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The phenomenon that started the great game show revolution of the new millennium has returned to primetime!

Recaps by Agent Josh & Don Harpwood, GSNN

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Night 8
August 18

Last night, Jennifer Kiesel (Aurora, CO) made it to $8,000, and she still has Phone a Friend, Double Dip, and Ask the Expert available. Will she make it to the million, or at least ensure that she can buy herself a shed for her lawn mower?

Tonight's Expert: Gwen Ifill, a journalist, broadcaster, and author.

[$16,000] (Heads Up!)
What '80s hair-metal star made "headlines" when he was knocked down by a piece of scenery while performing at the 2009 Tony Awards?
A: Axl Rose
B: Dee Snider
C: Vince Neil
D: Bret Michaels

Jennifer picks D... and she got it!

[$25,000] (Pen Pals)
When Richard Nixon wrote his famous letter, "I hereby resign the Office of President of the United States," he addressed it to whom?
A: Henry Kissinger
B: Gerald Ford
C: Tip O'Neill
D: Alexander Haig

Jennifer asks the Expert. Gwen says C, who was the Speaker of the House. She adds that Nixon wouldn't have addressed it to his vice president (Ford), the Secretary of State (Kissinger), or Haig. Jennifer trusts Gwen, locking in C... but it's A! Ouch. Well, hopefully, $1,000 can buy Jennifer a nice enough shed.

As she leaves, 10 new contestants sit in the Ring of Fire, hoping to get the next shot at the million. They are...

Kristin Leum (Tampa, FL)
Randy Miller (Bear, DE)
Mia Poole (Brooklyn, NY)
Christine Horowitz (Staten Island, NY)
Don Wisenor (Trotwood, OH)
Bob Finnegan (Milford, CT)
Donna Bittmann (Pittston Township, PA)
Brett Schulenberg (Flower Mound, TX)
Nik Bonaddio (New York, NY)
Leslie Salyer (Louisville, KY)

The first Fastest Finger question of the night is this...

Put these vampire-themed books by Stephenie Meyer in the order they were published, starting with the earliest.
A: New Moon
B: Twilight
C: Breaking Dawn
D: Eclipse

The correct order is BADC, and entering the Hot Seat next is... Nik Bonaddio! He's quite the dancer, apparently. He had skipped sleep for 2 nights leading up to the night before, so he could sleep well then. That didn't happen. He was too nervous. He's the lead designer for a popular dating Web site, but he doesn't use that site himself. Let's see if he can overcome his lack of sleep here, and dance his way to the million.

[$100] (Rating System)
According to the Motion Picture Association of America, a G-rated movie should not show what?
A: Rainbows
B: Nudity
C: Laughter
D: Michael Moore in spandex

Of course it's B, though I'd want to think D should also be right. Bad mental image, there.

[$200] (Ask Your Doctor)
Miracle-Ear is a leading brand of which of these medical devices?
A: Dentures
B: Asthma inhaler
C: Hearing aid
D: Pacemaker

Nik correctly goes with C.

[$300] (Count On It)
Counting sheep is often said to be a cure for which of these conditions?
A: Angina
B: Insomnia
C: Hypertension
D: Halitosis

It's B. Nik knows that he could have used said cure the night before.

[$500] (Smells Delicious)
Which of these dessert recipes commonly includes the direction "Bake until golden brown"?
A: Apple pie
B: Jello
C: Rice pudding
D: Chocolate mousse

He wastes no time in saying that it's A.

[$1,000] (It's a Drawl)
What U.S. state is home to a major city that is often pronounced "N'awlins"?
A: Vermont
B: Alaska
C: Louisiana
D: Colorado

Nik says it's C, and he has $1,000!

[$2,000] (Mr. Yankovic)
Because he's a vegetarian, who once refused Weird Al's request to record a parody of "Live and Let Die" titled "Chicken Pot Pie"?
A: Eric Clapton
B: Paul McCartney
C: Mick Jagger
D: Rod Stewart

Without giving Regis a chance to read the choices, Nik quickly selects B... and he's right!

[$4,000] (Googly Eyes)
In a recent ad campaign, a stack of money with googly eyes pops up in odd places, representing "the money you could be saving with" whom?
A: Geico
B: Aflac
C: Esurance
D: Allstate

That song from that ad campaign is stuck in Nik's head. He says it's A... and it is!

Here comes a flashback! In 1999, Doug Van Gundy won $250,000. After finding out that he was right when he said that since 1973, the Iditarod dogsled race ended in Nome, his reaction was one to remember! Now, he's in the audience! Thanks to the money, he was able to focus on his writing, and he got a book of poems published. But why did he react the way he did? Well, he remembered an instruction given to all contestants to not clap in front of the microphone, and he says he wasn't sure what to do with his hands after resisting the urge to clap!

Back to Nik's game...

[$8,000] (I Love Ü)
What pronunciation mark is depicted above the "u" in the title of the 2009 comedy "Brüno"?
A: Tilde
B: Circumflex
C: Umlaut
D: Cedilla

Nik believes that it's C... and he is correct!

[$16,000] (On the Record)
Published continuously since 1942, the newspaper for U.S. soldiers and servicemen overseas has what patriotic name?
A: The Eagle
B: Daily Constitution
C: The Liberty Bell
D: Stars and Stripes

Though he feels pretty sure, Nik asks the audience.

A: 8%
B: 7%
C: 5%
D: 80%

That's what he thought, so he goes with D... and he and the 80% are right!

