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The phenomenon that started the great game show revolution of the new millennium has returned to primetime!

Recaps by Agent Josh & Don Harpwood, GSNN

Host Regis Philbin
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Steve Knight
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Night 5
August 13

"Angela Watt from Oxford, MI, about to face one of the biggest challenges of her life! She's got two lifelines left, and still eight questions away from winning $1 million! But Angela's the mother of twin boys, so surely she can handle ANYTHING! Find out and cheer her on as the return of Millionaire to primetime continues!"

With those words, Angela Watt makes her return to the Hot Seat with $4000 and two lifelines remaining, her PAF and her Expert. Tonight's Expert is CNN senior political correspondent Candy Crowley. So far, she's banked 52 seconds in addition to the 45 she'll already have once she gets up there.

Angela is apparently a frisky attorney, but on New Year's Eve, she "just has to let it out" by "getting a little naked" at midnight.

( $8,000 ) Proper Pronunciation
What is the correct French pronunciation of the restaurant term that is spelled p-r-i-f-i-x-e?
A: Pree feeks
B: Pricks fixay
C: Pricks feeks
D: Pree fee

She goes with A after having Regis repeat it. Good to go to $8000!

( $16,000 ) Namely Speaking
What celebrity nickname would most aptly apply to the author of the 1903 novel "The Call of the Wild"?
A: A-Rod
B: K-Fed
C: J-Lo
D: T-Mac

She goes with J-Lo for the milestone... and she gets to see the milestone. The author was Jack London.

( $25,000 ) The Long Walk
If you walked due north from El Paso, Texas to Canada, which of these states would you not pass through on your journey?
A: Montana
B: Idaho
C: Wyoming
D: Colorado

Angela has an idea, but she decides to Phone-a-Friend. She calls up Linda. "Wyoming." Just made it under the gun. Too bad it's wrong. It was B, so Angela leaves with $1000.

But her loss could be the gain of one of THESE ten... And they ARE...

Jacob Shaha - Fort Campbell, KY
JaNelle Pluff - Flower Mound, TX
Robert Brown - Bronx, NY
Michael Rooney - Sierra Padre, CA
Liz Bollinger - Valrico, FL
Kathy Hall - Longmont, CO
Randy Davis - Wichita, KS
Xann Wilson - Brooklyn, NY
Scott Gardner - Rindge, NH
Eddie Lawhorn - Huntsville, AL

And tonight's first FFF.

Put these celebrities in order from tallest to shortest.
A: Brad Pitt
B: Tom Cruise
C: Conan O' Brien
D: Danny Devito

Correct: CABD. And the next person in the Hot Seat...

The next player to move into the big chair was... JACOB SHAHA! Jacob is a lieutenant in the US Army who just got back from Iraq and is about to go back to Afghanistan. Looking on is his wife. They've been married 6.5 years with one child and another on the way. Can he march his way to victory tonight?

( $100 ) The Bathing Beauties
A swimsuit competition is traditionally a part of what annual event?
A: Miss America Pageant
B: Wimbledon
C: National Spelling Bee
D: State of the Union Address

Jacob goes with A... and he's right.

( $200 ) Hold Me
By definition, a vase is chiefly used as a container for what?
A: Cigars
B: Flowers
C: Pencils
D: Books

Going with B... and that's good for $200.

( $300 ) Don't Spray It
The chemical agent tear gas gets its name because it irritates what parts of the body?
A: Feet
B: Elbows
C: Eyes
D: Ears

C is good again.

( $500 ) Bathtime Bigwigs
CelebriDucks, a brand of rubber duckies that look like celebrities, includes a duckie version of what movie icon holding nunchucks?
A: Humphrey Bogart
B: Bruce Lee
C: James Dean
D: Woody Allen

He goes with B... And he's right!

( $1,000 ) Short Stories
"Gang of mini miners harbor young hottie from beauty-obsessed stalker" is a rough plot of what classic Disney film?
A: The Little Mermaid
B: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
C: Lady and the Tramp
D: Sleeping Beauty

Jacob goes with B for the guaranteed money!

( $2,000 ) Bet On It
What common casino items are slangily known as "one-armed bandits"?
A: Roulette wheels
B: Dice
C: Decks of cards
D: Slot machines

He goes with slot machines... Good for $2000.

( $4,000 ) Song's the Same
The Beach Boys and Marky Mark and The Funky Bunch both had #1 hit songs with what title?
A: "I Get Around"
B: "Help Me, Rhonda"
C: "Wouldn't It Be Nice"
D: "Good Vibrations"

Jacob uses his ATA.

A: 17%
B: 9%
C: 15%
D: 59%

Jacob goes with the audience. They're almost always right... and they're right in this case.

It's Jacob's wife's fault that he is in the Hot Seat. Like any good lieutenant, he was just following orders.

( $8,000 ) Final Chapter
Fittingly, which of these popular twentieth century authors is buried in Tarzana, California?
A: Edgar Rice Burroughs
B: Ray Bradbury
C: Dashiell Hammett
D: Arthur C. Clarke

Fifteen seconds tick past, and Jacob goes to the Expert. Candy has a wild guess of C. Then he goes to the PAF lines and his father Steven. "I would guess Arthur C. Clarke." He finally uses the Double Dip. First guess is D... Not it. Second guess is A... RIGHT! But now he has no lifelines remaining.

