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June 1

24 people, $50,000.  Only thing that separates the two are pain, humiliation, and a bunch of ruthless obstacles.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host John Anderson & John Henson
Correspondent Jill Wagner
Creators/EP Matt Kunitz & Scott Larsen
Packager Pulse:creative & Endemol USA
Origins Santa Clarita, CA
Web abc.com/wipeout
Airs 8p Tues, ABC

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Episode 3.2 - Welcome Back America!
June 22

"Red balls right nooooooooooooooooooooooow!" We got your red balls, lady... RIGHT HERE! Twenty-four men and women have come to the course to officially kick off season 3 of no-holds-barred obstacle course action. Who's going to win the 50K and who's going to... wipeout?


Tonight, the Qualifier consists of...

- The Fence Flappers: It's a fence... and it flaps.
- The Sucker Punch: one wall, multiple punching gloves, a world of hurt.
- The Big Balls: with week, with classic Motivator action.
- The Foam-Covered Shake-o-Lator: A crazy-moving foamy platform with balls and poles
- The Shape-Shifter: trampoline yourself through one of the three holes in the wheel spinnie of doom!

Aubrey Seibert, who is on fire for the Jesus, is first on the course. She gets baptized by the mud pits in the Fence Flappers... TWICE. Next, she gets touched by the hands of the Sucker Punch before getting baptized by the Big Balls and the Shake-o-Lator. She gets a whole face full of Shape Shifter before clocking in at 5:12.

Eddie Moton Jr. is a cartoonist who created Jordan Baker, AKA the Dragon. He's a fierce dragon. And the Fence Flapper turns him into a dragon fly. He's still looking glamorous, but his fire is put out.

Edison Romeo has to jump on the Shape Shifter... He's thinking... he's taking some time... He's... in the drink.

Cheesehead Jacqueline Deckleman loses her cheese... as does everyone who faces the Fence Flappers.

LeighAnne Thomsen, a farmer whose favorite fruit is spinach, gets planted by the Sucker Punch and the Shape Shifter (3:17).

Next up, Andrew Sherman, a themepark cowboy. He goes fence painting... and the Fence paints back. He rides... a unicycle. How will he fare against ours? (2:48) ... Not bad.

Next up, Peet Montzingo, who's doing ... something... for Zac Efron. He's a big fan of "High School Musical". "Smack Efron" gets smacked, but... he makes it past the Big Balls! Shake-o-Lator... not so much. (3:14).

Jonelle Tierney takes on the Fence Flappers... trying to crawl her way past those... Nope. She's a vegetarian who eats fish and chicken... and she wants to abolish animal cruelty. Jonelle cruelty... still good.

Karrie Carlton is a ballet dancer on her way with a pas de deux with the Shape Shifter.

Babyfaced lawyer Patrick Earnest turned into smack-faced Patrick Earnest at the Sucker Punch and the Shape Shifter.

Finally, we have Burton Hendrickson of Local 250. He's an AC repairman who wants to laser his ex-girlfriend of his butt. And he shows Jill the girl... (PLEASE STAND BY). And he shows us how to ride the Shapeshifter... BOOM! (3:29) Nails the landing for the pass-through.

Eddie "Fierce Dragon" Moton Jr.
Sylvia Tsai
LeighAnne "Fruit Farmer" Thomsen
Debbie Lucas
Andrew "The Cowboy" Sherman
Beth Kolarik
Peet "Smack Efron" Montzingo
Jonelle Tierney
Janie Wilner
Karrie Carlton
Patrick "Barely Legal Lawyer" Earnest
Burton "Local 250" Hendrickson


On a ten-foot high platform, the players must negotiate their way through a platform cross while avoiding the Sweeper arms. There are three green planks to enter, one red one to exit. First six to pass through the Unstable Table on the other side move on to the next stage.

Andrew's first to go to the Double Cross... and the first to make it to the next round! Peet's the first to... get smacked. Karrie wants to get to the table... but the Double Cross says no. Eddie has been holding onto the plank for a good long time. Burton looked like he could make it, but... Unstable Table is unstable.

Oh, did we mention there's a foam geyser?

Burton grabs the second spot. Animal cruelty activist Jonelle gets Rochambeaued... and LeighAnne's down the middle to the end.

Three up, three down. Eddie has to hang on for a bit... and he's through. Smack Efron is covered in foam, but he's in to the next round as well. One more contestant... and it's Patrick!

Eddie "Fierce Dragon" Moton Jr.
LeighAnne "Fruit Farmer" Thomsen
Andrew "The Cowboy" Sherman
Peet "Smack Efron" Montzingo
Patrick "Barely Legal Lawyer" Earnest
Burton "Local 250" Hendrickson


Now, there are four bases. We start at the Dizzy Dummy, then round to the Mound while avoiding the business end of the bat. Next, down the Bouncing Baseline to second base. Slidewalk to third, then a slide into the tank to go all the way. Winners of each inning go to the Wipeout Zone!

Smack Efron's the first to First, but his traverse to second is a little bit stymied. He's safe with Union Man and Fierce Dragon... and the crowd is loving this. Peet gets to third, Eddie's following him... They're BOTH safe at home.

Second Inning... Burton and Patrick are the first on first again. Both are running side saddle. Burton recovers and gets to second. And third... And Leighanne gets smacked by the Bat Sweeper... REPEATEDLY! But Burton... is through to the Zone! Joining him.. .the Cowboy.

Eddie "Fierce Dragon" Moton Jr.
Andrew "The Cowboy" Sherman
Peet "Smack Efron" Montzingo
Burton "Local 250" Hendrickson


Rebuilt from the ground up is the world's most dangerous obstacle course... the Wipeout Zone! Tonight...

- The Dreadmill Launch
- The Gut Buster: A half-dozen of hydraulic blocks.
- The Sinistairs: three sweepers as you climb a spinning spiral staircase
- The Gauntlet: this week, it's the Crankshaft, the Blades of Fury, and the Beater-Totter.

First up, Peet Montzingo. He... has to pee. First up, he gets to the Gut Buster when he discovers that he's being shot at by paint. And more paint at the Sinistairs. Finally, the Gauntlet... He masters the Crankshaft, but not the Blades of Fury, so he's going to have to start the Gauntlet over. He masters the Blades second time out. But the Beater-Totter slams him back into the water. Peet is an absolute mess as he clocks in a time of 7:36.

Burton Hendrickson is next. He kung-fu jumps off of the Dreadmill Launch, and Burton is using the paint to his advantage... but he wipes out on the Gut Buster. Backwards discount on take 2, but he's got a lot of ground to make up. He makes it past the Sinistairs, now to the Gauntlet... One more wipeout will end it... and he's done. (TIME OUT)

Next up, Andrew Sherman. He wrangles right out of the gate, and he doesn't let up with a time of 3:46 with only ONE Wipeout!

That's going to be a tough time for Eddie Moton Jr. to beat. He's got 30 seconds off Andrew's pace at the Sinistairs. He's going to have to go for it... but he gets a hard shot at the Sinistairs. He needs to be flawless throughout the zone. He has 40 seconds to cross the Gauntlet... 20 seconds.... but one wipeout will do it for him. Congrats to ANDREW SHERMAN, tonight's $50,000 Wipeout Champion!

Would you believe that we have another show for you on Thursday? Crazy, ain't it? Until then, goodnight... and Big Balls.

To view this episode in its entirety or to apply to be a contestant on "Wipeout", go to abc.com/wipeout