[$25,000] (Ready to Rumble)
In the acclaimed 2008 movie "The Wrestler," Mickey Rourke plays an aging pro wrestler who goes by what nickname in the ring?
A: Havoc
B: The Ram
C: The Truth
D: Inferno

He didn't see the movie, so after some consideration, Nik decides to call one of his college buddies, Matt. With the clock stopped at 7, Matt is 100% sure that it's B. Nik locks that in with the clock at 5... and he has $25,000!

Nik's dad, Bob, is in the audience.

[$50,000] (Sports Stars)
Tied for 2nd place with Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant on a 2009 Forbes list of highest paid athletes, Kimi Raikkonen is a what?
A: Racecar driver
B: Boxer
C: Soccer player
D: Golfer

As a racing fan, Nik is sure that it's A... and he's right!

[$100,000] (Great Idea!)
What famous work originated the popular quote "The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers"?
A: Dickens' "Oliver Twist"
B: Joyce's "Ulysses"
C: Melville's "Billy Budd"
D: Shakespeare's "Henry VI, Part II"

Nik needs help from the Expert. Gwen says D, with 50-75% certainty. She adds that James Joyce didn't talk like that, Oliver Twist was a kid who likely didn't talk much about lawyers, and she doesn't think that quote would fit "Billy Budd". To be safe, Nik uses the Double Dip. His first answer is D... which is right!

[$250,000] (The Two Davids)
The name of Barack Obama's senior advisor, David Axelrod, is also the name of the love interest in what '80s romance film?
A: Some Kind of Wonderful
B: Say Anything...
C: Endless Love
D: An Officer and a Gentleman

He narrows it down to C or D, but that's all he can do. Since he already used the Double Dip, Nik walks with $100,000! The answer, by the way, is C.

There are still 9 players looking for their shot, so it's time for another Fastest Finger question...

Put these words in the order in which they appear in the Pledge of Allegiance, starting at the beginning.
A: America
B: Flag
C: Nation
D: Republic

BADC is the right order, and the player who got that in the fastest time is... Leslie Salyer! She's a homemaker who loves trivia, so she should be ready for this!

[$100] (Mythical Beasts)
Which of these mythical creatures is known for its ability to breathe fire?
A: Dragon
B: Unicorn
C: Pegasus
D: The morning breath monster

Leslie says A, and she's on her way.

[$200] (Women's Wear)
A woman would most likely put on a sports bra just before doing which of these activities?
A: Singing
B: Jogging
C: Eating
D: Cooking

She knows it's B.

[$300] (For Eternity)
An "eternity band" is a type of what?
A: Belt
B: Scarf
C: Ring
D: Hat

Though she wasn't completely sure, Leslie does correctly pick C.

[$500] (I Brake for Whales)
By definition, what type of vehicle is a whaler?
A: Airplane
B: Car
C: Boat
D: Bicycle

It would have to be C, and she goes with that.

[$1,000] (So Proud of You)
What prominent fashion designer is the daughter of one of the Beatles?
A: Jil Sander
B: Stella McCartney
C: Nicole Miller
D: Nina Ricci

Leslie locks in B, and secures $1,000!

Her sister, Laurel, is in the audience. Also, Leslie likes to gamble. One time, she was playing roulette in Las Vegas on her 23rd birthday, and for an hour, Matt Damon sat next to her! Yes, they talked the whole time!

[$2,000] (Reality TV)
In 2009, a judge ruled that what notorious "naked guy" could not take part in a "Survivor" reunion because he is under house arrest?
A: Rudy Boesch
B: Johnny Fairplay
C: Colby Donaldson
D: Richard Hatch

Knowing that it was for tax evasion, Leslie says D... and of course it's D!

[$4,000] (FYI)
"Egad!" is an old-fashioned term whose meaning is the equivalent of what modern expression used in text messaging?

Unsure of this, Leslie decides to poll the audience.

A: 0%
B: 1%
C: 98%
D: 1%

If that doesn't convince someone, I don't know what will. Leslie is convinced, so she trusts them... and it is indeed C!

[$8,000] (Yo, North Korea!)
In a 2009 CBS News story, the son of North Korea's infamous leader was jokingly referred to by what rapper's name?
A: Lil' Kim
B: Foxy Brown
C: Jay-Z
D: Dr. Dre

Leslie quickly goes with A... and she's right! That's as far as she'll go for tonight, but she will return tomorrow night! Before she goes, though, Leslie gets to meet tonight's celebrity guest (whom she's a big fan of)...

That guest is country star Wynonna Judd (Nashville, TN)! Her next album is full of songs from many years ago, and she even brought copies of said album for everyone in the audience! She's playing for Backpack Mission Ministries tonight. $25,000 is guaranteed, but she can win more for that charity if she knows this...

If you have four shirts and three pairs of pants, how many different combinations of one shirt and one pair of pants are possible?
A: Seven
B: Nine
C: Twelve
D: Sixteen

Seems like an easy math question to me, but Wynonna's first reaction: "OMG." Yeah. She admits that she was never good at math. Regis tries to help her reason it out, but Wynonna decides to just call her aunt Margaret. At the last second, Margaret says it's C. Wynonna trusts her... and her aunt Margaret is right! That's $50,000 for Backpack Mission Ministries!

Tomorrow night, Leslie Salyer resumes her run at the million, going for $16,000. In addition, Snoop Dogg will be playing for charity, and the Expert will be none other than Ken Jennings!

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