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The phenomenon that started the great game show revolution of the new millennium has returned to primetime!

Recaps by Agent Josh & Don Harpwood, GSNN

Host Regis Philbin
Creators David Briggs
Mike Whitehill
Steve Knight
EP Michael Davies
Paul Smith
Packager 2waytraffic & Valleycrest TV for ABC Studios
Origins ABC Television Center East, New York City
Airs 8p Sun thru Thurs, ABC
Available Streaming Online

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Night 1
August 9

Happy Anniversary, Let's Get To Work!

"From the Studio where it all began 10 years ago, Where thousands of Americans have won over $132 million, The show watched by Billions of people all over the world, THIS is the Return of MILLIONAIRE!"

And with Regis intoning these words from the studio bleachers, we are once again, back in New York for the Dramatic Lights, The Music, and the hot seat for the first time in Prime Time since "Super Millionaire". Regis has says that for the last five years, he's been waiting IN THE STUDIO for it to begin again. I'm sure that he's excited. It's catching to the audience.

The cast of characters for night one are...

Brad Abbey - Tampa, FL
Kristin Williams - Cedar Hills, UT
Stephanie Millien - Baldwin, NY
Gary Cousins - Flint, MI
Linda Sweeney - Acworth, GA
Rob Placek - Alliance, NE
Ralph Cambeis - Brooklyn, NY
Teresa Reitmeyer - Danville, PA
Neal Schwartz - West Bloomfield, MI
Jessica Gerber - Fairfield, CT

So for the first time since 2004, a Fastest Finger Question...

Put these tabloid-style White House couples in the order in which they occupied the White House, starting with the earliest.
A: Abrahary
B: Billary
C: Franleanor
D: Roncy

The correct order is....ACDB

(At this point, I should comment on the set. the FF podiums are a hybrid of the Super Millionaire Keypads with newer screens.

The winner is BRAD ABBEY OF TAMPA!

They've even brought back the classic camera angles, like the swooping crane shot from behind the audience, going to the center, and to the opposite side. (Known as the bar shot, as the studio had bars there as part of the set design)

Brad Abbey is a former banker who was laid off, and now works in a carnival pushing over 1000 teddy bears a day (An honest carnival worker! That's rare!). Two days after being laid off, he applied to be on the show and made it! Let's see how good he is.

Now let's dispel some rumors...We are playing the syndicated Money Tree (There were some rumors on Wikipedia that had the top top-heavy with amounts like 100,000 as the second safe haven.). That is not the case. We start him off with Ask the Audience, Phone a Friend and Double-Dip. At $1000, he gets Ask the Expert.

Tonight's Expert: Longtime ABC Washington Correspondent, SAM DONALDSON! (Nice cross-promotion!)

The clock is in full effect. And so is enhanced game

( $100 ) Big Winners
What Oscar-winning film of 2008 features the line, "You have three lifelines... Ask the Audience, 50/50 and Phone-a-Friend"?
A: The Dark Knight
B: Slumdog Millionaire
C: Milk
D: The Curious Case of Regis' Hair

After the laughter subsides, he gets it with one second to go. Answer: B

( $200 ) Color Wheel
Which of these Crayola crayon colors takes its name from a lyric in the song "America the Beautiful"?
A: Purple Mountain's Majesty
B: Wild Watermelon
C: Mountain Meadow
D: Robin's Egg Blue

With 3 seconds to go, Brad goes to the audience, which is loaded with former Hot Seat contestants! The poll results....


(I think they're trying to tell him something, don't you?)

He answers A and gets $200. It's break 1, and Regis is still excited.

I must comment though, if you're going to bring back Millionaire, bring back the fashion that went with it. The monochromatic look.

More talking with carny Brad. He's been working in Canada with the Carnival. Kaylee (his GF) was left behind, and the two are now reunited with her in the family seat behind him. Time to go back to work..."Let's play, here we go!"

( $300 ) Let's Go Nuts
Which of the following is a type of nut and NOT a member of the United Nations?
A: Malaysia
B: Mauritania
C: Macadamia
D: Mongolia

(Regis now seems to be getting the hang of the 15 second clock.)

He answers C...and is right!

( $500 ) Bumper Stickers
The quirky bumper sticker slogan, "Visualize Whirled Peas" is a punny reference to another slogan often used by whom?
A: Pessimists
B: Pacifists
C: Procrastinators
D: Penny-Pinchers

He gets it right here... It's B....

( $1000 ) You Might Say
Brackets are best described as "square-cornered" versions of what other punctuation marks?
A: Parentheses
B: Hyphens
C: Ellipses
D: Semicolons

He chooses A with success!

