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24 people, $50,000.  Only thing that separates the two are pain, humiliation, and a bunch of ruthless obstacles.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host John Anderson & John Henson
Correspondent Jill Wagner
Creators/EP Matt Kunitz & Scott Larsen
Packager Pulse:creative & Endemol USA
Origins Santa Clarita, CA
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Airs 8p Tues, ABC

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Episode 3.4 - World Cup
June 29

"Wait, are those soccerballs?" Yep, and in this World Cup themed episode, we have 24 ballers who are looking to score the $50,000 GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!


Tonight, the Qualifier consists of...

- White Water Rafting aboard a dangerous dinghy.
- The Sucker Punch: one wall, multiple punching gloves, a world of hurt.
- The Big Soccer Balls: Hydraulic Motivator set to kick you around. Consider yourself lucky.
- The Trampoline Sweeper: Jump and dodge, jump and dodge.
- The Fling Set: Watch the arms as you make your way to the exit.

First up, an animal by the name of Alan Mahoney. He fell... in his interview with Jill. The Manimal gets abused in the Sucker Punch and buries himself in the Trampoline Sweeper. The Manimal is attracting all the animals en route to a final time of 3:38.

From a Manimal to a Renaissance man, Patrick Bailey, who can bend his feet behind his head. Very apropos, as he gets his tally hoed. He almost makes his way past the Soccer Balls... but no hands are allowed. Aww. He gets a time of 3:12.

Back to the course with Isaac Garcia and the Motivator... and he's not the only one. Jennika Farley becomes the flying squirrel as she gets flung by the Tramp Sweeper. 2:41, her time. James Runcorn can wiggle his ears, but he can't wiggle his way past the Moitvator. Can he overcome the Fling Set? The answer after the break... And after the break, he clocks in at 3:05. The answer... no.

Jill Facer just had a baby. This should be a world easier. She crowns at the Tramp Sweeper and assumes the fetal position at the finish with 2:52. Gary Travis, a mortician, gets buried at the Soccer Balls. Pizza man Rick Collinwood gets delivered by the Fling Set. How about police woman Nina Abalos? Woman down with a time of 3:43.

Last up is Kim Utterson, who works on a top secret government project that she can't tell anyone about that. Secret Agent Utterson looks utterly spent by the time she gets to the Tramp Sweeper. She is exposed by the Fling Set, but with a time of 3:24, she'll move on to the next mission.

Kim "Secret Agent" Utterson
Alan "Manimal" Mahoney
Paulina "Not the Pop Singer" Rubio
Lauri "Loser" O'Connor
Patrick "Renaissance Man" Bailey
Jennika "Flying Squirrel" Farley
James "The Wiggler" Runcorn
Jill "New Mom" Facer
Gary "Mortician" Travis
Rick "Pizza Man" Collinwood
Kelly "Whatever" Gonzales
Nina "Police Woman" Abalos

Look at that, references to three cheesy 70's series.


It's a giant steering wheel with sweepers and windshield wipers. Contestants start on the green pad, maneuvering through the sweepers onto the red pad, then landing on the red platform via one of three obstacles. If they get knocked off, they go to the start and try again. The first six will move on.

First up, Patrick... and he exits stage wet. Wiggler wigs out. Jill breaks her water... And it starts raining rainbows. Pizza Man and Secret Agent get to the middle, but only Rick would hit the first spot in the next round. We have a five contestant pile-up in the middle... but Patrick will advance. Kim... is under clearance. The Manimal is presenting... and gets neutered. James the Wiggler is #3. Secret Agent Kim is #4. Alan the Manimal is #5. One remaining. New Mom Jill is tired of being a stay-at-home mom... She's in!

Kim "Secret Agent" Utterson
Alan "Manimal" Mahoney
Patrick "Renaissance Man" Bailey
James "The Wiggler" Runcorn
Jill "New Mom" Facer
Rick "Pizza Man" Collinwood


Four stages on this course...

- The Tree Hopper
- The Planks
- The Rug Pull
- The Tree Trunks

All the while, they'll have to dodge a ring sweeper AND a monkey throwing bananas AND a tiger claw AND a rather angry jungle guide. Four fastest are Zone Bound.

James: 4:07.22
Patrick: 2:16.39
Kim: 8:39.48
Rick: 5:04.70
Alan: 5:50.69

So Kim is demoted to desk jockey, while Rick and Alan are on the buzzer.

Jill: 3:45.66 - MOVING ON!

Patrick "Renaissance Man" Bailey
James "The Wiggler" Runcorn
Jill "New Mom" Facer
Rick "Pizza Man" Collinwood


Time to get serious...

Rebuilt from the ground up is the world's most dangerous obstacle course... the Wipeout Zone! Tonight...

- The Catapult
- The Spin Cycle: A vertical foam filled drum that they'll have to navigate to get to...
- The Triple Threat: Two big sweepers... then one small one... lather, rinse, repeat.
- The Rib Rage: run as far as you can as fast as you can to get to ...
- The Gauntlet: spiked whackers and arms & dangerous separate one person from $5,000. Fastest wins.

First up, Rick "The Pizza Man" Collinwood. SPECIAL DELIVERY into the Wipeout Zone. He gets spun out by the Spin Cycle on the first try. And the second... Third try is a charm. Not a bad run on the Rib Rage. On his third go, he's through the spiked whackers. Once on the arms & dangerous. Final time: 15:47.

Next is the Wiggler, James Runcorn. He thinks it's going to hurt. Yeah. He makes a hero's entrance into the Wipeout Zone. ONCE through the Spin Cycle... and three times through the Triple Threat. Takes him twice to get to the Arms & Dangerous... And he's blinded by the foam... HE GOT IT! It's 14:21, the mark to beat.

Patrick Bailey is on deck. Nice entry onto the stage. He wipes out on the Spin Cycle. Once more unto the breach. And again. Third time is the charm, but at 10 minutes, he's just entering the Rib Rage. He takes it on the face, but he gets further across. Spikes... nail him good. He has 30 seconds to cross the arms & dangerous... Doesn't happen. TIME OUT.

Last up, Jill Facer, who's doing this for a three-month old at home. Great launch into the Zone, great footing out of the Spin Cycle. Triple Threat nails her, but she's back on the course. Five minutes, and she's into the Rib Rage, swimming into the Gauntlet. She has a good six minutes to get the money. She may need every second. She's past it! She wins with a time of 11:04! JILL FACER, TONIGHT'S WIPEOUT CHAMPION!

In 47 hours, 24 more players... more obstacles... and more wipeouts. Until then, good night... and Big Soccer Balls. Don't you love corporate synergy?

To view this episode in its entirety or to apply to be a contestant on "Wipeout", go to abc.com/wipeout