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Fox is staging the ultimate dance battle with $100,000 on the line. Who'll get served, and who'll be the last dancer standing?

Recaps by Pierre Kelly, GSNN

Lauren Sanchez
Judges: Brian Friedman, Mia Michels, Nigel Lythgoe, Dan Karaty
Announcer: Mark Thompson
Creators: Simon Fuller, Nigel Lythgoe
EP: Simon Fuller, Allen Shapiro, Nigel Lythgoe
Packager: 19 Entertainment, dick clark productions
Wednesdays at 8pm ET on Fox

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"The Round of 10 (or 'March of Dime')" - September 7

It's time once again for So You Think You Can Dance. This week, 2 more are being sent home, and this week, all 10 will couple up and perform routines twice, but only 4 will go solo. Last week, Michelle & Craig were ousted from the competition, but it's a whole new ballgame as we figure out which 2 are sent home.

The show starts off different as all 12 dance solo, and then it's Lauren Sanchez's turn to hit the stage. Taking the judges' spots are: Brian Friedman, Mia Michaels, the headmaster of this show, Nigel Lythgoe and Dan Karaty. But let's flashback to earlier before this week...

Snow, Melody, Allan and Ryan are all in danger of not advancing to the next round. The girls will go first. We start off with Melody who did a lyrical with Allan, and again doing the exact same dance solo. And then there's Snow, who sported her new look, did a hip-hop with Ryan and did her own thing solo. Nigel said Snow is the best performer and Melody is a technical dancer, but the power's already out for one dancer and that's....Snow! Brian says this was Snow's small step on the way to a big career. We get a tribute video from her and...we don't get a solo. (Hmm, I wonder why it's different today.) Now it's the guys' turn. Allan & Ryan are all depending on staying here. Allan did a lyrical routine with Melody, but came back with a hip-hop solo, while Ryan did a hip-hop routine with Snow and did his own freestyle breakdancing solo. Mary said than Allan did not cross over to another style, but Ryan was unique. Who's falling off the dancing hi-wire this week? It's...Allan Frias! Mia had it was an amazing run he had, and we get a tribute video from him, too. That ends the Elimination of Doom, but don't run from your sets just yet, because we get a video from where GSN's "Mall Masters" was taped, and that's The Mall Of America in Minneapolis, MN. It's one frenetic shopping trip complete with beds, dancing kids, shopping bags and sea creatures. But now let's dive in as we start the couples round.

Melody struck a chord with viewers as she garners the most votes and singles out Jamile not to dancer with her ever.

As Lauren mentioned to start off, each couple will perform twice and only 4 will go solo. Melissa chooses Artem to be her partner and he gets...Pop! They'll work with Doriana Sanchez (Not related to the host) to perfect that style. It's a ballroom dancer and a jazz dancer about to burst this bubble in the pop routine dancing to the remix of "Don't Cha'" by the Pussycat Dolls. Melissa did her own mid-air spin in the early stages, but they both did some arm work there. She also did her own between the legs slide, a jump & turn, and one jump & hang. To end the song, she did a hanging dip there, but will their pop routine be hung out to dry? Brian said kudos to Artem, but Melissa needs hands too, Mia said it was a great performance, but Artem was lacking any jazz training, Nigel said it was great to start the show, and Dan said Melissa was amazing, but Artem was in trouble and hung in there perfectly. So for the 2nd week in a row, Melissa & Artem hung in there perfectly, but there's another couple to hang out on stage.

Kamialah gets Nick to be her partner and gets the Tango. They'll work with the mistress of the ballroom, Mary Murphy to master the moves. Last week, they took it back to the 70's with Disco and this week for the 2nd time, they'll go Argentian with a Tango to "Tangudia." During a portion of the song, Nick gave the rose to Kamliah, but she threw it away. Throughout the song, they both did some arm work, but getting near the end, Kamilah did a turn & dip carry, and to end it, Kamilah did her own mid-air copter spin & hang. Did their Tango get tangled by the negativity of the judges? Brian said Kamilah pulled it off and Nick was excellent, Mia said it was a great routine, but Kamilah's good dancing with upper body, but the footwork wasn't clear, however Nick was killing every style. Nigel said they did it so well with balance and Dan said straight up to Kamilah, she's hot, but Nick kept the vibe going. So Kamilah & Nick proved the nation that it took 2 to tango, and we have another 2 people to take a routine.

Melody is about to strike a chord with her new partner Ryan and he chooses...lyrical. They'll work with Tovaris Wilson to paint a few corners along the way. Let's get lyrical now with Melody Lacaynga, the lyrical dancer, and Ryan Confriedo, the breakdancer, doing an old Roberta Flack song, "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face." To start, Melody got up from a quick nap, and did her own twirls, jumps and even a leg left. Throughout the song, they both did mirror choreography, but Ryan did a lie-down move and a jump move to end it. How did that go? Brian said Melody saw the backbone, but Ryan's own did not. It felt very swooping to it. Mia said there were moments that were beautiful & real, but as if it were Simon Cowell, Ryan's feet were like 2 dead fish, but gave props anyway. Nigel said he was amazed by Ryan, but Melody's lines were wonderful, and Dan said it was unlucky for both. So Melody & Ryan were a little unlucky with their lyrical routine, but there's another lucky couple waiting for their first shot.

