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August 9

The phenomenon that started the great game show revolution of the new millennium has returned to primetime!

Recaps by Agent Josh & Don Harpwood, GSNN

Host Regis Philbin
Creators David Briggs
Mike Whitehill
Steve Knight
EP Michael Davies
Paul Smith
Packager 2waytraffic & Valleycrest TV for ABC Studios
Origins ABC Television Center East, New York City
Airs 8p Sun thru Thurs, ABC
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Night 2
August 10

"For ten years, Gary Cousins has been trying to make it into that hot seat behind me. Last night he finally won his chance! Tonight, this family man from Flint, Michigan, who has spent career working in the American auto industry, is raring to go for the million as the Return of Millionaire in Primetime CONTINUES!"

And with those words, we welcome you to Night Two of Millionaire. After a recap of the two big money performances, we turn to Gary Cousins, who has tried the phone game and any other auditions for New York for 10 years. Gary claims he is living the dream right now. Gary brought his mom with him to be in the studio. We pick up with nine to go to the million. He's going for $2,000. He has two lifelines left. Phone a Friend and Ask the Expert. Tonight's expert, Chief Washington Correspondent for ABC News, GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS! Let's play Millionaire!

( $4000 ) My Other Half
What is Sarah Palin's husband's name?
A: Scott
B: Todd
C: Mike
D: Rick

Very quickly, Gary answers B. And wins $4,000!

( $8000 ) Seinfeld
On a memorable episode of "Seinfeld", Kramer constructs a miniature statue of Jerry from what type of pasta?
A: Fettuccine
B: Fusilli
C: Penne
D: Rigatoni

We have come across a poser! And instead of looking at a friend that might know...he turns to George Stephanopoulos. George's response? "Man, I wish you would've asked me about the Shmookie episode! Shmookie's my wife!" Ali Wentworth is his wife?!? Wow! But George is not the expert for "Seinfeld" outside of Shmookie. NOW he uses Phone-a-Friend. His clock stopped at 15 seconds. Gary chooses Jeff for his lifeline..... and just his luck....HE DOESN'T KNOW EITHER!!! He's burned up his lifelines, so Gary will walk away with $4000. The correct answer, by the way, was B. fusilli.

And we meet Night two's Contestants.....THEY ARE....

Fred Roberts - Nashville, TN
Michelle Riberio - New York, NY
Melissa Mayer - River Ridge, LA
John Zimcosky - Chicago, IL
Dan Green - New York, NY
Gabrielle McMahan - Springfield, VA
Karl Allis - Denver, CO
Ron Geltz - Torrance, CA
Bobbie Laguio - Liberty, NY
Jeff Birt - Louisville, KY

And for night two, here's the first Fastest Finger question...

Put these US holidays in the order they appear on the calendar, Starting in January.
A: Veterans Day
B: Groundhog Day
C: Flag Day
D: Earth Day

Correct answer is BDCA.

The winner is....Michelle Riberio! And boy is she shocked! As she approaches the hot seat, we go to break 1. Michelle Riberio, a writer and editor, now in the hot seat. She recently lost her job so the money will come in handy.

( $100 ) Ants Marching
Thief ants get their name because they often enter the nests of other ant species and do what?
A: Lay eggs
B: Steal food
C: Build tunnels
D: Sell subprime mortgages

Both Reeg and Michelle are cracking up. Can we get some leeway on the clock, please? She started the answer before the clock ran out (Regis Flub). It's B.

( $200) On the Farm
In the 1800s, which of these inventions was known to cattle ranchers as "Thorny Fence"?
A: Barbed wire
B: Silo
C: Tractor
D: Trough

She gets A right and on we go!

( $300 ) Eating Out
For many years, Denny's has featured a punny menu offering "Moons over My" what?
A: Steaky
B: Hammy
C: Shrimpy
D: Chicky

(Gotta love that breakfast menu) It's B and we go on.

