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Fox is staging the ultimate dance battle with $100,000 on the line. Who'll get served, and who'll be the last dancer standing?

Recaps by Pierre Kelly, GSNN

Lauren Sanchez
Judges: Brian Friedman, Mia Michels, Nigel Lythgoe, Dan KAraty
Announcer: Mark Thompson
Creators: Simon Fuller, Nigel Lythgoe
EP: Simon Fuller, Allen Shapiro, Nigel Lythgoe
Packager: 19 Entertainment, dick clark productions
Wednesdays at 8pm ET on Fox

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"The Round of 14 (or 'Fourteen's Just More Lucky Than Thirteen Now')" - August 24

Well, how do you do? It's So You Think You Can Dance. This week, 2 are sent home and 14 will dance on. But it only gets better. This week, the couples will pair up and perform new styles to work on including a few ones you've seen last week. Only the bottom 6 will pair up alone in the solo round, and they'll fight for whatever the public chooses. Who's the first 2 victims to go home? Let's start off with a results segment I like to call...THE ELIMINATION OF DOOM!

16 people are seated on the bleachers, but only 2 are getting benched. The votes are in and it's 3 million who cast it more than the AI premiere, In fact it's the #1 show premiere according to Lauren. As we roll he highlight reel, Nick & Kamilah started things off with a bang, but Michelle & Jonnis gave it a whimper, but Jonnis apologized to the crowd for what happened. Mixed results from the judges came in with Artem & Sandra's dance routine, but it was all positive thanks to Jamlie & Ashley's jive. Another couple that the judges didn't like were Allan & Snow's hip-hop routine, but it went back to mixed by Craig & Melody. The judges loved Blake & Destini's lyrical routine, but the big highlight of the night goes to Ryan & Melissa with their big jive moves. As of tonight, 10 people are safe and 6 people aren't, but only 2 will go home. Let's start with the girls. First, Michelle, who started off with her mambo partnered by Jonnis and did her own gymnastic solo, Sandra, who did a lyrical routine with Artem and a hip-hop tap solo and Snow who did some hip-hop with Allan and did the same solo. Who was safe? It was...Michelle. Nigel gave his critique on how negative Snow & Sandra are in the finals race. Now it was the guys turn. First up, Jonnis who did a mambo with Michelle and a hip-hop solo, Artem, who did a lyrical routine with Sandra and did a ballroom solo, and Allan did a hip-hop routine with Snow and again on his own. Who made the cut? It was...Artem. Brian then comments on the negativity of Allan & Jonnis. We'll get to the big cut in a minute, but first, we get an American Express video from the Ford Assembly Plant in Detroit, Michigan dancing to the Miracles' "Love Machine," where it's all about people using steering wheels, breakdancers, and what goes on in a plant. Now...the big cut! The girls will go first again this time. It all comes down to Snow & Sandra. Will the hot dancing of Snow be left out in the cold or will Sandra's tap dancing be all tapped out? The cut goes to... Sandra Colton! Mia gave us words of wisdom on how she got here. And just like AI, she gets a tribute video and one last tap dance with no music, complete with a twirl and a knee bend. Now it's the guys turn to come face-to-face with the mighty scissors of death. It's all about Jonnis & Allan. Is this the end of the line for Jonnis or is it all over for Allan? Only we know for sure it's... Johnathan Tannis! Dan appreciates him with some kind words on his journey. Before he heads out the door, he gets a tribute video and one last hip-hop routine doing solo kicks, arm bends, leg bends & spins. All 14 have survived the elimination of doom, meaning that it's time to start the party. Cue the titles, let's roll!