He now gets Sam Donaldson's help IF he wants it.

Quotable-"I think we better warn Brad, You know they are looking for money to pay for Health Care Reform, and Brad, if you win the Million dollars, they may come after you!" --Sam Donaldson

( $2000 ) Otto
Otto Von Bismarck is often credited with the cynical quip that "Laws are like" what, "It's better not to see them being made"?
A: Lingerie
B: Paintings
C: Racehorses
D: Sausages

He answers B-Paintings....It was D!

(HOW DUMB IS THIS FELLA! Get him out of the hot seat and give another warm body a chance!)

Next FF question:

Put these "As-seen-on-TV" products in the order they were introduced, starting with the earliest.
A: Ginsu Knives
B: George Foreman Grill
C: Thighmaster
D: Snuggie

Correct order: ACBD

Winner-Rob Placek in 5 seconds flat!

(Second bar shot!)

The youngest contestant of the night, Rob is a college sophomore at Creighton University, and is on a scholarship, but he has to come up with cash for the school year.

( $100 ) NASA
Honoring the Agency's 50th anniversary in 2008, Stephen Hawking noted that NASA has achieved major advances in what?
A: Sports
B: Science
C: Fashion
D: Pocket Protectors

No need to be Stephen Hawking to get this! It's B

( $200 ) Books for Bozos
"Burgers and Sausages (there's that word again!) and Hot Dogs, Oh My!" is the title of a chapter in which of these "For Dummies" instructional books?
A: Bookkeeping for Dummies
B: Knitting for Dummies
C: Gardening for Dummies
D: Grilling for Dummies

Someone find me that book. It's D, and he gets it right!

( $300 ) Meet and Greet
If someone slangily asks you to "pound it", what type of greeting should you give them?
A: Double kiss
B: Bear hug
C: Fist bump
D: Nose rub

And Reeg pulls a Howie as Rob and Reeg fist bump to signify the final answer.

( $500 ) By George!
George Lucas has said that his dog Indiana was the inspiration for the name of the main character in what popular movie?
A: Raiders of the Lost Ark
B: Die Hard
C: The Terminator
D: The Matrix

The answer is A and the kid is QUICK! He even says that he's not even nervous.

( $1000 ) Fun with Math
What is the punchline to the math joke "What does trigonometry have in common with a beach?"
A: Sec Ants
B: Co Sines
C: Tan Gents
D: Asymp totes

(this joke's so old, it's got whiskers!)

He gets it right, C for $1000.


After a flashback to Bob-O's Super Millionaire run to one million, Joe Trela's run and Ed Toutant's winning question, Reeg gets to talk to those three. But he keeps messing up with Robert Essig (Bob-O not Bobo!), two of the three claim they aren't millionaires anymore. Bob paid off his cars, his house and the taxes, but it helped. Joe, a bit skinnier, is still a millionaire in his heart. Ed bought the Regis line of clothing.

( $2000 ) Famous Names
Which of these famous idioms features the last names of an Oscar-winning actress and actor?
A: Beck and Call
B: Hunt and Peck
C: Rise and Shine
D: Short and Sweet

Correct answer is B: Helen Hunt and Gregory Peck

( $4000 ) Ballers
Billed as "Disneyland vs. Disney World", what two teams competed in the 2009 NBA Finals?
A: Rockets and Knicks
B: Spurs and Celtics
C: Lakers and Magic
D: Mavericks and Heat

Good way to word the question. He gets it right with C

( $8000 ) Natural Habitats
By definition, where does an abyssopelagic animal live?
A: In the desert
B: On top of a mountain
C: Inside a tree
D: At the bottom of the sea

He uses the root abyss to find the right definition, and goes with D. Nice thinking, buddy-boy!

( $16,000 ) It's Your Birthday
All of the following hip-hop artists are turning forty in 2009, except for whom, who turned fifty?
A: Jay-Z
B: Ice Cube
C: Flavor Flav
D: P.Diddy

Not knowledgeable about hip hop, at 19 seconds he calls for Ask the Audience


He goes with the audience, who are almost always right, and gets it right!

Break time again. After talking with dad (in the relative seat) we go into this question for milestone number two!

( $25,000 ) Tech Toys
The new iPhone 3G S boasts a touchscreen with "oleophobic coating" which is specifically designed to do what?
A: Never scratch
B: Not show fingerprints
C: Display brighter colors
D: Reduce glare

He's going to phone a friend (sponsored by old friends AT&T) He goes with Dr. Geoff, a professor of his, more than likely.

Instead of reading the question, he points out the key word of the question, oleophobic, and Geoff determines the definition...Which leads Rob to B.

