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Every season, every champion. It all adds up to 145 players on a quest for $2 million.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN


Host: Alex Trebek
Clue Crew: Cheryl Farrell, Jimmy McGuire, Sarah Whitcomb
Announcer: Johnny Gilbert
Creator: Merv Griffin
EP: Harry Friedman
Packager: Jeopardy Productions for Sony Pictures Television
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"Quarterfinals: Chernicoff/Rutter/Rooney" - May 9

In round one, 45 players won their games. They joined nine seeded players of which two moved on with sixteen others. Now they face each other in six more games, as they move closer and closer to the two semifinal matches and a dream quiz date with Jeopardy!'s reigning king of quiz, Ken Jennings for a three-day final. The winner of those games wins $2 million. Second place is guaranteed $500,000, while third place is guaranteed $250,000.

No wild cards, no second chances. It's (my favorite words when it comes to Jeopardy! tourneys) win or go home.

Technical writer
Berkeley, CA
Won $42,802
TV quiz show host
Lancaster, PA
Won $35,000
College professor
Pasadena, CA
Won $55,201

Jeopardy! categories: the Bible Belt, Barbra Streisand Movies, Cockney Rhyming Slang, Reality Shows of the Past, Education, Let's Finnish This

Daily Double: $800 Barbra Streisand Movies. Michael ($1400 to Brad's $1600 and Steve's $1000) bets all of it. The clue: 1991: Barbra counsels a troubled man with a mysterious family secret. Michael's guess: "What is 'The Prince of Tides'?" Correct for $2800 and the lead.

End of Round:
Steve - $6000
Brad - $3600 (producer augmented going out of break)
Michael - $6000

Some special clues this week as J! helps CNN celebrate its 25th anniversary.

Double Jeopardy! categories: CNN25 National News, Musical Numbers, The Elements, Pop Culture, European Art, "M" Placements.

Daily Double #1: $1200 Pop Culture. Brad ($5600 to Steve's $7600 and Michael's $6000) fronts $5000. Clue: this bestselling mystery writer's father, CW, used consecutive lines of a nursery rhyme for his titles. Brad's guess: "Who is Post?" Correct response: Who is Sue Drafton? Brad has his work cut out for him at $600.

Video Daily Double #2: $2000 European Art. Brad ($3000 to Steve's $8800 and Michael's $4400) only goes for $1000. Clue: this Flemish artist created a 15th Century portrait that's spoofed in the opening of TV's "Desperate Housewives". Brad's guess: "Who is Vermeer?" Correct response: Who is Jan van Eyck? Brad drops to $2000.

End of Round:
Steve - $12,400
Brad - $5600
Michael - $9200

In round 3, the winner is guaranteed $30,000, while non-winners receive $15,000 each. So basically in this game, the winner will get that $30K.

Final Jeopardy! Category: People & Places. Answer: this Mediterranean island shares its name with President Garfield's nickname for his wife. Correct response: What is Crete?

Brad's question: What is Malta Crete? (RIGHT) Wager: $800. Final score: $6400.
Michael's question: What is Malta? (WRONG) Wager: $3599. Final score: $5601.
Steve's question: What is Rhodes? (WRONG) Wager: $6001. Final score: $6399.

Looks like Steve got a little greedy, as Brad backs into a semifinal slot with another $30,000, giving him $65,000 so far. "I can't believe it!"

The quarterfinals continue tomorrow.

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