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August 9

August 10

The phenomenon that started the great game show revolution of the new millennium has returned to primetime!

Recaps by Agent Josh & Don Harpwood, GSNN

Host Regis Philbin
Creators David Briggs
Mike Whitehill
Steve Knight
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Paul Smith
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Night 3
August 11

"John Zimcosky was just 14 years old when Millionaire began in 1999. Now at 24 he finds himself five questions away from winning $1 million on Night Three of the return of Millionaire... to Primetime!"

With those words, we return to the hot seat with John from Chicago at the $25,000 level. That money is his no matter what happens. Now with 142 seconds banked for the million, he faces the upper tier with his Phone-a-Friend and Double Dip remaining.

( $50,000 ) Long Strange Trip
Before returning to the UK in July, controversial singer Amy Winehouse spent most of 2008 vacationing on what island nation?
A: Saint Kitts & Nevis
B: Saint Lucia
C: Cyprus
D: Kiribati

At nine seconds, John decides to Phone-a-Friend. He decides to call Bob from Grand Haven, MI. "Um... Don't have an answer for ya. Sorry, John. Double dipping. First answer is C... Wrong. Second answer is A.... Nope. So John leaves with $25,000. It was B.

Time to meet tonight's Ring of Fire...

Kellie Wilko - Layton, UT
Max Nussenbaum - Newton, MA
Mike Pulcini - Fairport, NY
Jillian Elliott - Indianapolis, IN
Anthony Sloan - Washington, DC
Don Farrell - Franklin, TN
Dina Grassi - Lake Hiawatha, NJ
Kim Burress - Dover, FL
Brian Slope - Berlin, PA
Jessica Pliner - San Francisco, CA

First FFF tonight is...

Put these notorious box-office bombs in the order of their first theatrical release, starting with the earliest.
A: Gigli
B: Ishtar
C: Glitter
D: Waterworld

Correct: BDCA. And entering the hot seat is... BRIAN SLOPE! He's a computer science teacher. Hopefully he'll be able to outsmart our computer.

Tonight's expert is "Situation Room" anchor Wolf Blitzer.

Let's play Millionaire!

( $100 ) Celebrity Items
Which of these celebrity couples is an example of a same-sex couple?
A: Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes
B: Ellen DeGeneres & Portia de Rossi
C: Jay-Z & Beyonce
D: Emeril Lagasse & Chef Boyardee

He gets B with 3 seconds... and we're on our way.

( $200 ) Big Sandy
The World Championship of Sand Sculpture requires that sculptures be made only of sand and what liquid?
A: Coffee
B: Juice
C: Water
D: Milk

He gets C in 9 seconds for $200.

( $300 ) Fancy Words
Telling a person that he is altitudinous is a fancy way of saying that he is very what?
A: Shy
B: Well-dressed
C: Handsome
D: Tall

It's D for another 8 seconds and $300.

( $500 ) Foreign Cuisine
Asian Sensations is a supermarket brand that sells several varieties of frozen what?
A: Enchiladas
B: Wiener schnitzels
C: Egg rolls
D: Pizzas

He gets another 8 seconds with C. Next...

( $1,000 ) Outdated Technology
On Wired Magazine's Web site, which of these objects wasn't included on a 2009 list of "100 Things Your Kids May Never Know About"?
A: A-track cartridges
B: Answering machines
C: Typewriters
D: Mobile phones

He goes with D... and he's locked into the $1,000!

Joining Brian at ABC is his wife Jill. She's also an educator. Brian's got one fear.. if he wins $1 million... he may become emotional.

Wolf Blitzer is now active.

( $2,000 ) Air Supply
Which of these names is trademarked by the Sealed Air Corporation?
A: Bubble Wrap
B: Post-It Notes
C: Velcro
D: Slinky

Brian goes with A. And he's got 22 and $2000.

( $4,000 ) Elmer Fudd
What Shakespeare role does Elmer Fudd tackle in a 1944 cartoon in which he says, "What wight on yonder window bweaks?"
A: Othello
B: Hamlet
C: Romeo
D: Macbeth

Without Regis reading the choices, Brian gets C.

( $8,000 ) What a Country!
Due to the rich diversity of its animal species, what island nation is known to ecologists as the "8th Continent"?
A: Sri Lanka
B: Madagascar
C: Cuba
D: Taiwan

We go to the ATA with 16 seconds.

A: 3%
B: 91%
C: 4%
D: 2%

He goes with the audience.. who's almost always right... as they are this time!

We relive Kevin Olmstead's big $2.18 million win during the Mega Millionaire run. He spent it on a condo and a minivan.

Brian doesn't need a minivan, but how about "renovations made possible by Regis Philbin." We'll see...

( $16,000 ) Sing It Again
Released just before President Obama took office, what R&B group remade an old hit with the 2009 single "Solid (As Barack)"?
A: Kool & the Gang
B: Sly & The Family Stone
C: Earth, Wind & Fire
D: Ashford & Simpson

With 11 clicks, Brian Phones-a-Friend. Scott? "I think Ashford & Simpson wrote the song. My best guess is that they redid it." He asks the Expert. Wolf Blitzer is leaning toward EWF. Three seconds left, and Brian Double Dips... He locks in C... No. D? YES!