Jacob is a member of the 101st Airborne.

( $16,000 ) QWERTY
On a standard QWERTY keyboard, which of these company names can be typed using only one row of letters?

He goes with DHL... and that's right!

( $25,000 ) Buzz!
Which of the following is not one of the original twelve "ailments" in the Milton Bradley game Operation?
A: Writer's Cramp
B: Tennis Elbow
C: Adam's Apple
D: Bread Basket

He goes with B.... and he's locked into the $25,000!

( $50,000 ) The End of Town
Which of the following is a suffix that appears in the name of two US state capitals?
A: -ville
B: -field
C: -polis
D: -burg

He takes the freeball on B... But he's wrong. It was C (Annapolis and Indianapolis), so he goes away with $25,000.

Next FFF...

Put these dance crazes in the order they first became all the rage in the US, starting with the earliest.
A: The Hustle
B: The Twist
C: The Achy Breaky Heart
D: The Moonwalk

Correct: BADC. And next to play for a million... EDDIE LAWHORN! He's 51-year-old and recently unemployed. As in "Friday". He used to be a computer software tester... or a "professional nerd". Now why can't a nerd win a millionaire?

( $100 ) Romance Lanaguage
By definition, pillow talk is a discussion between two people who are where?
A: At dinner
B: In bed
C: On a bus
D: On the set of "Millionaire"

It's not D. He goes with B... and we're on our way.

( $200 ) Sticks of Gum
According to Wrigley, what brand of chewing gum has been the nation's top-selling cinnamon gum since 1987?
A: Juicy Fruit
B: Doublemint
C: Big Red
D: Spearmint

C is his final... and he's right!

( $300 ) Envelope, Please
Which of these awards is presented by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences to honor excellence on the Internet?
A: Grammy
B: Webby
C: Emmy
D: Tony

He goes with B... Good for $300.

( $500 ) Culinary Schooling
Which of these food names consists of two words that each happen to be the name of a prominent American university?
A: Fava bean
B: Maple syrup
C: Pine nut
D: Brown rice

D is his final... nailed it.

( $1,000 ) Bulls on Parade
A crowd of people are running away from a bull on the cover of the 2008 Fodor's guide to what country?
A: Spain
B: Australia
C: Russia
D: Egypt

Locks in A... Locks in $1000! The Expert is now live...

( $2,000 ) No Girls Allowed
Because it focuses on the relationship of its two male stars, which of these 2009 films was often labeled a "bromance"?
A: Taken
B: Angels & Demons
C: Paul Blart: Mall Cop
D: I Love You, Man

Eddie has to ATA.

A: 2%
B: 4%
C: 6%
D: 88%

He goes with the audience... and they're right again!

( $4,000 ) Monster Devices
A device some people fear will accidentally create a black hole, the Large Hadron Collider is a what?
A: Particle accelerator
B: High-powered laser
C: Supercomputer
D: Gamma-ray telescope

He goes with A, easily. And he easily gets to $4000.

( $8,000 ) Stop That!
What bad habit has the technical name rhinotillexomania?
A: Nail-biting
B: Nose-picking
C: Thumb-sucking
D: Teeth-grinding

Rhino is "nose", so it's B. Good again!

Quick how-do-you-do to the wifey in the audience.

( $16,000 ) You Rule!
Because one of her rulings ended a 1995 strike, Supreme Court pick Sonia Sotomayor has been called "the judge that saved" what?
A: Detroit
B: Science
C: Baseball
D: Farmers

He goes with C... and he's right! Next one is for Cold Hard Cash.

( $25,000 ) Cold Hard Cash
If you have three bills, each one featuring a different face from Mount Rushmore that appears on paper currency, how much money do you have?
A: $8
B: $17
C: $35
D: $80

He goes with Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln for $8... And that's good for $25,000!

( $50,000 ) The Gloved One
Which of the following accurately describes the clothing Michael Jackson wears on the cover of the 1982 album "Thriller"?
A: White shirt, white jacket, black pants
B: White shirt, black jacket, black pants
C: Black shirt, white jacket, white pants
D: Black shirt, black jacket, white pants

Eddie calls his PAF, Joey (interestingly enough, one of his other PAFs was Bob Shore of Jeopardy! fame). "He's wearing a black shirt, white jacket, white pants. 100% sure. Go get'em." Eddie agrees... and he's right! Eddie will play for $100,000 next time...

... because it's time to dance with Olympic-medal winning Shawn Johnson. At 17, she's the youngest solo-player to ever sit in the Hot Seat. She's playing for Blank Children's Hospital in her hometown of West Des Moines, IA. She'll donate $25,000... but it can be bumped up to $50,000 if she gets this right...

( $50,000 )
In the cheeky holiday song "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer", which of these details is not revealed about Grandma?
A: She drank too much egg nog
B: She lost her hearing aids
C: She wore a wig
D: She was on medication

Shawn can't remember the lyrics, so she goes to the audience...

A: 5%
B: 45%
C: 19%
D: 31%

Not the best percentage, but she goes with B... and she's right! $50,000 to the charity.

Next time, Eddie Lawhorn will take on the $100,000 question with Connie Chung standing by to help. From New York (and from my little corner of Cyberspace) GOOD NIGHT!

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