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Fox is staging the ultimate dance battle with $100,000 on the line. Who'll get served, and who'll be the last dancer standing?

Recaps by Pierre Kelly, GSNN

Lauren Sanchez
Judges: Bonnie Lythgoe, Nigel Lythgoe, Jeff Thacker
Announcer: Mark Thompson
Creators: Simon Fuller, Nigel Lythgoe
EP: Simon Fuller, Allen Shapiro, Nigel Lythgoe
Packager: 19 Entertainment, dick clark productions
Wednesdays at 8pm ET on Fox

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"The Hollywood Round (or 'How May Dancers Does It Take to Screw a Lightbulb?')" - August 3

What happens when you take 5 choreographers, 50 dancers all in 5 rooms, for 5 days? You get the Hollywood Round. This week, all 50 will survive the crash course of learning a new routine whether it's ballroom or salsa. Intense pressure will be handled, drama & emotion will run high, and intensity will up the stakes for these 50, but in the end, almost half of them will make it through to the next round. So with that said, let's get on with the show.

It's Day 1, all dancers were packed inside a dance studio and each were placed into 5 separate rooms as they got ready for their warm up. The rooms are, in no particular order, hip-hop, contemporary, ballroom and salsa. Allan Frias doesn't want to lose this competition, as do the others. However, the ballroom room, led my Champion Ballroom Academy founder Mary Murphy (who worked with Julia Roberts & Ted Danson), took a different warm-up as they got into personal hygiene, including washing their hands and brushing their teeth. Next, The Salsa Room, being led by Latin dance champion Alex Da Silva (whose parents were Broadway dancers), taught this group a lesson and they got to know the moves pretty well. We head next to the hip-hop room, led by Dan Karaty (dancer & performer for Britney Spears), where Blake McGrath was great according to Dan. He also said he liked him and he would handle more of his way. There was another hip-hop room, this time, led by Brian Friedman (worked with Mya, Pink and Hilary Duff), that included tap dancer Sandra Colton. But Cheryl Texiara wasn't impressed with his lessons. There's only 1 more room and that's the contemporary room, being led my Mia Michels (choreographer for Celine Dion's "A New Day" Vegas show). Jessica Schaefer had a lot of passion, but Mia said she wasn't doing any choreography at all. However, Anthony Foster couldn't handle the pressure and decided to go home. First, he consulted with Executive Producer, Nigel Lythgoe, then said it was nothing more than an apology and would be much more important at home, than at the dance studios. As Anthony leaves, this would mean a replacement would take Anthony's place tomorrow as we head on to day 2.

It's Day 2, and Alex had an entrance of his own while in the salsa room, irish riverdancer Ashley Purl was excited to do the moves Alex taught her. During one move, Ashley couldn't do it, but Alex aided it and both fall down. They had a few tries, but none of them were a success, however, one couple took pride in success. Over at the ballroom room, there was a new group in Mary's class and Kasper's mohawk drove her nuts. Kasper ran to the bathroom to fix the hairdo problem and Mary liked it for a nice, clean, ballroom look. In the contemporary room, a girl named Burgundy from the L.A. auditions, brought a rubber band as a secret weapon, but her dancing didn't pick up steam, including 1 walk around. Being so frustrated, she walks out the room and her nerves were raised, but was needed to think more on Mia's moves, so she comes back in. It was lunchtime, and Yusmia was there, she was part of the split with Rodridgo during auditions. But he reunited with Yusmia to rep! lace Anthony and love was in the air...awww....but Kasper saw something in a magazine. It was an article on Blake McGrath, that would make the public a lot more proud. We stay with Mia's class and Cheryl was the least excelled of the group and according to Mia, she wasn't getting it. By way of the Dancing With The Stars scoring system, Cheryl would give it a 7, but Mia took away 6 to rate it a 1. Back in Mary's classroom, Brandon Jones had problems and he said it was confusing, and Mary said it was driving herself nuts. Over in the hip-hop area, Jessica's bad dancing pulled a muscle and medical staff checked on her to see if she was alright. She was OK, and came back to make up lost time, including a incredible freestyle dance solo. Back at the hotel, everyone got some rest for the day, as Allan was mocking the moves copied by Jessica's solo, even he was in on the dinner conversation with Brandon and a few more people including a girl-on-girl banter about what happened in class ! today. Back at his room, he and his roommate, Blake did a little chat as they (and the other 48) hit the bed for the next day.

