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Fox is staging the ultimate dance battle with $100,000 on the line. Who'll get served, and who'll be the last dancer standing?

Recaps by Pierre Kelly, GSNN

Lauren Sanchez
Judges: Bonnie Lythgoe, Nigel Lythgoe, Jeff Thacker
Announcer: Mark Thompson
Creators: Simon Fuller, Nigel Lythgoe
EP: Simon Fuller, Allen Shapiro, Nigel Lythgoe
Packager: 19 Entertainment, dick clark productions
Wednesdays at 8pm ET on Fox

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"24 Become 16 (or 'It's Like March Madness All Over Again')" - August 10

Last week, we took 50 dancers, and for 5 days, it was the intense pressure of our 5 choreographers. This week, the remaining 24 face the same 5 people one more time and they'll see if the fate is decided among these 24, to make the sweet 16. Once all 16 are formed, they'll be dancing just for you pleasure. But next week, they'll be dancing based on how well you vote. So for this week, let's go to it.

The dancers are well placed in the holding room, after the cut of 50 to 24, and now, it all boils down to see which of the 16 people are formed. The first of which is Marictza Valetin, a owner of her own dance studio, who had to choose between dancing over marriage, but will the sweet 16 be her choice? Mary said it was an unbelievable job in the Hollywood round, and in the decision room, she also said it was a great job all week, and was very talented, but did not step up to the plate, so she struck herself out swinging. She now in 1 of 2 rooms, 1, the YES room, and the other is the NO room where she is right now. Next up, John Tannis, who had himself a mixed week in the Hollywood Round by the 5 choreographers. By decision time, Mia said she lived for his hair, and he won't make it there, but wait, after seeing the tape, John becomes the first of 16 people to make it to the next round. As for the 2 rooms, it is to prevent other contestants from what the fate was ! decided over the 5 choreographers.

Next up, Melissa Vella, a daycare worker who dazzled us with her talent in NYC and in the Hollywood round. Mary would rate her a 10 to Melissa, Dan said it was nice, and Alex said she spins like a top, but will her spinning top be halted by the NO room? Dan said she needs to work on her performance and to pick up style as well. The decision was...She's the 2nd of 16 to make it there. Jamie McGhee was next, who had his very own wake-up audition in NYC. His story reminded us why he had a disease. At age 9, he had juvenile arthritis. Day 6 was a tough one as Nigel & the other 5 wanted someone to replace him, but didn't need it as he survived the cut. Will he survive the decision again? Brian said ballroom & salsa wasn't his strongest suit, but becomes a strong link to become the 3rd of 16 people to make it through.

Kamilah Barrett dazzled when the producers saw her dance in prelims, the audition, and the Hollywood round. Nigel wanted her to turn into a diva, and by that time, she did. She said she is an actress by heart, but will it give her a sweet 16 award for her performance? Mary said she was out of control completely, but doesn't need it as she becomes the 4th person to make it in. Kamilah said in her victory speech, that she wants to be a piece of clay and wants to show them her blood, and she's in her blood of the sweet 16 as we go next to...Elise Menick, who wowed us from the Chicago auditions. How well did she do tonight? Alex said she did very well in other classes, but her well ran dry as she is out of the competition. She joins Maritza over in the NO room. Best friends Craig & Ashley are up next, and Ashley Dawson is the first of 2 up for decision. She went downhill in the Hollywood round, and by decision time, Alex said it was very unconsistent, but she took the uphill climb to become the 5th person to make it. Can Craig join Ashley too? Craig DeRosa did a lyrical mattress dance in NYC and was disasterous in the Hollywood round, when the decision was up, Mia said he is a solosit, not principal dancer, but he makes the Sweet 16 honor roll and he becomes the 6th person.

Michelle Brooke told us a story about a car accident that took her off of dancing, but will it be a happy ending into the sweet 16? Dan said it was a little balnd & boring, but won't need it as she becomes the 7th person to move on. Ryan Confriedo was impessed by Mary in the Hollywood round, and so did Mia, she said it blew her away. Brian said he had an amazing freestyle, but will that happen when he makes it? Mary said he needs to take more tricks, and he is special, and...he becomes the 8th person to make it to the next stage. Jessica Sober had a unique fashion sense in audition, but wasn't unique enough to make it as her chances of being in the top 16 are ousted. The 5 choreographers also talked about her rhinestones, but there's one diamond that needs to make the top 16, and that's Destini Rogers. Destini did a good job at the LA auditions, but had a mixed week with choreographers. How well did she do overall? Dan said she was a good enough dancer, Alex said she needs to calm her temper and Brian said it had pleasant work on everything, and the decision...She 's the 9th person to make it into the top 16.

