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Fox is staging the ultimate dance battle with $100,000 on the line. Who'll get served, and who'll be the last dancer standing?

Recaps by Pierre Kelly, GSNN

Lauren Sanchez
Judges: Brian Friedman, Mia Michels, Nigel Lythgoe, Dan Karaty
Announcer: Mark Thompson
Creators: Simon Fuller, Nigel Lythgoe
EP: Simon Fuller, Allen Shapiro, Nigel Lythgoe
Packager: 19 Entertainment, dick clark productions
Wednesdays at 8pm ET on Fox

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"The Round of 8 (or 'Those Crazy Eights')" - September 14

So You Think You can Dance invades your living room once again with the continuing finals competition. I'm your roving backstage reporter, Pierre Kelly. This week, all 8 dancers will tear up the floor, and by the end, 1/2 of it will go solo. Last week, Snow & Allan were knocked out of the competition, but as we get closer, who else is joining Snow & Allan in this competition?

The girls go first as always. It's down to Destini & Jamile. Destini did some ballroom & hip-hop with Jamile, and brought her own sense of attitude solo, while Melody chose the right style with lyrical, then the Fox Trot, ending with a lyrical solo. Whose game is definitlely over now? It's...Destini Rogers! We get a tribute video about her, and now it's the guys turn for their elimination. It's the battle of the breakers, Jamile & Ryan. Jamile did a quickstep and hip-hop with Destini, all ending with a solo, while Ryan tried to tackle lyrical and the Fox Trot with Melody, and did his own solo, too. Lauren breaks to news to tell one of them that "You've been eliminated" and that person is...Ryan Confriedo! He gets a tribute video as the last of the 6-step crew is now 86'd. We must now press on with a video direct from the Kalahara Resort, and as we dive in, we see nothing but bartenders, swimming dancers, and of course, fun with water slides. Now's let's dry ourselves off and get ready for the couples round.

Since this week's show is only an hour, this show saves time by scrapping who got the most votes and rehearsal scenes, so we can get down to some dancing. Let's Party!

Nick is up first, choosing Kamilah as his partner, and gets to Mambo as for the 3rd week in a row, they'll Mambo to "Mambo Cool." Kamilah did a slide through in the first few seconds, but did her own hop & flip over Nick. She also did a hop & hang as well. Both did a little swerving, but getting close to the end, Nick did a circling leg sweep, and did a flip to end the song. Nick & Kamilah will take a seat while we go to our next couple.

Blake picks Melody as his pony, and she gets to go...lyrical! This must be good. 2 lyrical dancers will be dancing to DJ Sammy's "Heaven." To start off, both went downstairs to the stage for a little artistic presentation, but Blake did some fancy spins, while Melody did her own jump. Melody made a big play by doing an air hang, but by the end, both did a little romantic sit-down. The song is over, and it's time for Blake & Melody to sit on the bench as we get set for another couple.

Artem gets to have Ashle as his partner, and she tries out...the fox trot. Let's see how they Fox Trot to Michael Buble's "Fever." Ashle did her own spin, but she took Artem's hat off and hung in there for dancing as she put her hat on, and then tossed it out of there. She also did a nice kick and they both did some nice footwork to top it off. Both will trot out of the stage as we go to one more couple.

Jamile is last up picking Melissa as his partner and she gets...Hip Hop! How well will they do to The Young Gunz's "Can't Stop, Won't Stop?" To start off, both did a little puppet work, but throughout the song, they showed off their skills, but when the lights went down, they did a little slo-mo walk under the strobe lights, and when the lights were back on, Ashle did her own mid-air bicycle kicks. Both tried to get romantic, but nothing happened. By the end, they did an upside down handstand. That'll end this part, but the judges won't need a coffee break as we head to the next part.

