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Fox is staging the ultimate dance battle with $100,000 on the line. Who'll get served, and who'll be the last dancer standing?

Recaps by Pierre Kelly, GSNN

Lauren Sanchez
Judges: Bonnie Lythgoe, Nigel Lythgoe, Jeff Thacker
Announcer: Mark Thompson
Creators: Simon Fuller, Nigel Lythgoe
EP: Simon Fuller, Allen Shapiro, Nigel Lythgoe
Packager: 19 Entertainment, dick clark productions
Wednesdays at 8pm ET on Fox

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"Los Angeles (or 'Krumpers & Dodgers & Bears, Oh My!')" - July 27

So far, "So You Think You Can Dance" has tackled the Big Apple and the Windy City, but this week, we're taking on the city where many TV shows and movies are filmed, Los Angeles. Los Angeles is home to the Hollywood Bowl, the Capitol Records tower and Dodger Stadium, but these dancers will knock it out of the park with their best moves and others will be caught in left field with their worst moves. When all is said & done after round 3, some will hit a grand slam to Hollywood, while others will strike out all the all the way home. So, let's grab the nachos, the hot dogs, and the soft drinks as we enjoy this episode.

There's one rule on this show: Screw up and you go home. 1 girl in the yellow hat proved that. Despite her worst dance moves, she didn't make it. Next, we turn to the weird as Greg Dinlessen did some weird cha-cha wearing a backwards baseball cap, shorts, and some dancing shoes. Nigel said it was a very strange audition, but strangeness won't take him to round 2. Next, we turn from the weird to the beautiful as Michelle Brooke impressed us all with her leg work. Nigel gave her credit for her dancing, Bonnie said it had style and Jeff said it was very expressive, so she goes on. Up next, we get a group of breakers called the 6-Step Crew, starting with Richard Greenfield who did some awesome breakdancing. Nigel said it was fabulous and he goes on. Next up, Ryan Confriedo had some amazing flexibility and Nigel said it was terrific. Lastly, Hokuto amazed the judges with some fine pretzel work even a contortionist would try. Nigel said it had humor & isolation, but no laughing matter for him as he moves on.

Dance couples can mean a thing of beauty here in LA, and Atrem & Giselle proved that as they worked out to the Pussycat Dolls' "Don't Cha." Nigel said it was all shaking and it shook them into the next round. Next up, Kid Illusion is a combination of Michael Jackson and Electric Boogaloo (Breakin' 2 title). At audition, he shone off a little magic, but when he took off his jacket, the track switched and did a little footwork. However, Nigel said he didn't give illusion, but Kid Illusion is 31 years old and he's past the show's audition age limit, so he disappears as we go next to Andre Meggerson who had a little fun with roller skates. He did some tricks with a scarf and a water bottle, he even did some fast running there. He's gone to the next round, but Nigel warns him no cheating on the skates. Up next, a white Russian named Snejana Urbin who got the floor shakin' with some fancy footwork. She told Nigel her mom was a dancer and was given birth on stage...awww...! Bonnie said it was beautiful footwork, and she goes on.

If this were a game of Balderdash, the words would be Buckness & Apness, but what do they mean? Justin Johnson, the Buckness guy did a little throwdown, while the Apness guy did some on his own. Compared to these 2 dancers, we get a montage of these dancers called Krumpers. These dancers were inspired by the movie "Rize." And then, we see Erin McKinnon, who does a ballet in a black ballet costume. Bonnie said it was OK to move her into the next round. Geronimo Nunez is next, and by the looks of a pro-wrestler like costume, he started dancing at age 9 and turned pro at age 12. He takes off the cape and does a mean & nasty flamenco and he did get down. Nigel said it was strong, physical and magnetic, and those were the right words to move on to round 2.

It's round 2 and 58 people came, but because 58 wasn't enough, they took a fast forward to round 3 where the dancers picked their partners liked Richard & Snow. It was a battle of the sexes as the girls moved on and the guys were gone. Ryan is the sole member left of the 6-Step Crew as he goes to work, Giselle & Atrem took partners of their own, and so did Andre. Timo, Aaron & Snow seemed pretty comfortable out there, but will they make it to Hollywood?

Andre did so fine with his skates off, but despite a banter between Bonnie & Nigel, he goes on. Next, we get a short montage of people not making it. Then, we see Ryan, who mentioned by Nigel that he had light in his eyes when he danced, has found his light at the end of the tunnel as he moves on. Nigel needed some separation anxiety to pull Giselle & Artem together, however, Giselle is gone and Artem moves on. And with that, of the 13 people, he joins Ryan, Andre, Timo, Terri, Marvin, Destiny, Snow, Michelle and 4 more people all moving on to Hollywood.