The day begins with salsa class as Brandon and his partner, Ayonis teamed up. But Brandon screwed himself up and had a little arguement with his partner. In the ballroom area, there were dancers struggling according to Mary, and Jessica didn't do too well with Allan. Jessica said she gave it 100%, but there was no extra 10% in the hip-hop room, as Burgundy was annoyed once again, but did a freestyle solo dance with a split hop. Dan said it was ridiculous, and ridiculous was the word over in Brian's room, as Ashley Purl's bad day was like this: In the first part, she spent some time standing, but Brian gave her some advice to work on his moves while the dancers broke for lunch. Back at the hotel's pool area, all the dancers showed off their bruises, because they worked all 3 days and their fatigued has worn out, but their guts, stamina and determination will be a factor for tomorrow's classes.

At the start of the day, everyone came out to the dance classics except Blake who was still in the hotel, while Allan told a story about his dog. Blake came in late all right, but the show's big dog, Nigel, figured out what the bottom 2 would be, thanks to the choreographers' ratings of their dancers from 1 to 10. There was 1 room announcing that Burgundy & Cheryl were the bottom 2, another with Ashley & Terry and another, but this time with 4 people including Jessica. How will that happen once this 5-day gauntlet is over? Alex got another stylish entrance, and in his salsa class, bigger wasn't better as Allan couldn't fit into his partner's arms while doing a move. Back in Dan's hip-hop area, Lisa broke out into song, but she let it out with her dancing. However, she wasn't letting it fly according to Dan. Over in the salsa room, Allan struggled again with his partner on another move, but back in Dan's room, Melody Lacanyanga's hip-hop wasn't strong ! and so did Ayonis. So, they partnered up, but according to Dan, Melody had the upper hand and got a royal flush by doing a freestyle solo. Eventually, Dan threw a towel for some advice as Ashley Purl partnered with Melody, ending up with a between the legs move. Back in Mary's area, Burgundy & Cheryl weren't feeling it. Mary said that Bugundy's arms wan't connected with the body. But in Dan's room, Nicholas Gates didn't connect as he wasn't able to pick up choreography, but Nick did a freestyle solo that made Dan sick. Craig, who was from the NY auditions, did a nice dance with a mattress that took him to Hollywood, but he teamed up with Nick to dance. Both did great, but Craig did some flips & stalls better than him. Brian says he dances well, and he wants to be good. Back at the hotel, Blake & Allan did a banter about a dog poop incident, that ended with an apology...awww...but it all boils down to 1 last day.

The last day began in the salsa room as Burgundy Kirtz followed Mary's steps. Over in Brian's room, Ashley did worse in hip-hop, but Brian consulted with her for help. After lunch, she sat out this class, and decided to bail out on this one. In Mia's area, Blake improved it, but he was crying a bit. It was so emotional, everyone got teary-eyed. Blake said it was a little deep for him, but it's time to dig deep into the minds of 5 choreographers to decide who's going on and who's going home.

Nigel called a meeting with 5 choreographers and these pictures to pick who's remaining in the contest. the dancers were locked into rooms and in a moment, the decision is up to the choreoraphers to pick what the 24 would be. There are 5 members in each group. The first 5 consists of Jamial and Alex. Alex sent 2 home and 3 moving on. The 2nd group has Ashley & Melissa. Melissa was the only one left standing, even she walked out a little thinking that all 5 were cut as the other 4 walked out losers. Group 3 includes Ryan & Nick, and according to Mia, Terry was gone and the other 4 remained, then he did a victory dance on the way out.
The next group featured Ayonis, and she was gone, as Kameelah goes on with the other 2, thanks to Brian. Up next, a group with Blake, Kasper, and Brandon as 4 were gone and Blake moved on. The next group featured Cheryl, Sandra, Burgundy & Yusemia as 2 moved on and 3 were gone. Mary & Brian gave some advice to Cheryl as we move on to the next group that features Lisa & Melody. 2 were gone and 3 moved on. Group 8 has Craig & Nick Gates, but Nick was gone and so did Jessica. But Craig moved on to the next round. The final group has Andre & Allan. But Andre was gone, and Nick moved on, but what about Big Poppa, does he move on?..................Yes, he does! So, Allan and the other 23 move to the next round of competition.

Next week, 24 dancers face the 5 choreographers one last time as every dancer's fate determines 8 men and 8 women to make the finals. Who'll make the Sweet 16 next week? Tune in and find out. Until then, I'm Pierre Kelly saying dots & power pellets, I'm out.

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