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Fox is staging the ultimate dance battle with $100,000 on the line. Who'll get served, and who'll be the last dancer standing?

Recaps by Pierre Kelly, GSNN

Lauren Sanchez
Judges: Brian Friedman, Mia Michels, Nigel Lythgoe, Dan KAraty
Announcer: Mark Thompson
Creators: Simon Fuller, Nigel Lythgoe
EP: Simon Fuller, Allen Shapiro, Nigel Lythgoe
Packager: 19 Entertainment, dick clark productions
Wednesdays at 8pm ET on Fox

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"The Round of 12 (or 'Cheaper By the Dozen')" - August 31

So You Think You Can Dance is back in your living room with more of our weekly competition. Last week, Jonnis & Sandra were gone from the contest. This week, 2 more will have their last dance on stage. After that, 12 people will couple up and dance, but only 4 will go solo. Which 4 do the judges disagree on? Only one way to find out as this show is...ON THE AIR!!!

More than 3.7 million votes are poured, which if you didn't know, it's 1/2 a million more than last week, and it's time for one of these 2 to dodge the bullet starting with the girls. First, Snow, who did a quickstep with Jamile, and did her ballroom solo, Melody, who did hip-hop with Craig and did a modern jazz solo, and Michelle, who did a quickstep with Nick and did an acrobatic hip-hop solo. There was one safe for sure and that is...Snow. Mary Murphy gave us some positivity about the bottom 2 starting with Melody and ended with Michelle. Now, it's the guys to take the stage. Jamile is first up, he did a quickstep with Snow, and got popping when he did a solo, Craig, who did hip-hop with Melody and did a lyrical jazz solo, and Nick, who did a quickstep with Michelle and came back with a lyrical solo. Who was safe this time? It was...Jamile. Dan also did some positivity on how the bottom 2 are starting with Craig and did the same with Jamile. Before we head on to the elimination portion, we get a video from The El Camino Fire Academy dancing to Buster Pointdexter's "Hot Hot Hot." Yes, firefighters dancing with fire hoses, ladders, ropes and even...water. Now it's time for the big cut. The girls will go first. It's down to Melody & Michelle. Which 1 of these 2 hot dancers has got their flames put out? It is...Michelle Brooke! Brian gave us some words of encouragement on her journey. Before she goes home, she gets a tribute video and one last solo with leg spins, a tumble, some more leg spins, and a flip-to-toe touch. Now it's the guys turn. It's all riding on Craig & Jamile. Who's going down in flames? It is... Craig DeRosa! Nigel gave him some advice to find someone else in his dancing career. Before he flies away, he gets a tribute video, and one last lyrical solo, complete with jumps, flips & a tumble. The elimination of doom is cooled off, but the competition is heating up. Whose moves are blazing and whose fuses are not lit? Let's burn up this joint!

Let's meet our top 12, starting with Melissa, Allan, Ashle, Jamile, Kamilah, Blake, Melody, Ryan, Snow, Nick, Destini & Artem. Lauren Sanchez is here to be your guide through this round. The judges get rotated again, starting with Mia Michaels, Brian Friedman, Mary Murphy and the lord of this show, Nigel Lythgoe. Lauren tells Jamile that he gets the most votes, and he asks Snow not to dance with him again. But a new round is commencing and the couples round is the first phase to start things off.

Blake gets Ashle as the first couple to go through, and she gets...Rock & Roll! They'll work with Travis Payne to be like rockstars when they dance. Now, let's rock out to 2 lyrical dancers rocking out to "Hound Dog" by Elvis Presley. To start it off, Blake did a jump over Ashle. They both got a few kicks, but Ashle did a flip over Blake, and also did a bend and some flip work by her partner to round out the song. Is this routinte off to a rocky start? We go to the judges for their critique. Mia said they enjoyed it so much, Brian said it was totally "Grease," Mary said the routine was not only dynamite, but physical & demanding, and Nigel said it brought out the character in them. Blake & Ashle gets our show to a rolling start, but don't call them for an encore, as we go to our next guy.

Artem is up and she gets Melissa to be her partner, but what did she choose? She chose the Paso Doble as a style to master. They'll work with Ron Montez to perfect the style. Now, it's time to go south of the border as a ballroom dancer and a jazz dancer get pumped to Mexican music doing a paso doble. To start, Melissa did her own carry, and did some work in the air & mid-air. By the middle, there was a partner switch, but Melissa got a kick over Artem and did a jump and hang to end the song. Did the paso doble pass or fail the test? Mia said Artem was stunning, but Melissa was like watching a jazz dancer do paso doble, Brian said Artem was excellent, but the performance was great overall, Mary said Melissa did a great job and attacked it and Nigel said they were superb, and the best couple on the show so far. So, Artem & Melissa's routine passed with flying colors, but another guy is about to take the dancing cockpit.