There were 2 people whose chances of making the sweet 16 were gone, and those 2 were Marshall & Annette. Snejana Urbin aka Snow is up next who survived the audition thanks to her fancy footwork, how did that go at decision? Mary said it was sultry and Dan said when the cameras roll, she automatically breaks into solo and deserts a partner, and the cameras will keep on rolling as Snow becomes the 10th person to make it through. Artem Chignensev is next who was a part of an audition split with his partner, Giselle. He, however did fantastic in the Hollywood Round, but will the NO room be the other half of the split? Mary said she is a great ballroom dancer and Brian said he has personality, charisma & drive, and those were the right words to become the 11th person to make it through. Nick McGough came into the auditions wearing orange shirts and this week, he was wearing a good luck earring, but that earring won't let him ! make it through, but according to Mia, he was so precious...awww....On we go next to Taye Hill, who did a very interesting stilts dance in LA. By decision time, Brain said he was killed with his choreography and Dan said he fell in & out of it, but unfortunately, he's out of the competition. Before he leaves, he puts resumes & photos of himself of the table. That's nice.

Best Friends Melody & Nick could be the next victims for the NO room, both contempoary jazz dancers had many bruises in the Hollywood round, but will the sweet 16 be healed by the 5 choreographers? Melody Lacayanga is up first who blanked in hip-hop class, and by decision time, Dan said she needs to step it up on stage, and fell apart in class, but it didn't happen, and it didn't matter as she becomes the 12th blank to fill in the dancing bracket of 16. Nick Lazzani is the next one to go in the decision room. He's been through all hopes & fears, but Brian said he had so many habits to break, and Mary said he was the new rule in ballroom, but wasn't up to par, but he hits a birdie as he becomes the 13th person to make it through. Nick also said he wants to be a comic if not for dancing, so he shows off a little physical comedy in front of the choreographers and the YES room people.

The sun may be going down in Hollywood, but Sandra Colton's hopes would be up. Would she? A tap dancer from the Chicago auditions, was impressed in the Hollywood, but Mary said it was a really long walk, and she runs into the 14th spot of 16 people. Balke McGrath had an ego like a pro wrestler in audition, but in the Hollywood round, his foxtrot wasn't really good, thanks to Mary. Decision time now as Dan said when he's dancing, it's a small, small world. But let's rewind to last week, when he said something not nice to the camera about Dan. We fast forward to this week as they banter back a little more. Brian said it was the dumbest thing he's ever done, but Dan said he was a great dancer, but his attitude goes much furter, so Blake apologized. However, he gave him a second chance as he becomes the 15th person to make in in. And then there were 2, Allan Frias and a man named Greg. Greg did fine in auditions and the Hollywood round, and Allan didn't ! cut it in the Hollywood round. Very nervous now, Big Poppa is waiting for the decision. Mia said he moves likes nobody's business, Mary said he is the heart & soul of this competition, but not well in ballroom, and Allan said he needs to act his age right now and share what he experienced. Is he the last of the 16 people?...........Yes, he is! Big Poppa becomes the 16th & final person to move on and as for Greg, despite the low scores, thanks to Alex, he is gone.

So you've got all 16, meaning that you get a colorful set, our host Lauren Sanchez, and a parade of 16 people. Hit the theme music, because the parade of 16 is about to start. Each dancer has their own unique dance style as they come into the stage one by one. First, Kamilah, the piece of clay, who is now a work of art in the top 16. Will she become a masterpice when she wins the grand prize? Next, Nick, who is the only member of the 6-step crew. Is he becoming a six-shooter in the finals? Michelle is up next, who earlier tonight, told a story about why she took dancing out. Will her drive of making it to the grand prize be headed in the right direction? Johnnis is up next, and despite his hair, he will be the best of the best next week. Sandra's up, and she's a Las Vegas tap dancer. Will her dreams of winning the grand prize be all tapped out? Artem is up next, and he made it through, but his partner, Giselle, did not. How well will he do! in the competition? Ashley is up, and she's now taking the uphill climb into the sweet 16, despite a downhill performance in the Hollywood round. Will her mountain be enough to climb all the way to the top? Jamile is up next, who at age 9 had juvenile arthritis. Will being eliminated become a nightmare for him? Snow is up next, and she impressed everybody with her fancy footwork. How well will she stay hot with her dancing feet? Allan is up next, and he is known as Big Poppa. Will America choose him as the top dancer? Maybe it would be Melissa who's up next. She's a daycare worker, but she's made the head of the Sweet 16 class. Will she graduate into the top 2? Destini is up, and she's from Tulsa, OK. Will her destiny dreams be fufilled or shattered? Blake is up next, and his pro wrestler-like ego in the auditions has took him to the main event. Will he survive this Royal Rumble of dancing? Melody is up next, and so is Craig, her best friend. How well do these 2 stack up in ! the competition? Craig is the only one to round out the parade as we end the show. As the credits fly by, it's becoming a sweet 16 shindig once and for all.

Next week, the top 16 dance for your votes. Whose moves are sweet, and whose missteps are becoming sour? Tune in & find out. Until then, I'm Pierre Kelly saying dots & power pellets, I'm out.

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