It's Day 2, and the auditions are turning out to be a circus, as a couple of Tikian dancers wearing African costumes strut their stuff on the street. Back inside the Orpheum theater, Taye Hill did some dancing on the stilts and doesn't need them as he goes on. Next, we see an acrobat team of 5, doing an amazing act that would make any circus tour proud. 2 of them were past 30, 1 is at 30, and 2 are in their 20's. Nigel said he worked with the Kenya Boys back then, but they were all ejected from the audition. Nick McGough shows us what you can do with orange shorts as he hails from Las Vegas with some nice flips and awesome dancing. Nigel said he is a strong dancer and he's confident to take him through. Krystal Grillot's a ballet dancer who keeps herself on her toes for endurance. But Nigel said it was sadly lacking, and she went home crying out the door.

The east coast had a big poppa named Christopher Wallace (R.I.P), and there's one on the west coast named Allan Frias as he did some hip-hop dancing. Nigel said it was well done, and he moves on. Nick & Melody are up next, they were best friends who grew up in the bay area and moved to LA to pursue a dream in dancing. Will they keep the dream alive or will it be a nightmare for them? Melody Lacanyanga went first and did some artistic showmanship. Bonnie said dancers get paid the least and she worked the hardest and Nigel said it was her best techniques as she moves on. Nick Lazani is next coming into the stage with one shoe on and one without thinking the floor is slippery. But it didn't slip with some fine spinning & choreography. Nigel said he is a better dancer at 20, Bonnie said it was brilliant and Jeff said it had all of it, and that was all of him as he moves on. So, 1 couple goes ahead as another couple named Cinya & Rodridgo, who are engaged, ! took the stage. Cinya did some fine partner work with him, and they were extremely good to move on to round 2.

Sandra Colton is a tap dancer, but doesn't need music as she gets her tap on. Nigel said she won the day for him and earned her a spot in round 2. Blake McGrath is next and he rocked hard with his dancing, especially when he took a leg tumble. Bonnie said it was wonderful, but Jeff din't like it, but who cares? He goes on. Then, he changes his ego sounding like a pro wrestler preparing for his next match. Can we please move on?

The Freak show are up and they are a group of breakers wearing piercings on their faces. They can do it on the street, but how well will they take the stage? 1 did some Indian-style tricks, another did some leg work, and then another doing air-leg tricks and another doing an upside-down balance. However, none of them moved on. 2 of them were left and Geovanny started off with a stand-on-your-head balance act and he moves on. The other was Vargas (AKA Darkside) as he did a leap over a table, took his cap off and did some fast breakdancing. Nigel said he was like a wild animal, and he's wild enough to move on.

It's Round 2, and Carrie Ann teaches the dancers a move or 2 as the do the Mambo. The battle of the sexes was on again as the girls went first. And as you can tell, the pros went through. It was the guys turn to step it up rejoining 2 freaks from the freak show as they worked hard. 3 men went on but 2 freaks remained as they dance silly. The Freak show's curtain was closed as 2 were gone. Round 3 is starting, and the dancers choose which partner they like best. Melody & Nick split up to find partners of their own, while Big Poppa picked Sandra to be his pony. Now, let's see who goes on and who goes home. Blake was a tremendous dancer, and he will be as he goes on. Next up, a montage of people dropped out like a sack of flies. Separation Anxiety were the words for Rodridgo & Cinya, as Rodrigo is out and Cinya goes on. Nicholas did great with a wardrobe change in round 2, but his cousins & uncles teased a lot back then. No teasing him, he moves on. Then,! more people were gone thanks to the mighty scissors of Nigel except for Big Poppa, who done incredibly well, thinking he was cut, doesn't want to as he moves on. And with his big reaction, he has heart, personality and love to make it...awww...but what about Melody & Nick? They got the glue to move on to the next round. Sandra the tap dancer is next up, and her dancing took her to Hollywood as she joins Ionis, Yusmia, Kyle, Cinya, Allan, Kyle, Melody, Nick, Blake, Nicolas, and 2 more people of 13 as they head to Hollywood.

50 people. 5 Choreographers. and next week, they go to Hollywood to improve their game for 5 days. Will Ashley improve her dancing? How will Nick do in lyrical class? and Who will face intense pressure in 5 rooms? Find out in 7 days. I'm Pierre Kelly and until then, dots & power pellets, i'm out.

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