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The phenomenon that started the great game show revolution of the new millennium has returned to primetime!

Recaps by Agent Josh & Don Harpwood, GSNN

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Night 6
August 16

Last time, Eddie Lawhorn (Huntsville, AL) made it all the way to $50,000, and with 4 questions to go, he still has Double Dip and Ask the Expert on the table! Could he be the first person in a long time to go all the way to the million?

Tonight's Expert, by the way, is Connie Chung. Unlike the other Experts, though, her video link just broke down, so she's on the phone tonight.

[$100,000] (The Simpsons)
On "The Simpsons," which of these pairs of characters is typically voiced by the same person?
A: Apu & Mr. Burns
B: Moe & Krusty the Clown
C: Ned Flanders & Principal Skinner
D: Kent Brockman & Mayor Quimby

Since he doesn't watch the show regularly, Eddie goes right to the Expert. After Regis reads the question and choices to her, Connie decides to pass, since she doesn't know, either. Eddie forgives her, then decides to walk, not wanting to risk what he has with the Double Dip. The answer is C (voiced by Harry Shearer), and Eddie leaves with $50,000!

So, who's next? It'll be one of these ten...

Mike Frame (Novi, MI)
Stephanie Osorio (Gainesville, FL)
Richard Meissner (New York, NY)
Ellen Gaines (Dunnsville, VA)
Leah Asbury (Pryor, OK)
Dale Shackley (Stanwood, WA)
Renée Vanlandingham (Pendleton, IN)
Rebecca Kesler (Van Buren Township, MI)
Steve Elia (Vail, AZ)
Benny Shum (East Palo Alto, CA)

Time for the first Fastest Finger question of the night...

Put these musical "food" groups in the order in which they released their debut albums, starting with the earliest.
A: Red Hot Chili Peppers
B: Cream
C: The Black Eyed Peas
D: The Cranberries

The correct order is BADC, and the winner is... Rebecca Kesler! She's a stay-at-home mom who used to be an attorney. She has twin sons who are 18 months old, and this is the first time she had really been away from them. It's hard for her, but maybe she can make some money here to make up for it. Her husband, Tim, is in the audience. Tim was actually on Super Millionaire, but didn't get into the Hot Seat like Rebecca did!

[$100] (Back to Reality)
What reality TV show's 2009 finale featured a marriage proposal with a $60,000 diamond engagement ring?
A: The Amazing Race
B: The Bachelorette
C: Dancing With The Stars
D: America's Next Top Divorce

It's B, though sadly, I could see someone coming up with something like D someday...

[$200] (Secret Ingredient)
A popular candy store item, "Twix PB" are Twix bars with what added flavor?
A: Pancake batter
B: Peach brandy
C: Peanut butter
D: Pickle brine

Rebecca correctly says C.

[$300] (Spice It Up)
Which of the following is a classic men's toiletry brand and not one of the Spice Girls?
A: Ginger Spice
B: Baby Spice
C: Scary Spice
D: Old Spice

Rebecca loved the Spice Girls, and knows that D wasn't one of them.

[$500] (The Love Boat)
Presumably named after the love of his life, "The Olive" is a boat that belongs to what cartoon character?
A: Yogi Bear
B: Fred Flintstone
C: Popeye
D: George Jetson

She knows it's C, named after Olive Oyl.

[$1,000] (On "Le Menu")
At a French restaurant, what type of beverage will you get if you order "un citron pressé"?
A: Lemonade
B: Iced tea
C: Hot chocolate
D: Root beer

Though she's not 100% positive, Rebecca believes that "citron" means "lemon". She locks in A... and she secures $1,000!

[$2,000] (Text Me)
If "ASAP" is too long, text messengers can type what three-letter abbreviation to mean "immediately"?

After mentioning that C is "too much information", D is "laughing out loud", and A is "by the way", Rebecca says B... and she's right! (It stands for "pretty darn quick".)