Nick & Kamilah go first again and they get...contemporary. Let's see if they design these steps to The Police's "King Of Pain." Throughout the song, they both worked with a magic stick, but Kamilah did her own air carry, while Nick did a jump over Kamilah. Both share the stick for a move, but both ended it with a statue-like pose. Now let's see what the judges thought. Dan said the Mambo was not close enough, but liked contemporary, Nigel said there were too many tricks with the mambo, but agrees with the 2nd routine, Mary said the Mambo was not good, but it was a fabulous job with the 2nd, and Brian said the Mambo was extremely awkward, but the 2nd one brought it back. So their Mambo didn't add spice to it, but renovated on their 2nd routine as we go to another couple.

Artem & Ashle are up doing...The Cha-Cha. Will that work out? Let's find out. Ashle started off with a few spins, but Artem did a little of Ashle's leg work there. Ashle, however responded with a low-air spin. Artem did his own slide through, but Ashle did a little hat toss of her own. Both did some contortionist arm work, and Ashle ended it with a dip. How well did the judges fare on both routines? Dan said Artem hit the jackpot on 2 routines, while Ashle adapted everything on the 1st and didn't on the 2nd, Nigel said Artem was turning feet out the 1st routine, but Ashle wasn't, Mary said Fred Astaire would've been smiling, because Artem adapted so well, and a great job by Ashle, and Brian said the Fox Trot was the smoothest flow, and loved it on the Cha-Cha. So both did a great job being partners this week, as we go to another couple.

Blake & Melody are up doing...Disco! They'll take it back to 1977 with the Bee Gees' "You Should Be Dancing." Melody did her own dip and they both went downstairs to the stage for some arm work throughout the song. Melody put up a few tricks by doing spins, a dip and even a floor spin. Getting close to the end, She also did an air-hang spin. Will they not hang in the bottom 4? Dan said on lyrical alone, Melody didn't get a leg up, but that and the disco was great. Nigel said the lyrical had beautiful lines, but the Disco was great fun and the music did made it. Mary said the lyrical performance was in "heaven" and the disco was so classic thanks to Blake, and Melody looked like a disco ball. Brian rounded it out saying that the lyrical loved it and flowed perfectly and the Disco was exciting to watch. So they both scored on lyrical & disco, but we got one more couple hanging in the balance.

Jamile & Melissa get for the 2nd routine...Paso Doble. Last time, they took it to the dirty south with hip-hop and now, and they'll take it even more south doing a paso doble to a song you hear in sporting events, "Spanish Gypsy Song." Throughout the song, both showed off a little Spanish flair, but Melissa gave credit by doing a leg squirm, a jump and even a dip to end it. Now let's see what the judges thought. Dan said the Paso Doble paid off thanks to Melissa, but the Hip-hop was fun, Nigel said the Hip-hop was unique, but the paso doble was the misfortune of picking out the partner. Mary said both routines were great, and Brian said Jamile was here for Melissa in the paso doble, but in hip-hop, Melissa was one funky little white girl. So that ends the round, but not yet my friends, it's time to see who made the bottom 4.

Nigel went up and chose Jamile & Melissa while Brian chose the A's, Artem & Ashle. Who will make the super 6 next week? The box is locked, the lights are on, it's Solo Round time!

Ashle is up first doing "La Corrida." She did a leg hold, a few jumps and an artistic flow to drain out the 45-second dance clock. Artem is next up doing the Black Eyed Peas' "Don't Phunk with my Heart." (or is it "Don't Mess with my Heart?" I'll never know.) He did some salsa moves, a knee bend and a few arm pumps for his solo. Melissa's next doing "Gone" by Kelly Clarkson. She did some jumps, spins and a whole lot of ballet to run out the clock. Last up, Jamile doing the Gap Band's "You Dropped a Bomb on Me." He did some chest pumps, a split, a mesmerizing spacewalk, and in the last seconds, a knee pull. That'll end the round and the show, as we go OFF THE AIR for this week. To save them from elimination, call 1-888-TEMPO-0# (position based on tonight''s solo round) to pick one dancer.

Next week, it gets deeper as we findout who made the Super 6. Until then, I'm Pierre Kelly saying dots & power pellets, i'm out.

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