( $25,000 ) Micro-Blogging
Who are "The Twitter Guys"?
A: Nate Silver & Shai Agassi
B: Steven Chu & Paul Krugman
C: Evan Williams & Biz Stone
D: Stephan Schuster & Webb Miller

He goes with C after thinking a bit... and he's locked into $25,000!

So far, he's got 140 on the Millionaire Clock.

( $50,000 ) Russian Players
Which of these men is the National Hockey League's 2009 MVP and not a character in a play by Anton Chekhov?
A: Alexander Ovechkin
B: Konstantin Treplev
C: Mikhali Astrov
D: Boris Trigorin

Brian knows this with a smile on his face, saying C... Good!

( $100,000 ) Historic Age
What age was Rosa Parks on the day in 1955 when she refused to give up her seat to a white passenger on a Montgomery bus?
A: 22
B: 32
C: 42
D: 52

And no idea and no lifelines, so Brian bails out. Correct: C.

Next FFF is...

Put the Baldwin brothers in order of their age starting with the youngest.
A: Stephen
B: Daniel
C: Alec
D: William

Correct: ADBC. Winner... the only one to get it right, Anthony Sloan! Anthony's a stay-at-home dad in the nation's capital.  Let's play!

( $100 ) How Sweet It Is!
True to its name, a large Sweet Tea at McDonald's contains 59 grams of what?
A: Garlic powder
B: Salt
C: Sugar
D: Kelly Ripa

It's C for $100.

( $200 ) Call Me Al
Which of the following is the name of a major TV network in the Arab world and NOT the name of a famous American?
A: Al Pacino
B: Al Gore
C: Al Jazeera
D: Al Franken

He goes with C again. Right again!

( $300 ) Dome Home
What country is home to the Guinness World Record holder for "Largest Dome Igloo"?
A: Spain
B: Canada
C: South Africa
D: Costa Rica

Time to use the ATA...

A: 3%
B: 88%
C: 3%
D: 6%

He agrees... and he's right!

( $500 ) The Great Outdoors
"North American Whitetail" is a magazine targeted toward enthusiasts of what outdoor pastime?
A: Surfing
B: Rock climbing
C: Gardening
D: Deer hunting

D gets him $500 and the right to see the milestone...

( $1,000 ) TV Spoofs
Appropriately, what "celebrity" Muppet hosts a "Sesame Street" skit called "Are You Smarter Than an Egg Layer"?
A: Howie Hendel
B: Beak Sajak
C: Jeff Bawksworthy
D: Cluck Saget

He elects to Phone-his-Best-Friend Alison... his wife. He says he misses her, then goes with the question... "My gut reaction was to say... Howie Mandel." He goes against her and says C... and he wins $1000!

( $2,000 ) Edgar Allan Poe
Which of these adjectives does Edgar Allan Poe use to describe the raven's color in his 1845 poem "The Raven"?
A: Ebony
B: Emerald
C: Magenta
D: Turquoise

He's got the two large with A.

( $4,000 ) LOL with LL
In July 2009, LL Cool J playfully suggested he was "too sexy for Barbara" during an appearance on what talk show?
A: Good Morning America
B: The View
C: The Today Show
D: The Early Show

He knows he was on B for $4000!

( $8,000 ) Food Fight
"The Foie Gras Wars" is a 2009 book that features what type of animal on its cover?
A: Sheep
B: Pig
C: Duck
D: Cow

Anthony decides to ask the Expert, and "we got a situation in this room". Wolf goes with C, even though he's never read the book. He knows what foie gras is. Anthony agrees... and he's right!

( $16,000 ) Head Cheeses
Who is the current prime minister of Israel?
A: Ariel Sharon
B: Benjamin Netanyahu
C: Ehud Olmert
D: Tzipi Livni

Anthony Double Dips. First answer is C... Wrong. Second answer is B... CORRECT! He'll return tomorrow with no lifelines, but one shot at $25,000.

And speaking of which, it's time to bring our special guest in, from "The View", it's Sherri Shepherd. She talks about Elisabeth's third baby and her new series, "Sherri", to debut October 5 on Lifetime. Oh, and a book. She'll be taking $25,000 to the March of Dimes bank, but she'll double that to $50,000 if she answers this question correctly...

( $50,000 )
In the movie "Notting Hill", William Thacker visits movie star Anna Scott at a press junket and claims to be a reporter from what magazine?
A: Cat Fancy
B: Horse & Hound
C: Amateur Gardening
D: Cigar Aficionado

She goes with the ATA...

A: 13%
B: 72%
C: 9%
D: 6%

Sherri agrees with the audience... and they're right! March of Dimes will get $50,000!

Next time, Anthony Sloan will try for $25,000, and LC will come down from the Hills to win money for charity. From New York (and from my little corner of Cyberspace) GOOD NIGHT!

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