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Fox is staging the ultimate dance battle with $100,000 on the line. Who'll get served, and who'll be the last dancer standing?

Recaps by Pierre Kelly, GSNN

Lauren Sanchez
Judges: Brian Friedman, Mia Michels, Nigel Lythgoe, Dan Karaty
Announcer: Mark Thompson
Creators: Simon Fuller, Nigel Lythgoe
EP: Simon Fuller, Allen Shapiro, Nigel Lythgoe
Packager: 19 Entertainment, dick clark productions
Wednesdays at 8pm ET on Fox

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"The Round of 6 (or 'Sing a Song of Sixpence...With a Side of Fries and a Coke')" - September 21

So You Think You Can Dance gets closer with only 1 week left. This week, all 6 dancers will battle it out for 4 open slots in next week's grand fnale show. Last week, Destini & Ryan were gone and there are still 8 dancers. Which 2 did the public cut? Only Lauren Sanchez knows.

We start off with the girls. Ashle & Melissa go up for survival. Melissa got her engines started with Hip-Hop, then did a Paso Doble, and ended with her own solo, while Ashle did some fox-trotting and some cha cha cha with Artem and did a african jazz solo. Whose dancng engine was just blown? It was...Melissa Vella! Brian had a message about Melissa's journey. Before she heads out, we get a tribute video on her. The guys now take the stage. Jamile & Artem go for staying here. Jamile was in the driver's seat playing crew chief to hip-hop and bullfighter in the paso doble, ending it with a spacey solo, while Artem picked up the speed with a foxtrot, a cha-cha, and a salsa solo. Who's dancing ran out of gas? It was...Artem Chignetsev! Mia gave some emotional words to him and cried...awww...and we get another tribute video....awww....and that ends the segment of our show. But let's pit now to a fashion school where students dance to "Freeze Frame" complete with mannequins. (Maybe one day next week, it can either be lab technicians, auto shop workers, or clowns who think they can dance.) But you never know which clothing the dancers get from the dressing room as we start the couples round.

Each couple dance twice as you know, and we start off with Kamilah who gets...Jamile, who gets...hip-hop. It's all about Jamile as her partners with Kamilah dancing to Toma by Pitbull. They both did some pumps, but Kamilah got down on all fours and did a head spin. Both did some leg kicks, but Kamilah took off her jacket while Jamile did a squirm and ended the song with both lying flat. Will their hip-hop be flat as a pancake? Mia said Kamilah is an amazing faker, but Jamile is still here and overall, it was good hip-hop. Nigel said they laid down the gauntlet for other 4 dancers and set the routine and would love to have President Bush do krumping...okay...Mary said they're the King & Queen of hip-hop and Dan said it wasn't exactly good, but the energy was unbelievable. So, they start the round big with hip-hop thanks to Brian Friedman who is in the audience. Now, let's go to our next couple.

Ashle is about to get Blake as a partner and he gets...the smooth waltz. Trust me, they don't want any bumpy moves on this one. Ashle did her own flip over in the opening seconds, but both did their own parter switch around the floor. Ashle did her own ballet spin there and both did a dip to end the song. Were there any bumps in the routine? Mia said it was like watching a Disney fairytale, Nigel said they dance beautifully, Mary said it was a fantastic job and they both nailed it and Dan said it just didn't happen, but Mary fired back about what happened in the routine. So no bumps for Ashle & Blake as we press on to our next couple.

Melody is last up choosing Nick as a partner and he gets...Broadway! Since this show is in Los Angeles, they'll take on NYC as they dance to "All That Jazz" from the play "Chicago." They both did some head spins and arm pumps during instrumental portions of the song between the lyrics, but Nick did a kick jump of his own. Melody did a solo leg left in mid-air and Nick did some spins & a falldown to end the song. How well did these 2 "Cats" did their steps in "Memory?" Mia said it was a fabulous performance and would love to see them in 5 years, Nigel said the applause was stupendous, but the performance was greater, Mary said....wooo! (we'll take that as a yes) and Dan said the dancing was amazing and so were them. So Melody & Nick are the ones you'll definitely be seeing in NYC for years to come, but intermission is upon us for the first part and so far not one dancer mess up a step, but let's prepare ourselves for the 2nd act of our show.

Kamilah and Jamile are up first going for...American Jive! The swing revival is set as they dance to Jump, Jive An' Wail by Louis Prima. (They should've picked Brian Seltzer, but who cares?) Both did some fancy footwork, while Kamilah did a flip over, and perfected it with spins, getting to the end, she also did some flying moves and blew a kiss. But at this part of the round, will they kiss their routine goodbye? Mia said it felt amateurish, but Jamile had such style and Kamilah went through it, Nigel said Jamile was a little flat footed and Kamilah's legs looked like a Junior Tina Turner...okay...Mary said it started fantastic, but went downhill from there, and Dan said the performance quality was great. So their routine got a kickstart, but all it heard was a sputter of their dancing motors, and another couple gets their engines started.

Ashle & Blake are up 2nd doing the...Argentine Tango! We got an international theme going as Ashle & Blake dance to "Santa Maria." To begin, Ashle sat down while Blake did some moves, took off his hat and hung it on the hat rack. Ashle got up out of her chair and partnered for the routine. Both did a jump kick, while Ashle did a leg over. She even did a foot circle routine, while Blake did some footwork. As the song ended, Ashle did a squirm through. How well did that go? Mia said it wasn't there for her, Nigel said the dance felt nothing, Mary said the performance was amazing, but no legs technique and no passion, and Dan said it had everything. So it tried to take 2 to tango, but it didn't work, as we have 1 more couple in this round.

The best friends, Melody & Nick get...Disco! Watch the Disco Queen Melody and his partner Nick flashback to 1979's "Knock on Wood" by Amii Stewart. To start, Melody did a flip over and both did some arm swings and a jump. Melody made a big move by jumping to Nick's head and did a flip through. Nick did some body pumps of his own. Melody did a leg hold at the show's set area to end the song. Will Melody be up for next week? Mia said it was so much fun, Nigel said the 2 are favorites with no question and mentions Ryan Seacrest as a show crossover of Nigel's other show, American Idol. No wonder we call him the big boss around here. Mary said they loved it, and Dan they did both things by dancing & performance. Act 2 has ended, and all 6 will dance solo for the first time ever as they fight for the public votes. Let's hit up the show's epilogue.

Instead of 45, it's now 20 seconds, so we can make this round a little faster. First up, Kamilah, going back to the 80's doing "Maniac" by Michael Sembello. She did artistic presentation, some turns, and fell flat when the horn sounded. Next, Jamile doing "Atomic Dog" by George Clinton. He robotically lifted his shirt, did a robotic arm hang and a moonwalk for his turn. Next up, Ashle dancing to "I Like It like That" by Tito Nunez. She did a flip, some salsa moves, a leg spin and a squat on both knees when the buzzer rang. Blake is up doing "Body Language" by Queen. No charades there, but he does a leg flip, some spins, and took off his shirt to wow the crowd. It's Melody's turn now as she does "Brave & Crazy" by Melissa Etheridge. For her, she did what the title says, complete with a split and some pumps. Last up, Nick doing Jeffrey Gaines' "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face." He did a kick, a spin kick and leg spins to drain out the clock. Before we end, Mia said thank you to the 6 dancers, Nigel said this is about 4 people, Mary can't wait for next week and Dan said they brought something unique. I gotta run everyone, remember to vote at 1-888-TEMPO-0# (position based on tonight's solo round).

Next week, the final 4! Who will take the crown? Until next week, I'm Pierre Kelly saying dots & power pellets, I'm out.

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