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Eighteen players -- including two of the biggest villains in the history of the game -- venture to Nicaragua to outwit, outplay, and outlast in the classic game of survival for a million dollars. And THIS time, there's a possibility for them to come BACK from Redemption Island! Twenty castaways, 39 days... only ONE Survivor!

Recaps by Chico Alexander & Chris Wolvie, GSNN

Host Jeff Probst
Creator Charlie Parsons
EP Mark Burnett
Charlie Parsons
David Burris
Jeff Probst
Packager Mark Burnett Productions
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Castaway TV Productions
Origins San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua
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We Hate Our Tribe (Zapatera)
March 16



Things couldn't be better for the boys and girls in purple. There's an upbeat attitude, the fish are riding the waves into the nets (well, a FEW are) and we keep winning Challenges that we don't throw. The only two not enjoying it as much as others are, of course, Russell's girls Stephanie and Krista. Steve wants to integrate them with the Alliance of Six and show they're not back-stabbers. He would like a unified tribe come merge-time. Julie, however, could care less about the two; their joining with the Allaince King makes them the next to go in her mind.

But, first, Tree Mail Time!

Another duel is happening at the arena.
course, you know the score.
It doesn't matter how you choose them,
It's time to send two more.

This time the four who haven't gone yet draw cards. And, as luck would have it, it's Steph and Krista. They get to watch (along with Ometepe's Bahstin Rob and Grant) as Matt wins his third duel in a row and Kristina is gone for good. But, more than that, they get to TELL the Ometepes what a God-awful experience Zapatera is. And they let Rob, Grant and Matt know that, should they make the merge, they are more than willing to side with the orange crew. (I'll let Chico talk about the duel itself.)

"I don't wanna go back," says Stephanie as she and Krista march back to Zapatera. They decide to tell everything that happened at the duel save, of course, for them yammering about betrayal. They just need to keep winning Challenges. Otherwise,...they're certain they won't MAKE it to the merge.


Krista makes an interesting point; there's been no talk of strategy among the tribe...as if they are destined to win all the Challenges up to the merge. Mike doesn't think Russell's girls have too much influence in the tribe. After all, THEY certainly can't throw the Challenge or else THEY'LL be gone. They don't need to strategize about who leaves; they just need to win. Julie is STILL worried about karma biting them in the backside.


To Challenge Beach again with Uncle Jeff. And the Challenge is another loud-leading-the-blind Challenges that my tribe are USUALLY good at doing. One caller leads blindfolded others around a maze, collecting bags of coffee beans filled with letter tiles and returning them to the caller. Once all four bags are back, the caller rearranges the tiles to form a message ("THE SWEET TASTE OF VICTORY"). First caller to do that wins Immunity for his/her tribe. And, since there are coffee beans, a Reward of a coffee grinder, coffee condiments, mugs, tea set and a basket of pastries go along with it. Ralph's mouth is already watering. We sit out Steve and Julie, the tribes select Steph and Rob as callers (after much debate) and place fresh Buffs(tm) over everyone else's eyes.

"Survivors ready...GO!".

Steph seems to be doing well for Zapatera, getting the first bag via Mike. Sarita and Krista snag two others as Ometepe gets their first one. But getting the bags is one thing; getting said bags back to home base is quite the other. While Rob seems to take things one bag at a time while Steph gets the girls' bags back while Ralph is screaming for instructions for himself. Rob is a brilliant caller...Steph just wants everyone but HER to shut up! As such, it's three-to-three in bags returned over time.

Steph tries to herd Ralph towards the final bag...but Grant already HAS it. Ralph finally grabs his...and it's a scramble to the end. Rob is the first to open his bags (coffee beans falling all over the place) and get to the tiles. Ralph eventually gets there and Steph starts untying the bags and getting out the tiles. Rob has the advantage, ebing such a great puzzle solver...but it's hard to solve a puzzle without all the pieces...and Rob dropped one tile off the side. Steph opens all her bags before Rob and gets to work. She has "THE"...working on "VICTORY"...thinks "OF" is "TO", though. Rob puts out all the pieces and THEN finds the dropped one.

Steph moves tiles around, looking for something that makes sense. Rob just stands there for a minute...and then rapidly rearranges tiles. Suddenly, we start to wish that David had called as Rob asks for a judgment...and Ometepe will have THE SWEET TASTE OF VICTORY as they WIN IMMUNITY AND REWARD! Well, time for strategy...but, according to Julie, the tribe being slammed by karma equals one of Russell's girls being sent to RI (and not Rhode Island, though that may not be better)!


While Rob does his clue swapping for a 3I that's already taken, things are much less cheery back at Zapatera than they were 48 hours ago. Especially with the Allaince of Six. They think David should have been the caller as he's the "puzzle guy" of the tribe. But Sarita defended her choice by saying David is not good under pressure...which, of course, pisses David off. The argument that ensues could probably be heard back at camp.

Mike knows exactly who's going this time: the one who floundered at the Challenge, Stephanie (like a whole baseball team blaming their loss on a pitcher who let the other team hit a grand slam, I guess). Julie, however, would rather Krista get tanked because she seems a hopeless case. Sarite would rather chuck David after their squabble, but she'll stick with the Ao6. And Russell's girls? They're resigned to their fate. All they can hope is for whoever is voted out to stay strong at Redemption Island...and the other to stay strong at Zapatera. Krista believes that, deep down, NONE of the Ao6 will make it after the merge.


Well, hey, Uncle Jeff. Time for a tongue-lashing again? OK, let's get at it.

Krista tells her suspicions that the Ao6 have stopped "playing the game" once Russell was gone and that it'll hurt them in the end. Sarita says they're just still stoked about kicking out Russell that they want to stick it out. But Krista says that "playing the game" doesn't mean sticking with six because, evenutally, you'll have to vote your alliance-mates out. Mike counters saying Krista has been abbrassive with the tribe from the start and that she never trusted anyone else but Steph and Russell.

When asked about "sub-alliances" within the Ao6, Krista thinks one of them is Mike and Steve (with Julie dragging along) and Sarita and Ralph...leaving David by himself. Mike agrees with Uncle Jeff that there may have been some "outing"...but there has been a LOT of strategy-talk amid the six.

And the Challenge? Steve says he bowed to the tribal choice of Stephanie but he himself would've rather David had called and solved. Steph is hoping on her otherwise good record in other Challenges and around the camp to keep her on. Russell's girls then say they hope to stay strong on Zapatera AND Redemption Island and hope for the best once Redemption is found.

It is time to vote...but do we really need to go through the drama? Nah, let's just get to the tally and see which girl is gone:








In an obvious 6-2 vote, the blond will have to have more fun on RI and HOPE she can be the unstoppable Matt in the next duel. She gets a BIG hug and a "don't be scared" from Steph as she hikes to her second chance. But Uncle Jeff wonders what kind of damage has been done to the Ao6 by Krista not going quietly into the night.

To view this episode in its entirety, along with extras and blogs, as well as information on how to become a contestant, go to cbs.com/survivor.