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The phenomenon that started the great game show revolution of the new millennium has returned to primetime!

Recaps by Agent Josh & Don Harpwood, GSNN

Host Regis Philbin
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Mike Whitehill
Steve Knight
EP Michael Davies
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Night 4
August 12

"Last night, my man Anthony Sloan made it to the Hot Seat on Millionaire with only two hours sleep. Tonight, fully rested, raring to go, in a few moments, he'll be playing for $25,000 on Night 4 of the return of Millionaire to primetime!"

Anthony has one chance to lock in the $25,000, but if he wants to win it, he's going to have to do it with ZERO lifelines remaining.

( $25,000 ) Making Money
According to 2009 federal guidelines, a family of four in the contiguous US must earn at least what to be above the poverty line?
A: $12,051
B: $22,051
C: $32,051
D: $42,051

He goes with B... Final answer... seven seconds....

... GOT IT!

( $50,000 ) Giant Robots
In the 2009 blockbuster "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen", which of these characters is an evil Decepticon and not a heroic Autobot?
A: Mudflap
B: Bumblebee
C: Starscream
D: Sideswipe

He goes with C... Good!

The winnings are going to go to a renewal of his wedding vows that's a little more than Elvis and a rabbi.

( $100,000 ) Hot Hand
What state has voted for the winning candidate in 24 of the last 25 presidential elections, the best percentage of the US?
A: Colorado
B: Nevada
C: Ohio
D: Missouri

He takes a stab on C... but it was B. Sorry, Anthony, but what a run. He has $25,000 to show for it.

But we have ten new players ready to step into the Hot Seat for big money. And they ARE....

Bryant Gomm - Layton, UT
Annaka Nava - Fredericksburg, VA
Trevor Schultz - Phoenix, AZ
Stephen Collazo - Houston, TX
Angela Watt - Oxford, MI
Carmel Trela - Gilroy, CA
Aaron Min - Gainesville, FL
Maria Tedesco - Bedminster, NJ
Melissa Storms - Elberfeld, IN
Ron Kaplan - Tarzana, CA

Tonight's first FFF is...

Put these Michael Jackson albums in order of their original release, starting with the earliest.
A: "Thriller"
B: "Off the Wall"
C: "Bad"
D: "Dangerous"

Correct: BACD. And the next player is... TREVOR SCHULTZ! Trevor is a database manager for an engineering company. And right now, he's 15 away from the big money. He's been trying ever since the first episode... and ten years later, look at him now.

Tonight's Expert is ABC News political analyst Cokie Roberts.

Let's play Millionaire!

( $100 ) Gotcha Popcorn?
To the surprise of no one, the 2009 romantic comedy "The Proposal" ends how?
A: A couple rents an apartment
B: A couple gets engaged
C: A couple buys a dog
D: Sandra Bullock snorts

He goes with A... and he's right.

( $200 ) Strings Attached
Which of these musical groups could be loosely described as a "string quartet"?
A: Two trombonists
B: Four violinists
C: Six drummers
D: Eight pianists

B is the guess... got it.

( $300 ) Sports Physics
"Distance of Flights of a Batted Ball" is a subchapter in a book titled "The Physics of" what sport?
A: Basketball
B: Hockey
C: Baseball
D: Football

Taking a guess on C. Right again!

( $500 ) Air Mail
Which of these winged creatures is not featured on a stamp in the US Postal Service stamp series called "Pollination"?
A: Bee
B: Hummingbird
C: Butterfly
D: Eagle

He doesn't think an eagle pollinates anything. It doesn't.

( $1,000 ) TV Dreams
Foreshadowing his eventual career, what TV personality had a license plate that read "L8NITE" when he was a teen?
A: Jimmy Kimmel
B: Willard Scott
C: Dr. Phil
D: Matt Lauer

Going with A... Final answer... Good for $1000!

Playing with Trevor from the stands is his mother. He takes his trivia in an unmarked gym... and when he is waiting for a light at the Lincoln Tunnel.

Cokie is now active...

( $2,000 ) Savory Songs
Which of these herb names comes first in the title of a classic 1966 album by Simon & Garfunkel?
A: Rosemary
B: Sage
C: Parsley
D: Thyme

He thinks that it's C.. .but he asks the audience.

A: 12%
B: 3%
C: 82%
D: 3%

He goes with the audience... who's almost always right.... and he's right!

( $4,000 ) Leg of Literature
Which of these classic literary creatures has a peg leg?
A: Captain Ahab
B: Don Quixote
C: Robinson Crusoe
D: Ichabod Crane

Going with A... Good!

( $8,000 ) Where Is It?
Where is the Kuiper Belt?
A: Inside the human brain
B: Along the California coast
C: At the Louvre Museum
D: In the outer solar system

He knows this one easy. Dfinalanswer is right!

