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February 16 (Zapatera)
February 23 (Ometepe)
February 23 (Zapatera)


Eighteen players -- including two of the biggest villains in the history of the game -- venture to Nicaragua to outwit, outplay, and outlast in the classic game of survival for a million dollars. And THIS time, there's a possibility for them to come BACK from Redemption Island! Twenty castaways, 39 days... only ONE Survivor!

Recaps by Chico Alexander & Chris Wolvie, GSNN

Host Jeff Probst
Creator Charlie Parsons
EP Mark Burnett
Charlie Parsons
David Burris
Jeff Probst
Packager Mark Burnett Productions
Survivor Productions
Castaway TV Productions
Origins San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua
Web cbs.com/survivor
Airs 8p Wed, CBS

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You Own My Vote (Ometepe)
February 23


Last time, 18 average Americans (your definition of the term may vary) were joined by two of the greatest villains to ever play the game to start up the 22nd round of "Survivor". Jeff brought up a new twist in the game called "Redemption Island", where one person would stay and fight until a predetermined time in the game where they would return to the tribe. Tribal alliances were formed... and were promptly folded... as Francesca became the first person to be sent to the Island. Now 19 remain...


Francesca arrives and reads the notice of the rules of Redemption Island: she will receive plenty of drinking water as well as a stipend of rice daily and supplies to set up camp as she would back on the beach. Francesca sees this as a blessing in disguise, as she wasn't in any tribal alliance, but she didn't burn any bridges as well.


Kristina is grateful that she has the hidden idol on her person, noting how crazy Tribal Council was. It's not the end of the game by any stretch. Rob is quick to note how he thinks (read: "knows for a fact") that Kristina and Phillip are lying. About what? Who knows. Phillip tells Rob that he owns his vote. Rob doesn't know if he's delusional, but he is a good-hearted guy. "Government jobs... STRESSFUL."

I guess marriage softened him a bit.

"Phillip did it to himself. He's an idiot!"

Never mind.


Phillip of the Tighty-Pinkies starts the morning out... hunting. For what, we're not exactly sure. Maybe crab. Maybe crayfish. Maybe his faculties... Ah, it's for crab. The others provide narration. Crikey. One thing we do find out about Phillip is that he has worn the uniform of service to his country, and the vow to protect the same against all enemies foreign and domestic is not one he takes lightly. He uses it as a vehicle for trust... That, and the crab he nails. Take that, Francesca.


Sex on the beach... Okay, not really, but Matt & Andrea are close. She goes on about how cute he is and what a good friend he is, blah blah blah, oops, here come Rob. He can't have any of that. "Andrea knows what she wants. She wants her little puppydog, and she's going to walk him all over this island, and for me, that's not good. Because I know how strong a pair can be in this game. Like Amber and I." Hi, Amber, from us too.

Rob's rallying the troops to try and break up this potential couple. Natalie could come in handy, as Rob plans to pick her up over his back and drag her ass to the end. His words. Natalie trusts Rob, but she's going to play it smart.

R/I-CHALLENGE: LET'S GET SMASHED! (for fishing gear)

Swim to a moat and climb a ladder to a tower, then jump off of the tower and smash a tile to retrieve a key. Once you retrieve five, one person will unlock a box that contains a ball which the remaining two tribesmen will use to try and break five MORE tiles. Winner stays, loser has a date with Jeff at Tribal Council TONIGHT.

Sitting out for Zapatera: DAVID.

Winners.... ZAPATERA. First to shake Zapatera's hands... Matt. Pay attention, this is relevant.

Over on Redemption Island... Francesca sits... writes... and waits... Oh, if you go to Redemption Island, you get your "luxury item" from home. In Francesca's case, a journal. So there's that.


WAIT!!! PHILLIP HAS SOMETHING TO SAY! He wants everyone to continue performing admirably, and he wishes that he could do the same. He won't be running around for votes, because that's not him. It's not necessary, and we'll see if the tribe will do what's best for the tribe. Yes Phillip is a little loose, but Matt, according to Rob, is trying to play the "good Christian social game" on day friggin' five.

Kristina has no choice but to play the idol tonight. So that's what she's going to do.

Rob rallies his secret army again to talk about what they're next move is. The target: Matt. Rob doesn't want to vote for Matt, but going over to the other tribe makes him uneasy. Rob wanted to keep the team strong, but at the same time... he's playing with the puppetmaster. What do you expect?

Andrea gets wind of the plan to backdoor Phillip... girls vote for Kristina, guys vote for Phillip, Kristina plays the idol, goodbye crazy man. This is what she believes. The vote is split 3-3. BUT in all actuality, that little pow-wow.. Meaningless. Rob, Ashley, Natalie, and Grant are voting for Matt. If Kristina plays the idol, it's all the better for HIM.

As for Phillip, Rob gets the idea that Phillip wants him to tell him what to do. Rob tells him no matter what he's going to be fine, just keep your mouth shut. (C-Note: He won't, and you know he won't). Matt is impressed by the man's gamesmanship. Rob tells Phillip to watch for a signal of a hand on a shoulder for the person to vote for. This will be a good task to see if Phillip will do what he says he will.


Kristina is now wearing the idol proudly, having a feeling that she's going to play it. Phillip likens himself to a gorilla and a lion, but at the same time says that he lost and he needs to redeem himself for the loss. Rob can understand what he's going through, because he's a competitor himself. Matt calls Phillip a huge asset around camp. A lot of uncertainty in this vote. Phillip says that he's not going to lay down and die, looking forward to meeting his nemesis Frances-qua. Matt thinks about "how many come back" and "what time" in regards to Redemption Island.

Someone's about to join Francesca on Redemption Island. TIME TO VOTE!

Phillip: "Cristina" - "For lying and being a manipulator, along with your friend Francesca."
Kristina: PHIL(lip)
Rob: (hidden) - "Are you kidding me? Hope you don't hold it against me, bud, and I'll see you on the flip side."

Sure enough, Kristina will play the Idol tonight. Votes against her will not count. Sorry, Phillip.

Andrea: KRISTINA (null vote)
Ashley: MATT
Grant: MATT
Natalie: MATT

And Rob's deciding vote... MATT.

By a vote of 4-2... "Good work, guys!"  You will fight to stay alive in three days, but for now... MATT... THE TRIBE HAS SPOKEN. The message sent... Learn the game quickly... or be sent to exile.

To view this episode in its entirety, along with extras and blogs, as well as information on how to become a contestant, go to cbs.com/survivor.