Once again, the dancers do solo starting with Snow, Jamile, Destini, Blake, Melody, Craig, Michelle, Nick, Ashle, Artem, Kamilah, Allan, Melissa, and of course, Ryan. All of them did a West Side Story-like group dance by both genders, but Lauren Sanchez is here to break things up. The judges are rotated this week, starting with the show's big cheese, Nigel, Mary Murphy, the ballroom dance teacher, and the hip-hop choreography team of Dan Karaty & Brian Friedman. Lauren lets us know that Allan has the most votes, but warns us that a twist was coming. Allan decided not to choose Snow as her partner. But all than can change as we mix up the couples and blend in the dancing, because it's time for the couples round.

Last time, the guys chose the girls, and this week, the roles are reversed. The girls will now choose the guys. Snow will lead things off as she picks Jamile as her partner, and what style did Jamile pick? Quickstep! They'll work with ballroom teacher Glen Weiss to polish off their moves. Jamile knows where the quickstep got its name, but if you've been watching Dancing With The Stars lately, you know how well it's done. It's a hip-hop dancer and a ballroom-caliber dancer starting things off with a quickstep to Geoff Love & his orchestra's "It Don't Mean A Thing." Throughout the song, they did great around the floor, and showed off some fancy footwork and when it got closer to the end, both did a head bob, a few swerves, and Snow doing a spin while Jamile kissed Snow's hand and took a knee bend. Will they run into safety or walk into the bottom 6 pool? Nigel said Snow's carriage was superb, and Jamile wasn't good with his 5 points of contact, Mary said it was a train wreck, but by looks alone, it was smashing, Dan said it was boring, and the dance was a little beyond that, and Brian agrees with the panel and said it needs a lot more work. So like Mary said, Snow & Jamile's quickstep was a train wreck, but there's still plenty of dancing left.

Destini chose the fate of...Blake. As for him, he chose...lyrical jazz. They'll work with Mia Michaels for some instruction. Now it's time for Destini & Blake to dance to Donny Hathaway's "A Song For You." To start off, Destini did a spin around, and by the halfway point, both spin and landed flat. Closer to the end, both did a jump and ended with one kick and a falldown by Destini. Was this their night? Nigel said they were still brilliant, Mary said they brought it hook, line and sinker, Dan said it gave enough credit to Destini and Brian said it was raw & organic by Destini, and both did a perfect technique. So Destini & Balke keep it lyrical this week, and it was the 2nd week in a row that they danced on stage.

Melody is up and she chose...Craig once again! Last week, they did jive and this week it's...Hip-hop. They'll work with Shane Sparks, who did some work on the film "You Got Served." It's 2 lyrical dancers taking on hip-hop to J-Kwon's "Tipsy." They both did some swerving, but seconds later, Craig did a kick over Melody, and they both did some popping fae-to-face. Both did some knee work, and then Craig did a jump over Melody and did a handstand to end the song. Now let's turn over to the judges for a review. Nigel said they were great dancers, Mary loved it but wasn't urban enough, Dan said it worked against it but would've pulled along and Brian said it wasn't enough hip-hop and had no relaxation. So Melody & Craig wasn't relaxed with their hip-hop routine, but there's another girl to take the challenge.

Michelle is choosing Nick as a partner, and he chose Quickstep as a style to master. They're the 2nd couple to work with Glen Weiss. Take a hip-hop dancer, a lyrical dancer, add Geoff Love & His orchestra's "It Don't Mean A Thing" and what do you get? Their very own quickstep routine. They both went around the floor, did some nice footwork, and by the end, Michelle did a kick & twirl around ending with a dip. How did they do? Nigel said it looked great, and according to the routine, the upper 1/2 was great, but the lower 1/2 wasn't relaxed, Mary said the legs were too stiff, but was great for time, Dan said it was noting dynamic and Brian said it still brought it. So Michelle & Nick quickstep was a little slow tonight, but there's another girl to bring it to speed.