[$4,000] (In the ER)
A medical device used to monitor blood oxygen levels, a pulse oximeter is almost always attached to what part of the body?
A: Chest
B: Upper arm
C: Ankle
D: Fingertip

Rebecca has asthma, so she says it's D... and it is!

[$8,000] (The Roots)
Sousaphone player Damon Bryson, a member of the "Late Night" hip-hop band The Roots, is fittingly known by what nickname?
A: Tuba Gooding Jr.
B: Donald Trumpet
C: Mean Banjo Green
D: Harmonica Seles

Rebecca asks the audience.

A: 66%
B: 14%
C: 15%
D: 5%

She trusts them, picking A... and they're right!

Time for a flashback. Remember back in 1999, when a man named John Carpenter made it to the million dollar question without using any lifelines, then used the Phone-A-Friend to let his dad know that he was going to win $1,000,000 before correctly saying that Richard Nixon appeared on "Laugh-In"? He's in the audience tonight, along with his dad, Tom! His wife, Debbie, and their 5-year-old son, Nicholas, are also there. Yes, John still has some of his winnings left!

Now, back to Rebecca...

[$16,000] (If You Build It)
What world-famous building has a roof that was reportedly inspired by the sections of an orange?
A: Pompidou Center
B: Guggenheim Museum Bilbao
C: Sydney Opera House
D: Sears Tower

She decides to take a guess, saying C... and it's a great guess!

[$25,000] (Heads or Tails)
A psychopathic killer asks, "What's the most you ever lost on a coin toss?" in a chilling scene from what acclaimed movie?
A: There Will Be Blood
B: No Country for Old Men
C: Michael Clayton
D: 3:10 to Yuma

Rebecca calls her friend, Sarah, and she says it's B. Rebecca trusts her... and she has $25,000!

She and Tim had their 10th wedding anniversary on August 7th.

[$50,000] (Little Cuties)
The Secret Service reportedly refer to Malia and Sasha Obama by what code names?
A: Radiance & Rosebud
B: Twist & Shout
C: Junebug & Kittycat
D: Pigtail & Ponytail

Unsure of this, Rebecca asks the Expert. Connie is about "50% or more sure" that it's A. It is a free guess, and Rebecca was thinking that as well, so she goes with it... and it's A!

Tim wants to go out to dinner with some of that money.

[$100,000] (Government Rituals)
In 2009, the Presidency of the European Union was passed from the Czech Republic to Sweden with a symbolic handover of a what?
A: Wheel of cheese
B: Wooden marionette
C: Crystal lantern
D: Keg of beer

After some thought, Rebecca decides to walk with $50,000! The answer, by the way, is D.

Time for another Fastest Finger question...

Put these Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover models in the order in which they first appeared on the cover, starting with the earliest.
A: Tyra Banks
B: Christie Brinkley
C: Bar Refaeli
D: Elle Macpherson

The order in question is BDAC. The next contestant in the Hot Seat is... Ellen Gaines! She is a gym teacher, coaching girl's basketball and softball for 24 years. Can she hit a home run tonight?

[$100] (Checking In)
In fancy hotels, it is traditional for what tantalizing treat to be left on your pillow?
A: A pretzel
B: An apple
C: A mint
D: A photo of Wolf Blitzer

Ellen gets off to a good start with C.

[$200] (Kitchen Gadgets)
A "spud spike" is a kitchen gadget commonly used to prepare which of the following?
A: Baked potato
B: Macaroni and cheese
C: Onion rings
D: French toast

Seems like it would be A, and Ellen locks that in. It is indeed A.

[$300] (Jungle Book)
The 2008 autobiography "Me Cheeta" was "written" by Tarzan's famous sidekick, who is what kind of animal?
A: Tiger
B: Elephant
C: Snake
D: Chimpanzee

It would have to be D, and she correctly goes with that.

[$500] (Heaven on Earth)
Appropriately, the Spanish word for heaven, "cielo," is also the word for what?
A: Lake
B: Forest
C: Sky
D: Cave

Heaven would be in the sky, so Ellen says it's C. Of course it is!