( $16,000 ) Daddy Justice
What US Supreme Court Justice is the father of nine children?
A: Clarence Thomas
B: Antonin Scalia
C: Anthony M. Kennedy
D: John Paul Stevens

"This might be a good one to ask the Expert." Going to Cokie. She's sure it's Scalia. He goes with that... and he's right!

( $25,000 ) The Hangover
In the summer hit "The Hangover", a trio of groomsmen search for a lost groom in Las Vegas, eventually finding him where?
A: The top of the Stratosphere
B: In a fountain at the Bellagio
C: On the roof of Caesar's Palace
D: On the golf course at the Wynn

With 14 seconds left, Trevor goes with C. Final answer.... He's seen the movie. He knows he has $25,000!

Flashback to 2000, when a certain columnist on a certain game show site had his shot at the big money, ultimately winning $125,000. I have no idea what Jason Block's doing right now, but I'm sure he's loving every minute of it.

Trevor went back to college to study video games and casino design. He wouldn't recommend going back to a private school at 30 when you have to pay it all back.

( $50,000 ) Barack the Vote
The first U.S. presidential election in which Barack Obama was eligible to vote was won by whom?
A: Lyndon B. Johnson
B: Richard Nixon
C: Jimmy Carter
D: Ronald Reagan

He does the math in his head. And decides to Double Dip. First answer is D... GOOD!

( $100,000 ) Advanced Anatomy
Often calculated by anatomists, bizygomatic width is the distance between what two points on the human body?
A: Cheekbones
B: Nostrils
C: Shoulders
D: Hips

He whittles it down to A or B, but ends up phoning-a-friend. He calls his friend Miguel. "It's the cheekbones!" He goes with that... and he's good for $100,000!

Mom didn't know the answer to that one...

( $250,000 ) Bleeding Love
According to legend, what historical figure died of a nosebleed on his wedding night?
A: Tutankhamun
B: Attila the Hun
C: Hannibal
D: Montezuma II

He decides to heed Jason Block's advice and RUN with $100,000. Correct answer was... B.

Next FFF...

Put these celebrity jailbirds in the order in which they served their prison sentences, starting with the earliest.
A: Paris Hilton
B: Khloe Kardashian
C: Martha Stewart
D: Lil' Kim

Correct: CDAB. And the only one to get that right is... ANGELA WATT! She's a mother of twins from Michigan. Let's get right to her stack...

( $100 ) World Figures
Which of these Wonders of the Ancient World features a triangular figure in its name?
A: Great Pyramid at Giza
B: Temple of Artemis
C: Statue of Zeus at Olympia
D: Leaning Tower of Doritos

She goes with A... Good!

( $200 ) Loudmouths
Famous for his signature cry of "GOOOOOOLLLLL!", Andres Cantor is a popular announcer in what sport?
A: Basketball
B: Soccer
C: Baseball
D: Tennis

B is good for $200.

( $300 ) Creature Feature
Which of these creatures has eyestalks, movable appendages that feature the animal's eyes at the tips?
A: Alligator
B: Panda bear
C: Lobster
D: Bald eagle

Correct is C for $300.

( $500 ) Working Title
Adam Sandler, Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill star in a 2009 movie aptly titled what?
A: Old People
B: Sexy People
C: Funny People
D: Poor People

She takes C... And she's right!

( $1,000 ) Ocean Liner
The Earth's equator passes through all but which of these oceans?
A: Pacific
B: Indian
C: Atlantic
D: Arctic

One second left to ask the audience.

A: 3%
B: 8%
C: 86%
D: 3%

"Dfinalanswer." Locked into the $1000!

( $2,000 ) Measure of Money
At 1.95 millimeters thick, which of these US coins is the thickest?
A: Penny
B: Nickel
C: Dime
D: Quarter

She uses her Double Dip. First is D.... No. Second is B... YES!

( $4,000 ) On a Roll
What "extreme" athlete sparked a minor controversy in 2009 when he skateboarded through the Grand Foyer of the White House?
A: Shaun White
B: Dave Mirra
C: Kelly Slater
D: Tony Hawk

Angela takes D... and she'll return tomorrow to go for $8000!

But right now, from "The Hills", fashion designer and reality TV star Lauren Conrad is going to play for $50,000 for the M. Powerment Fund...

( $50,000 )
For years, England's Prince William has had a highly public, on-again/off-again relationship with a girl named what?
A: Emma
B: Kate
C: Anne
D: Judith

Lauren, the screen's right there. She thinks she knows it, but she'll ask the audience to make sure.

A: 11%
B: 78%
C: 5%
D: 6%

LC goes with the audience... and she's right! That's $50,000 going to her charity.

Tomorrow night, Angela Watt returns to play for $8000... From New York (and from my little corner of Cyberspace) GOOD NIGHT!

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