HE'S RIGHT! Good strategy. The question is a long one, so he played it right!

( $50,000 ) First Dates
On their first official date in 1989, Barack Obama and his future wife Michelle went to see what movie?
A: Driving Miss Daisy
B: Glory
C: When Harry Met Sally
D: Do the Right thing

Quotable: "This is the year I was born!"--Rob Placek

Yikes...Ok, he has Sam Donaldson, who should know a lot about Obama right at his fingertips, and what does he do?


First final answer: C-When Harry Met Sally...nice idea but no.

Second final answer: He guesses A-Driving Miss Daisy......Nope! Correct answer: D

He gets $25,000 on the free guess question.

Next FF question after the break is...

Put these actors in the order in which they first portrayed Batman on screen, starting with the earliest.
A: Michael Keaton
B: Christian Bale
C: George Clooney
D: Val Kilmer

Correct answer ADCB

The winner in the fastest time....GARY COUSINS!

Gary leaps out of his seat and is ready to play! He's been trying to get on the show since it's inception, and kept trying on the phone auditions. He's in the auto industry ("You're the last one left?"--Regis)

( $100 ) You Go Girl
When Hilary Clinton urged "denuclearization" in North Korea in 2009, she was basically asking the country to stop making what?
A: Beer
B: Bombs
C: Bicycles
D: Giant eyeglasses

He decides on B... and we're off and running.

( $200 ) Good Advice
"Parents" magazine advises "Build on branches that are at least 8 inches thick" when constructing a what for your child?
A: Sandbox
B: Jungle gym
C: Bookshelf
D: Treehouse

Quickly goes to D, and gets to $200

( $300 ) Dollywood
Dolly's Demolition Derby, a ride at Dolly Parton's Dollywood amusement park, is what type of ride?
A: Bumper cars
B: Roller coaster
C: Ferris wheel
D: Carousel

It's A, final. The Demolition gave it away.

( $500 ) Funny Books
Published in 2007 with the tagline, "Now with 30% more Asia", the humor book "Our Dumb World" is a parody of what type of reference work?
A: Thesaurus
B: Almanac
C: Atlas
D: Dictionary

A tough call, but I'd say C. He's right with C.

( $1000 ) The Oscars
Melissa Etheridge once joked, "This is the only naked man that will ever be in my bedroom" when she won the Oscar for what?
A: Best Actress
B: Best Director
C: Best Cinematography
D: Best Song

He says D, final. And he is right as rain!

( $2000 ) Art Seen
On Nov. 21, 2008, an O in Google's Logo was obscured by a green apple and a bowler hat to mark the 110th birthday of what artist?
A: Marcel Duchamp
B: Andy Warhol
C: Rene Magritte
D: Salvador Dali

He has no clue, so he will Ask the Audience.

Results are as follows...

A- 20%
B- 15%
C- 36%
D- 29%

Oooh...the even spread! I hate those close ones....

He uses the Double-Dip

First Final Answer-C Rene Magritte....

He wastes the Double Dip, but he gets it right.

And this is where the contestant time is over, he will be our holdover contestant for tomorrow.

Next, KATY PERRY ("Waking up in Vegas", "I Kissed a Girl") plays for St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital! Boy does she look nervous! Talked about cats for a bit, as Reeg and Katy are cat people.

Katy is guaranteed to walk out with $25,000, but if she gets the question right, she'll receive the $50,000. And she'll have all four lifelines at her disposal. She wants to phone a friend right now! Oy vey is this girl a ditz! She may have kissed a girl but she might've lost some intelligence!

Katy's $50,000 question...

( $50,000 )
What young celebrity has the Italian phrase for "Live Without Regrets" tattooed on her back, except the Italian word for "regrets" is misspelled?
A: Hilary Duff
B: Hayden Panettiere
C: Vanessa Hudgens
D: Kristen Bell

She uses her Phone a friend to call up her one selection, Shannon Woodward of LA, CA.

The two agree that it's B....But Katy pulled a John Carpenter, sandbagging it and only wanting to talk to Shannon!

She got the $50,000, so hand over the check, Reeg!

Oh well, Sam Donaldson was not used as the lifeline, but he does leave with a quip.

"Hey, Regis, no problem. For a reporter to get nothing wrong...It's a miracle!"--Sam Donaldson

Good fella!

On night two, we continue Gary Cousins' game as he goes to the million, and former Celeb Millionaire contestant Vanessa Williams returns to the Hot Seat for a shot at $50,000!

Until next time, from New York (And from my little corner of Cyberspace), GOOD NIGHT!

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