[$1,000] (Crossword Clues)
In a New York Times Election Day crossword puzzle, which of these answers had the clue "Blue State" and not "Red State"?
A: Melancholy
B: Communism
C: Outrage
D: Insolvency

Ellen goes with B... but it's A! Tough break for her, as she leaves with nothing.

Still time for another Fastest Finger question...

Put these Martin Scorsese films in order of their first theatrical release, starting with the earliest.
A: Gangs of New York
B: Goodfellas
C: The Departed
D: Casino

They're looking for BDAC. Playing for the million next is... Leah Asbury! She's going to college, studying fine arts. She wants to be a graphic designer. Her goal is to move out of Oklahoma, and into New York. Let's see if she can make enough money to do that...

[$100] (Song & Dance)
When dancing "The Hokey Pokey," after you put your right hand in, then out, then in again, what should you do next?
A: Put it in your pocket
B: Shake it all about
C: Show it to a friend
D: Get some Purell on it

Though she says she might want some Purell depending on the occasion, Leah knows it's B.

[$200] (Ad Mascots)
The Energizer Bunny is the same type of animal as which of these other ad mascots?
A: Toucan Sam
B: Charlie Tuna
C: Trix Rabbit
D: Tony the Tiger

Bunny... Rabbit... Yeah, it's C, and she knows it.

[$300] (I Was Robbed!)
In TV and film, bank robbers are often depicted listening to the door of a vault with what medical instrument?
A: Stethoscope
B: Tongue depressor
C: Syringe
D: Thermometer

Leah correctly picks A, and moves on.

[$500] (East Meets West)
Expected to open in 2012, the Louvre Abu Dhabi, like its Paris counterpart, will be a multimillion dollar what?
A: Amusement park
B: Museum
C: Sports arena
D: Zoo

The answer is B, which she gets.

[$1,000] (Food Funnies)
Featured on a jokey apron, the phrase "Dijon Vu" is defined as "the feeling that you've had this" what "before"?
A: Ketchup
B: Maple syrup
C: Mustard
D: Salsa

Leah locks in C, and she has $1,000!

[$2,000] (Retaining Water)
Capable of storing up to two hundred gallons of water, a saguaro is a type of what?
A: Orchid
B: Cactus
C: Mushroom
D: Fern

Though she knows that cacti have to hold in as much water as they can get, Leah asks the audience. She feels like a total nerd for doing this.

A: 1%
B: 94%
C: 3%
D: 2%

NOW she's sure. Leah picks B... and she and the 94% are right! That's as far as she'll go tonight; Leah will be back tomorrow for more!

After a short preview of "Shark Tank" (which follows this episode, by the way), we see that two of its sharks, Kevin O'Leary and Robert Herjavec, are in the audience. They talk about their show, and compare it to this one, in that both shows give people a chance for some big money. The difference, of course, is that the sharks are putting up their own money.

Now, it's time for tonight's celebrity guest, Rachael Ray (Glenn Falls, NY). She has a syndicated talk show in the morning, and she's on the Food Network at night. She has a new book coming, which is more of a "best of" book this time around. She'll be playing for 2 charities tonight: Yum-O! and North Shore Animal League. Those charities will be evenly splitting $25,000, but that total could be doubled if Rachael gets this...

Which of the following is a true statement about the letters in the standard Google logo?
A: Both "O"s are yellow
B: Both "G"s are blue
C: The "L" is red
D: The "E" is green

Rachael admits to being "Google-less". She doesn't know if the Expert uses Google much, and her PAF, the president of the Food Network, told her not to call if it was a pop culture question. So, she decides to ask the audience.

A: 24%
B: 49%
C: 17%
D: 10%

Rachael was expecting the results to be clearer, but she does go with B... and the 49% are right! $50,000 will be split between the two charities ($25,000 each)!

Next time, Leah Asbury returns to play for $4,000, Patricia Heaton is the celebrity guest, and author Jodi Picoult is the Expert.

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