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24 people, $50,000.  Only thing that separates the two are pain, humiliation, and a bunch of ruthless obstacles.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host John Anderson & John Henson
Correspondent Jill Wagner
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Airs 8p Tues, ABC

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Episode 3.8 - Feed Jill
July 15

Another $50,000, another 24 players... another load of wipeouts.


Tonight, the Qualifier consists of...

- The Smackwall Sweeper: one wall smacks, two arms sweep.
- The Sucker Punch: one wall, multiple punching gloves, a world of hurt.
- The Big Balls: Launching Motivator is back in full force.
- The Organ Grinder: crazy pistons
- The Trouble Us: Two swinging Ws.

First up, Heather Durando is on deck, slipping down the stairs... and getting knocked down by the Smackwall. Twice. And then gets suckerpunched... and motivated... And loses her pants. And gets played by the Organ Grinder. And XYZ'd by the Trouble Us for a time of 11:02.

Krista Weismar is "the Toothless Teacher", as she demonstrates by taking a tooth out. Yeowch. She becomes the teethless teacher quickly. Tasha Rice is a fitness freak. Or she's a freak who's into fitness. Montage! I demand a montage!

Next up is "The Dude"... Andreas Neumann looks like the guy from "The Big Lebowski", but his teeth comes out. And the Smackwall dost abide. Susan Lyons is a hairstylist who gets in trouble... Us.

(C-Note: Jill says "Quesa-dill-a." Expected from a State graduate).

Now that everyone's gotten lunch... or not... Randy Wiggs, who's bald, stocks cans all night. He gets jarred by the Smackwall and the Sucker Punch. Andrea Brache is a ballerina, but can she translate the style and grace into the Smackwall? Short answer... no. She goes into the Grinder... grounded. Sean Foster wants to move (away from his kids). He's the "W"orld's Greatest Dad... and the Trouble-Us ask him "W"ho's your daddy?" Caroline Lee swam from Alcatraz four times... and goes for another swim today. But with a time of 4:11, she's breaking into round 1.

Josh Parker is a Bigfoot hunter. His goal in life: to prove that Bigfoot exists. Karalyn Sharamitaro wants to be the smallest person to win Wipeout. She's the smallest on the course today at all of 5'1". Shorty goes all the way across the Organ Grinder, but gets troubled by the Trouble-Us. But with a time of 4:02, she can afford the pain.

Back to Josh... Time of 4:20. He's through.

Josh "Bigfoot Hunter" Parker
Krista "Toothless Teacher" Weismar
Tasha "Fitness Freak" Rice
Andreas "The Dude" Neumann
Holly Milstead
Randy "Can Man" Wiggs
Scott Jones
Lauren Hallyburton
Andrea "Ballet" Brache
Sean "World's Greatest Dad" Foster
Caroline "Jailbreaker" Lee
Karalyn "Inchworm" Sharamitaro


It's a giant steering wheel with sweepers and windshield wipers. Contestants start on the green pad, maneuvering through the sweepers onto the red pad, then landing on the red platform via one of three obstacles. If they get knocked off, they go to the start and try again. The first six will move on.

We have a premature start... and a real start. Everyone rushes on... and gets knocked off. Caroline makes a  break for freedom... and is denied.

Bigfoot Hunter Josh is the first on the banana to make it to the next stage. Second on the banana... and off, Andrea. Third is Caroline... and she's the birdwoman of Alcatraz. Followed by the Dude... the Dude Abides! Next up is Can Man Randy, Inchworm Karalyn, and ... the world's greatest dad with the world's greatest bounce.

Josh "Bigfoot Hunter" Parker
Andreas "The Dude" Neumann
Randy "Can Man" Wiggs
Caroline "Jailbreaker" Lee
Sean "World's Greatest Dad" Foster
Karalyn "Inchworm" Sharamitaro

But we have a substitution on the field as Randy Wiggs removes himself from further play. We go to the randomizer to see who gets his spot in the Third Stage... and it's... Andrea Brache.


Now, there are four bases. We start at the Dizzy Dummy, then round to the Mound while avoiding the business end of the bat. Next, down the Bouncing Baseline to second base. Turntables to third, then a jump into the tank to go all the way. Two innings. Winners of each inning go to the Wipeout Zone!

Ballet Brache is taking full advantage of her second chance. But Inchworm is the first to second... and third... and she's safe at home! Meanwhile, Sean is in a state of suspended dad-imation. He snaps out of it to get to the Zone.

Second inning. Andrea is making a move to second, but the bats beat her to the bag. Caroline... far luckier. She's safe at third. 90 feet from celebrating... and she's going to the Zone. Who'll follow her? It's the hunter... It's the Dude... it's the dancer... It's.... the DUDE! The Dude abides!

Andreas "The Dude" Neumann
Sean "World's Greatest Dad" Foster
Karalyn "Inchworm" Sharamitaro
Caroline "Jailbreaker" Lee


Rebuilt from the ground up is the world's most dangerous obstacle course... the Wipeout Zone! Tonight... 

- The Catapult
- The Spin Cycle: A vertical foam filled drum that they'll have to navigate to get to...
- The Triple Threat: Two big sweepers... then one small one... lather, rinse, repeat.
- The Rib Rage: run as far as you can as fast as you can to get to ...
- The Gauntlet: spiked whackers and arms & dangerous separate one person from $50,000. Fastest wins.

First up is the Dude, Andreas Neumann. He's hoping his chill demeanor gets him through the zone. Feet first, body forward. Great entry. First jump out of the Spin Cycle... and he's all wet. Second... and he pulls himself up! Then the five sweeper arms of the Triple Threat. As for the Rib Rage, and Andreas has a heck of a swim. Mind games backfires on the Spiked Whackers. The Dude clocks in at 13:10.

Next up, Caroline Lee, who escaped the Qualifier with 4 minutes and hopes to rock it in the Wipeout Zone. Back first landing. Not good. Caroline's one-and-done on the Spin Cycle and the Triple Threat. She tries to finesse the Spiked Whackers... can't. She clocks in at ... 9:24!

Can Sean Foster beat that? He takes five minutes at the Spin Cycle, and he's not even done yet. And he is absolutely winded... And he's done after that last landing fails to stick.

So it's all on Karalyn Sharamitaro, who's been a favorite to take the game after stellar performances on the Qualifier and on Bruiseball. She sprints across the bottom of the Spin Cycle... and a huge shot to her small frame. Going for a ride next.. and doesn't happen. Third time is the charm. Two minutes to run the Rib Rage and the Gauntlet. She has 30 to take on the Whackers and the Arms... and it doesn't happen. CAROLINE LEE SWIMS HER WAY TO $50,000!

Back on Tuesdays only next week. Until then, goodnight... and Big Balls.

To view this episode in its entirety or to apply to be a contestant on "Wipeout", go to abc.com/wipeout