Allan chose Melody as her co-pilot, and she gets to have a style called...Lyrical. They'll work with Keith Young for some artistic work. How will a lyrical dancer and a hip-hop dancer dance to Elton John's "Rocket Man?" Let's find out. Melody did a kick over Allan in the first few seconds, and reversed it seconds later, and it reversed again a few seconds more. They had some artistic impression throught the song, and Allan did some arm work. Getting close to the end, Melody was left all alone, while Allan did his own space walk. Will they blast-off into safety or go for a crash landing? Mia said it was beautiful, but odd, Brian said Melody liked lifts, but Allan should've lifted the whole time, Mary said Allan would win personality, but Melody said it was awesome, and Nigel said it felt like beauty & the beast. So, they both felt a little gravity with their lyrical routine, but another guy is taking the space for our next routine.

Ryan decided to choose Snow as his partner, and she gets...hip-hop. They'll work with Dan Karaty for a few adjustments. Snow tried hip-hop with Allan during the round of 16, but that failed. Will she pass it this time with a breakdancer named Ryan? You'll see why when they dance to "Pon De Replay" by Rhiannon. Snow did some nice air-copter moves to start off, but both did some nice floorwork. By the middle of the song, Ryan got down to some breakdancing, and the song ended when both did a 1/2 bend. Will the 2nd time happen for Snow? Mia said the tricks were great, but the dancing didn't, Brian said it needed more unison, Mary said Nick has no fire & energy, but Snow felt more energy, and Nigel said they loved the look, but the dancing was just bad. 2 tries for Snow at hip-hop and it didn't pay off. Maybe next time she'll try a new style, in fact, we got another guy to try out a style.

Jamile gets Destini to ride as his partner, and she gets...the viennesse Waltz. They'll be the 2nd couple to work with Ron Montez. It's time for Jamile & Destini to don some formal wear and get down to the viennesse waltz. Cue up "Blue Danube," music master! Destini did a spin dip to begin with, and did some mid-air moves followed by a kick. She also did a split spin on the floor, some air-spinning moves and a dip squat throught the song. Did they pull it off? Mia said they were a beautiful couple and pulled it off, Brian said the style wasn't executed, Mary said she liked Destini's stunning dress, but Jamile did it with class, and Nigel said it was excellent. So they both won the approval of the rountine, and there's one more man to take on a style.

Nick is getting Kamilah as his partner, and she chooses...are you ready for this?...Disco! They'll polish their moves with Doriana Sanchez (no relation). Get out your bell-bottoms, dig out your old 8-tracks and hang that disco ball on the ceiling as Nick & Kamilah take it back to 1979 doing Slyvester's You Make me feel (mighty real). To start, Kamilah did a kick over Nick, and they both did some spinning. Kamilah cleaned things up with some air-spins, a floor sweep, and air-copter moves all ending with an upside-down hang. Are they having a nice night or are they just plain jive turkeys? Mia said it was awesome, Brian said they're such perfect partners, Mary said it brought it back to life, and Nigel said it was fantastic. So, Nick & Kamilah hustled big, but the party lights are off for this couples round. Now it's time for the judges to pick the 4 dim bulbs of the 12 people.

Mia went first and chose Ryan & Snow, and then Mary did the same with Allan & Melody. But who will go home next week? The box is locked, the lights are on, it's SOLO ROUND time!

Melody will kick it off to "Seduces Me" by Celine Dion. She's great with leg lifts, a kick flip and by the time horn sounded, a duck-and-cover move. Allan is up next, doing music by Ms. Jade. He had some great moves to run out the 45-second dance clock. Snow is up next, and Lucas Prada's music is her solo round choice. She saluted to the camera, but did some fancy footwork, arm swings, and arm swings & a squat when the buzzer rang out. Ryan will be last, doing Bell Biv Devoe's "Poison." He took off his jacket with a kick, but he did a head spin and some breakdancing to run out the clock. The crowd & the judges gave him a big standing O. The lights are off, the crowd is headed home, and so am I, as this show is over. Remember, for 2 hours only, fans can vote at 1-888-TEMPO-0# (Position based on tonight's solo round) to see who stays here. Until we see you again at the same time, it's Pierre Kelly saying dots & power pellets, i'm out.

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