( $500 ) Diaper Derby
In 2009, Nadya Suleman made headlines by giving birth to multiple babies, earning her what nickname?
A: Quintomom
B: Septomom
C: Octomom
D: Novomom

(All valid uses of the math terms) But the answer is C and she gets it!

( $1000 ) Get in Shapes
In geometry, which of these measurements applies only to circles and not triangles?
A: Circumference
B: Perimeter
C: Area
D: Hypotenuse

Answer is A, and quit your screaming, she's right for $1,000! We go back in time for a gent who misses on the first question as Robby Roseman misses the famous question about Hannibal's Animals. He took some heat coming back to the Chicago Mercantile, and the office was covered with elephant pictures to further rib him. Robby is now a pro poker player and is doing quite well for himself.

Back to Michelle, She's an editor for CosmoGirl! and she talks about her crush on Tommy Lee of Motley Crue. She got to interview him years later.

( $2000 ) Make-Believe
In the popular "Ice Age" movies, the acorn-obsessed character Scrat is what type of fictional beast?
A: Duck-billed guinea pig
B: Fire breathing gecko
C: Three-eyed platypus
D: Saber-toothed squirrel

She looks stumped...and she asks the audience....Let's see what they said.


(Again, I think they're trying to tell her something!)

She trusts the audience, who is almost always right, and gets it!

( $4000 ) What's Your Sign
Because Jesus' birthday is celebrated on Christmas Day, his astrological sign is what?
A: Aries
B: Leo
C: Capricorn
D: Gemini

She quickly answers Capricorn. I think horoscopes are in most girls magazines, soooo...this was a shoe in.

( $8000 ) - Twisted Tunes
A 2007 book about misheard music lyrics, "Hold Me Closer, Tony Danza" has a title that references a hit song by whom?
A: Billy Joel
B: Paul Simon
C: Elton John
D: Bruce Springsteen

(I'm yelling at the screen, yes but...) It looks like she's trying to sing the song. She's gonna phone a friend. She calls her friend Deborah. It's a long question and when she's finished, Deborah is 100% sure it's Elton John. And it's EJ. She's now up to $8000! Tonight, later on, The Diva, Vanessa Williams returns to the hotseat for another shot at winning for charity.

After the break, More chit-chat with Michelle, and her fear of pigeons. Oh well, don't go to Central Park! Let's play.

( $16,000 ) Federal Law
The influential 2002 legislation known as "McCain-Feingold" deals primarily with what issue?
A: Illegal immigration
B: Labor unions
C: Gun ownership
D: Campaign finance reform

She decides to (Pardon the Old Time Radio Reference) "Let George Do It". And it makes sense, give the political analyst handle this one. "Oh, I'm all over that one, Michelle! Go with D!" She goes with D, Final answer. She earns $16,000 and George is happy he was able to help!

( $25,000 ) Sweet Child O'Mine
Throughout her career in the kitchen, Julia Child often said the secret to long life is what?
A: Garlic and cognac
B: Red meat and gin
C: French fries and foie gras
D: Red wine and oysters

(I'll take any of those pairs any time!) She recaps the rules of Double-Dip in her head, and decides to quit, letting the clock run out. She has $16,000 to show for it! The answer, by the way, was B. I thought it odd, but you know what, That's Julia!

Nine contestants remain...

Put these popular web sites in the order they launched, starting with the earliest.
A: Hulu
B: Google
C: Facebook
D: eBay

Answer is DBCA

And the winner in 4.92 seconds, John Zimcosky! Heaven help us, we have an emotional one on our hands! Let's play Millionaire! C'mon!

( $100 ) Total Meltdown
Cash4Gold is a business that pays consumers primarily for their unwanted what?
A: Clothing
B: Jewelry
C: Cars
D: ABBA Records

(I wish they would pay for those ABBA records...I'd rather have the cash!) The answer is B, and we continue on!

