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Every season, every champion. It all adds up to 145 players on a quest for $2 million.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN


Host: Alex Trebek
Clue Crew: Cheryl Farrell, Jimmy McGuire, Sarah Whitcomb
Announcer: Johnny Gilbert
Creator: Merv Griffin
EP: Harry Friedman
Packager: Jeopardy Productions for Sony Pictures Television
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"Round 2: Verini/Carithers/Cuthbertson" - May 3

In round one, 45 players won their games. Now they join nine seeded opponents in Jeopardy! lore for 18 more game. The 18 winners then face off for six slots. The two winners of those semifinal games have a date with destiny in the form of one Ken Jennings for a three-day final. The winner of those games wins $2 million. Second place is guaranteed $500,000, while third place is guaranteed $250,000.

No wild cards, no second chances. It's (my favorite words when it comes to Jeopardy! tourneys) win or go home.

Another former Jeopardy! great tries to one-up two round 1 survivors today...

Director of academics for a national test preparation company
Los Angeles
1990, 2002
Won Super Jeopardy!; MDM runner up: $15,000
New York City
Won $31,300 (2/25)
Investment analyst
San Diego
Won $15,000 (3/25)

Jeopardy! categories: My Fantasy Football Team, Politicking, Terre Haute Cuisine, May, the Jimmy, the "Meth"od.

Daily Double: $1000 The Jimmy. Bob ($2200 to Tad's $4800 and John's $200) makes it true. The clue: in 1922 he was the first pilot to cross the US in under 24 hours. Bob's guess: "Who is Jimmy... Corrigan?" "Wrong way, Corrigan." Correct response: Who is Jimmy Doolittle? Bob loses everything, and history begins to repeat itself.

End of Round:
Bob - $600
Tad - $9600
John - $2600

Double Jeopardy! categories: My Fantasy Writer Team, Thespian-"O", That Island is Ours!, Microsoft, Music Appreciation, Let's Learn Scottish Gaelic

Daily Double #1: $1200 Music Appreciation. John ($4600 to Tad's $11,200 and Bob's -$600) wants to make it true... but not that brave. It's only worth $3600. Clue: one movement of this famous set of symphonic sketches is called "Jeux de Vagues" ("The Play of the Waves"). John's guess: "What is 'La Mer'?" Correct for $8200.

Daily Double #2: last clue, $2000 That Island is Ours! John ($15,400 over Tad's $14,400 and Bob's $3000; both will end with these scores) wagers $900. Clue: Bonaire. John's guess: "What is Canada?" Correct response: What are the Netherlands? John drops to $14,500, but still has the lead. It would take nothing short of two acts of sheer bravado for Bob to come back to win this. The winner is guaranteed $20,000 at least, while the runners-up will get $10,000 each.

Final Jeopardy! Category: Words from Mythology. Answer: it refers to a mythical bird that calmed waves, or to past happy "days"; spelled differently, it's a sleeping pill. Correct response: What is Halcyon?

Bob's question: What is ? (WRONG) Wager: $0. Final score: $3000.
Tad's question: What is Sylvan? (WRONG) Wager: $500. Final score: $13,900.
John's question: What is Halcyon? (RIGHT) Wager: $8400. Final score: $22,900.

Well, Bob blew the first Daily Double, and it was all mud from there, as John Cuthbertson takes $22,900, a two-game total of $37,900. He joins Dan Melia, Steve Chernicoff, Michael Rooney, Michael Daunt, Shane Whitlock, Brian Moore, Jerome Vered, Robert Slaven, Matt Zielenski, Chris Miller, Lan Djang, Brad Rutter, Grace Veach, and Pam Mueller in the quarterfinal.

NOW we have three more spots left with only two of the seeded nine left. See you tomorrow!

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