboy boot
D: Flip-flop

He knows that it is C.

[$300] (Hail to the Queen)
Which of the following women is an Oscar-nominated actress and rap star and not a former Queen of England?
A: Queen Victoria
B: Queen Elizabeth
C: Queen Latifah
D: Queen Anne

It is of course C, which Chris correctly chooses.

[$500] (Calling Collectibles)
Worn bindings and missing dust jackets are common problems that can bring down the resale price of what valuable collectibles?
A: Stamps
B: Jewelry
C: Glassware
D: Books

He picks D, and that is indeed right.

[$1,000] (Credit where due)
Not surprisingly, Dr. David Saltzberg, a professor of physics at UCLA, is listed as a consultant in the credits for what TV show?
A: The Big Bang Theory
B: Top Chef
C: The Office
D: Dancing with the Stars

Chris goes with A, and he has $1,000! That is all for him today, but he will return tomorrow night!

Now, it is time for tonight's celebrity guest, Snoop Dogg (Long Beach, CA)! His 10th solo album is on its way, and so far, his first 9 have sold over 30 million combined! Tonight, he's playing for the Snoop Youth Football League, which he put together about 5 years ago. It is guaranteed to get at least $25,000, but Snoop can send more money to it if he gets this...

In the 2009 superhero film "Watchmen," which character's costume fittingly includes a mask decorated with inkblots?
A: The Comedian
B: Dr. Manhattan
C: Nite Owl
D: Rorshach

Snoop did see the movie, but he admits that he fell asleep during it. He did see the character in question, but not his name. So, Snoop asks the audience. As the audience is polled, though, he whispers, saying that he now thinks it's D.

A: 1%
B: 3%
C: 6%
D: 90%

That oughta confirm it. Snoop goes with D... and he and the 90% are right! His charity gets $50,000!

Tomorrow night, Chris Maslowski looks to add to his $1,000. Also, Steve Nash will play one question for charity, and Mo Rocca will be the Expert.

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