Ashle decided it was Artem's turn to join her and he chose...lyrical jazz. They'll be the 2nd couple to work with Mia. They both did great in Hollywood week together, and now they'll be doing the same to "A Song For You." To begin, Ashle did a spin around, and by halfway, they did a spin & fall flat. By the end, she did a jump, leg lift & carry ending with a 1/2 bend. Did their hard work in the lyrical department pay off? Nigel said they were a perfect couple, but Artem had all the emotion, Mary said they're buying that...okay...Dan said he disliked Ashle's outfit, but they did a great job, and Brian said the technique was excellent and it made Mia proud. So the A's (Ashle & Artem) hit a homerun with their lyrical routine, and another girl is up to bat.

Kamilah gets Allan as her partner and he gets hip-hop as a style to master. They'll be the 2nd to work with Shane this week. Let's have the 2 hip-hop dancers get "Tipsy" to hip-hop. They both did some swerving, but Kamilah did a between the legs slide. halfway there, both did some fine body work on the knee and shaking on all fours. Allan ended the song with a slide through of his own. Now let's see if the judges like it. Nigel said this was hip-hop and the country loves Allan, but Kamilah was amazing, Mary said it was fantastic, but Allan brought it home, Dan said Kamilah was phenomenal, but Alan appeared back on the scene after 2 weeks, and Brian said Kamilah was flawless, but Allan was totally bad. So they both scored a flawless victory with hip-hop, but there's one more girl to execute a gameplan.

Melissa gets Ryan as her partner, and he chooses Salsa. They'll work with Alex Da Silva and see what happens. It's now time for Ryan & Melissa to tackle the salsa. They both did some spins, and Ryan did a slide between the legs. They both did some arm work by the halfway mark of the song, but Melissa did a 1/2 bend while Ryan did his own solo and used magic to bring her back up. The song ended with Melissa doing spinning and a dip. Now let's see if the judges were feeling the heat. Nigel said Melissa was sensational, but it was fantastic, Mary said Ryan pulled it off again, but it was an outstanding performance, Dan said it was phenomenal, and Brian said it was a perfect way to end with a standing O. So their salsa routine was hot, but it's about to get cold as we pick the bottom 6.

Nigel said they wanted the 6 based on execution and Mary went first with Nick & Michelle, Dan came in with Melody & Craig and Brian rounded it out with Snow & Jamile. While all 8 are safe, the other 6 aren't, but only 2 will go home next week. They've got 45 seconds to impress America as we start the solo round.

Snow goes first dancing to Lucas Prada's "And She Said," and did some work with a red dress, did some turns and floor work. Jamile comes in next doing "I Can make you dance" by Zapp. He did awesome robot work, leg bends, popping & locking and a scarecrow-like ending to run out the 45-second dance clock. Melody's up doing an Etta James version of Randy Newman's "You can leave your hat on." She made fun with a hat, but wowed the crowd by taking off her white coat. She also did a leg left, a few flips, swerves and tossed her hat by the time the horn sounded. Craig is up doing "Everything" by Lifehouse wearing nothing but blue nice...He did some flips, twirls, bends, and in the last few seconds, did a few back flips. Michelle's next doing "Disco Club" by the Black-Eyed Peas, and did some flips, kicks, turns, a swerve, great pumps, and a spin & split at the buzzer. Nick is batting cleanup this round doing another Lifehouse song entitled "Storm." He did some great twirls, jumps to an air-split, and some kicks & twirls for his 45 -second run. Nigel stood up for his big solo performance.

To end the show, Dan said Craig should be worried, and didn't showcase his talent, and Michelle reeked desperation in her solo. But desperate times do indeed call for desperate measures. For the next 2 hours, the public will call 1-888-TEMPO-0# (position based on tonight's solo round) and vote on who's staying here. Let me remind you, it's not 800 or 866, just 888. All 14 dance off into the credits, and I'll say goodbye, because next week, the top 12 dancers square off as they couple up, try not to end up in the bottom 6 to go solo, and 2 will be sent home. I'll see you next week for more action. Until then, I'm Pierre Kelly saying dots & power pellets, I'm out.

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