Destini once again gets Jamile, and he chooses the Quickstep as a style to master. They'll polish off their moves with Glen Weiss to work with them. Last week, they tore up the Vienesse Waltz, and they'll tear it up again to "Sing, Sing, Sing" for their quickstep. Throughout the song, they did some great footwork and went around the floor to dance, but Destini ended it with a kick & a dip. Now let's go to the judges. Brian said they need to tone it down this much, Mia said they need to tone down the facial and it needs more dance, Nigel agreed with both Brian & Mia, and Dan said it enjoyed the performance. So their quickstep was very slow on them, but let's get up to speed again with another couple.

Ashle will be last up and she gets Blake as her partner, and he gets the Samba. They're the 2nd couple to work with Mary Murphy. It's 2 lyrical dancers turning it up in the samba to "Jazz Machine." They both did some spin & head moves, and both did a little hip-hop by pumping. Blake went for a spin, but Ashle defined gravity with a floor spin and by the end they both did a quarter dip. Did they give it 100% for their routine? Brian said they totally looked like pros, Mia said they are 2 of their faves so far, Nigel said they were so grateful and Dan said they did really well. So, Their Samba rounds out part 1 of the round. No need for an intermission or a 7th-inning stretch, it's time for Part 2 to start off.

Kamilah & Nick go first and they chose...Pop! They're the 2nd couple to work with Doriana Sanchez. Last time, they took 2 to tango, and now, they'll pop out to Celine Dion's remix of "I Drove All Night." Nick did his own air-kick and a few turns during portions of the song. They did some mid-air moves, but Kamilah ended it with an almost spilt to dip. How did that go? Brian said they liked that routine, Mia said they were impressed, Nigel said it was absolutely incredible and Dan said he couldn't find anything negative. So, postivity goes to Kamilah & Nick for their pop routine and we get another couple to go ahead.

Melody & Ryan are 2nd with...the Fox Trot! They'll work with Mary Murphy to perfect that. Last time, their lyrical didn't work out, but can they with Fox Trot? Let's find out as they dance to Renee Olstead's "Is You is or Is you ain't." To go into the verse, Melody did a kick, and during the song, both did some dips and arm work, but Melody ended with a spin & a dip. Was their routine dead in the water? Brian said Ryan could not get past arabesque, but Melody was excellent, Mia said Ryan was most amazing, but had a problem on his feet, and overall, it missed the charm & charisma. Nigel said Fred Astaire would be, yeah...and Dan said Nick didn't feel the cool, but Melody did a good job. So, their Fox Trot was indeed dead in the water, as we go next to another couple.

Ashle & Blake are up next and they get...lyrical. They'll be the 2nd couple to work with Tovaris Wilson. 2 lyrical dancers are about to get lyrical to Richard Marx's "Right here Waiting." This was a nice artistic performance complete with spins, leg lifts & body movement. Now let's see what the judges think. Brian said it was nice to see it execute, Mia said it was like being in the ocean, Nigel said it was beautifully danced and Dan said more of that was gonna happen. So, they both made waves with their lyrical routine, but we got another couple to hang ten with.

Melissa & Artem get the 4th position and they get...the Quickstep. They'll work with Glen Weiss to polish off their moves. Now let's see them quickstep to "Big Swing Face." To begin, both came out of the stage, bowed at each other and walked down the stairs to the dance area where they danced around the floor, and showed off spin moves and some footwork. Melissa ended it with a spin and sit move. Was their quickstep fast & furious or slow & steady? Brian said it was a great quickstep, Mia said they did an amazing job, Nigel said he liked the way it covered the stage and Dan said it was phenomenal. So, bravo on their quickstep, but we got one more couple to take the floor.

Destini & Jamile are last up and they get...hip-hop. They'll work with Shane Sparks for a little magic. Now it's time to dance as Destini & Jamile jam to the Ying Yang Twinz's "Shake." Destini did her own floor move and butt shake to start off, but she showed poise as she did a split shake. Both did a lie-down move and by the end, Destini did her own bending. The crowd was on its feet for that performance. Did the judges agree with that? Brian said it was perfect, Mia said it was, okay...Nigel said it shocked Destini and gave a big well done to Shane Sparks who is in the audience, and Dan said it was nasty. So, they batted cleanup with their hip-hop routine, but the janitorial crew is out to clean up the dirty stuff as we end this round. It's time to see who made a mess on the dance floor.

Brian went first and he chose Melody & Ryan, and Dan followed that up with Jamile & Destini. It's time for all 4 to clear the lanes and we takeoff for flight and balance in the solo round.

The crowd was chanting out Ryan, but nope, it was Melody doing En Vogue's "Giving him something he can feel." It was nothing but twists & turns, and didn't need any suspense for her solo. Ryan is up next doing Eric B. & Rakim's "Know The Ledge." He did very fine breakdancing and awesome contortionist work. He tried to do a head spin, but alas, the clock struck zero! Now, the crowd loves him. Destini's up telling Linda Eder to "Bring On The Men." She brought leg spins and a sense of dancing attitude to run out the 45-second dance clock. Lastly, Jamile, doing Rick James' "Give it to me baby." He did some robotic armwork to start off, did his own breakdancing, and in the last ticking seconds, a head copter spin. That'll end the round, but sadly, the lights are dimmed as this show is over. Remember, for 2 hours only, fans can vote at 1-888-TEMPO-0# (position based on tonight's solo round) to see who stays here.

Next week, who made the Elite 8? Tune in and find out. Until then, I'm Pierre Kelly saying dots & power pellets, I'm out.

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