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24 people, $50,000.  Only thing that separates the two are pain, humiliation, and a bunch of ruthless obstacles.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host John Anderson & John Henson
Correspondent Jill Wagner
Creators/EP Matt Kunitz & Scott Larsen
Packager Pulse:creative & Endemol USA
Origins Santa Clarita, CA
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Airs 8p Tues, ABC

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Episode 3.3 - Anderson Can't Dance
June 24

Because you've been a good crowd of game show fan folk, ABC is serving up a double dose of Big Balls, crazy sweepers, and wipeouts! So get ready...


Tonight, the Qualifier consists of...

- The Door Knock. One of those doors has something behind them that is not too pleasing. The other two... probably do as well.
- The Sucker Punch: one wall, multiple punching gloves, a world of hurt.
- The Hydraulic Big Balls: Motivator is in full force, but this week, the Balls are a little jumpy.
- The Shake-o-Lator: A crazy-moving platform with balls and poles
- The Shape-Shifter: zipline yourself through one of the three holes in the wheel spinnie of doom!

Megan Smith is first. Her strategy is to look overweight, but to run like a skinny person. She has the part one down, but the part two doesn't get a chance to execute, as Megan falls more than she runs. She finishes half of the Shapeshifter for a time of 10:22.

Debbie Markham is next. She loves sugar. Okay, she's diabetes waiting to happen. She gets sugar smacked. Wayne Collins rules as "Papa Dog" on his Shake-o-Lator. Young puppies drool. Bus driver Jennifer Wilker takes a trip to the Big Balls... literally. Then she gets MOTIVATED! And shake-o-lated. Dr. Jeff Bueno gets door knocked. Samoan Isaia Ofoia... gets door knocked and sucker-punched. He clocks in at 4:25.

Starting the second half with opera singer Amanda Raddatz. Act 1... Tragedy strikes. Act 2... Turned into a soprano. Act 3... catching some serious aria. And the fat lady sings with a time of 4 minutes flat.

Rene Thorn gets a no-bid contract to construct a time of ... well, we don't know. Monica Mora is a ball buster. The Big Balls... bust back. Tucker Carney is a stay-at-home dad. But Mommie Dearest gets shaken AND stirred. Sam Bell from LA has some falling pants. And he's another bus driver.

Last up is Jason Richard. He's got "The Rich Factor". The Rich Factor is going to get it done... And the Shake-o-Lator claims its final victim. The Rich Factor gets it done in the fastest time today of 3:14.

Jason "Rich Factor" Richard
Wayne "Papa Dog" Collins
Vicky "First to Lose Stage 2" Chan
Isaia "Samoan Warrior" Ofoia
Debbie "Sugar Mama" Markham
Rene "Construction Worker" Thorn
Tucker "Mommie Dearest" Carney
Monica "Ball Buster" Mora
Megan "WHO?!" Walsh
Amanda "Opera Singer" Raddatz
Meaghan "No, Seriously... WHO?!" Wadell
Jeff "Doctor Dentist" Bueno


On a ten-foot high platform, the players must negotiate their way through a platform cross while avoiding the Sweeper arms. There are three green planks to enter, one red one to exit. First six to pass through the Unstable Table on the other side move on to the next stage.

First up, Dr. Bueno... and first down as well. EVERYONE seems to be getting wiped out. In fact, Monica gets wiped out by BOTH arms. Jason gets the first touch of the red plank. And then... wiped out. No such suck for Isaia, who's the first to the next round. Second time's ... NOT the charm for the Rich Factor. Sugar Mama gets the second spot. The Doctor is also in... as is Wayne Papa Dog... as is the Rich Factor (jumping over Vicky Chan). And... Double Crossing Mother of...

Oh, did we mention there's a foam geyser?

Burton grabs the second spot. Animal cruelty activist Jonelle gets Rochambeaued... and LeighAnne's down the middle to the end.

Three up, three down. Eddie has to hang on for a bit... and he's through. Smack Efron is covered in foam, but he's in to the next round as well. One more contestant... and it's Patrick!

Jason "Rich Factor" Richard
Wayne "Papa Dog" Collins
Isaia "Samoan Warrior" Ofoia
Debbie "Sugar Mama" Markham
Tucker "Mommie Dearest" Carney
Jeff "Doctor Dentist" Bueno


Contestants will have to stay on the Spinner for as long as possible, all the while having to jump over a Sweeper bar. Go under it.. .they're out. There are four heats in total, and the winner of each goes on to the Wipeout Zone. Also, there's $1000 hanging to the side if someone dares to grab the Brass Ring.

And why do they call this one Unclaimed Baggage? Because Henson and the boys are going to be tossing JUST THAT at the players.

Rich was the first to go under the bar, so Dr. Bueno will sink his feet into the Wipeout Zone!

Second Heat... and the Wipeout Zone is still sugar free as Jason joins Jeff in the Wipeout Zone.

Tucker goes for the Brass Ring... but gets spun round and out. Sugar Mama is going into the final round?

Final heat.. Isaia gets UNDER the arm. He's out. And so... is... Papa Dog. Tucker is in like Flynn.

Jason "Rich Factor" Richard
Debbie "Sugar Mama" Markham
Tucker "Mommie Dearest" Carney
Jeff "Doctor Dentist" Bueno


Time to get serious...

Rebuilt from the ground up is the world's most dangerous obstacle course... the Wipeout Zone! Tonight...

- The Battlestar Dreadmill Launch
- The Gut Buster: A half-dozen of 16-feet hydraulic blocks... in orbit.
- The Rocketship Sinistairs: three sweepers as you climb a spinning spiral staircase
- The Gauntlet: this week, it's the Crankshaft, the Blades of Fury, and the Space Bridge Beater-Totter.

First up, Dr. Jeff Bueno, who was drilled, cleaned, and capped today. He doesn't get much air on the launch. He makes it past the Gut Buster in one pass, but has an issue with the Sinistairs. Third trip up... and he's got it. He gets beaten by the Beater-Totter, so he's going back to the Gauntlet. He finally clocks in a time of 7:27.

Will Tucker Carney beat that time? He's well-behind that pace set by Dr. Jeff. Onto the Sinistairs... and off the Sinistairs. Second try... and done. Third try... DONE. (TIME OUT).

Debbie Markham is next. Hope she's loaded with sugar, because she's going to have to fly through this course. She crosses the Gut Buster in 15 seconds! Wow! But a second Sweeper gives up a hard shot in the Sinistairs. But she holds on for another try. She's got a lot of time left for the Gauntlet. She gets wiped out by the Blades of Fury. Not so for the second time. She has more than a minute to take on the Beater-Totter... NAILED IT! Time: 6:16.

Now it's up to the Rich Factor, Jason Richard. He takes an immediate slip to the Gut Buster. That puts him in a little bit of a hole. He makes up some time, but can he make it count? Jason is getting absolutely hammered by the surroundings, and he may just have taken a $50,000 bath. Still has a minute to take on the Gauntlet... but the Crankshaft does him in. Congrats to DEBBIE MARKHAM, tonight's $50,000 Wipeout Champion!

Two more shows next week. Join us then. Until then, goodnight... and Big Balls.

To view this episode in its entirety or to apply to be a contestant on "Wipeout", go to abc.com/wipeout