( $200 ) Look It Up
In Roget's Thesaurus, what literary character's name is a synonym for the word "detective"?
A: Huckleberry Finn
B: Anna Karenina
C: Sherlock Holmes
D: Lolita

You better get this! He does! It's C.

( $300 ) What a Joke!
What is the punchline to the old joke that asks, "What did the nut say when it sneezed?"
A: Cashew!
B: Almond!
C: Pecan!
D: Walnut!

His favorite nuts have saved his skin! He answers A.

( $500 ) The Graduate
What famous world leader graduated from the University of Havana in 1950?
A: Nelson Mandela
B: Mikhail Gorbachev
C: Kim Jong-il
D: Fidel Castro!!!! He gets Castro right!

( $1000 ) The Dickens
Which of these Charles Dickens novels shares its title with a popular book about pregnancy and childbirth?
A: A Tale of Two Cities
B: David Copperfield
C: Great Expectations
D: Nicholas Nickleby

With a moments hesitation, he gets the $1000 on C! John Zimcosky from Chicago is in the financial advisory business. Her mom wanted to see The Famous Naked Cowboy. AND MOM LIKED HIM?!? Only in America!

( $2000 ) Diver Down
In standard scuba diving hand signals, a slashing gesture at the throat communicates what?
A: Stay at this depth
B: Where is the boat?
C: Follow me
D: I'm out of air

I never want to see this signal. It's D. And he gets it with ample time to spare

( $4000 ) Common Ground
Though they are very different, the movies "Spider Man" and "Breakfast at Tiffany's" both feature what movie cliche?
A: Weepy deathbed scene
B: Kiss in the rain
C: High speed car chase
D: Mustachioed bad guy

The answer is B...Never saw "Breakfast..." but I think knowing that that film is romantic oughta help. He looks relieved.

( $8000 ) Online Shopping
Fittingly, the online retailer Zappos adapted its name from "zapatos", the Spanish word for what?
A: Toys
B: Cookware
C: Flowers
D: Shoes

He says it's right up his alley, with the online shopping. He gets it right (Choice D) for 8 large.

( $16,000 ) Rock Writing
In 2007, Rolling Stone magazine wrote "Hip-hop was peanut butter; rock was chocolate" in reference to a 1986 remake of what song?
A: Sweet Home Alabama
B: Like a Virgin
C: Walk this Way
D: Thriller

I KNOW IT...but he doesn't know music, so he will ask the audience.


He trusts them and goes with C, and waves thanks the audience with a $16,000 wave.

( $25,000 ) Exotic Cuisine
Tagine, which refers to both a cone-shaped covered pot and to the food prepared in it, is traditional in the cuisine of which of these countries?
A: India
B: Turkey
C: Indonesia
D: Morocco

He's never heard of it, so he is going to ask the expert....Geez, George is being asked everything from Politics (Very nice) to Seinfeld (Jeebers!) George says that he knows it...."Do you want me to tell ya?" Says George. He thinks it's D. John got it! And now he's five away. This is when the contestant time is over, so they will go for more money tomorrow night! Next, Vanessa Williams will go for $50,000!!!

Nine years ago, Vanessa, preggers as she was, was a contestant on Millionaire. Now, Vanessa shills Ugly Betty for a bit, and she also promotes "The Young Performing Arts Project" and they need $50,000 for a trip for these underprivileged kids who want to be involved in the arts.

Let's play Millionaire!

No clock here....

Which of the following is not a high-end brand of baby stroller
A: Bugaboo
B: Schobly
C: Quinny
D: Stokke

It's been nine years since she used a pram, but she is going to ask the audience.



After a lot of hum-ing and haw-ing, and a lot of frantic looking faces...She goes against the audience and goes with B.


End of episode review: Reeg is getting better with the clock. We'll continue our look at millionaire tomorrow. From New York (and from my little corner of Cyberspace) GOOD NIGHT!

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