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February 23 (Zapatera)


Eighteen players -- including two of the biggest villains in the history of the game -- venture to Nicaragua to outwit, outplay, and outlast in the classic game of survival for a million dollars. And THIS time, there's a possibility for them to come BACK from Redemption Island! Twenty castaways, 39 days... only ONE Survivor!

Recaps by Chico Alexander & Chris Wolvie, GSNN

Host Jeff Probst
Creator Charlie Parsons
EP Mark Burnett
Charlie Parsons
David Burris
Jeff Probst
Packager Mark Burnett Productions
Survivor Productions
Castaway TV Productions
Origins San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua
Web cbs.com/survivor
Airs 8p Wed, CBS

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You Own My Vote (Ometepe)
February 23




That's what Ralph seems to do well aside from building; hop up on logs, flap his elbows and crow like a rooster (hence his nickname). Russell is NOT impressed, though, feeling Ralph's the "dumbest person on the face of this Earth" and who could be easily kicked out by his alliance. Of course, his alliance current consists of just him and Stephanie...but he's branching out. He has Krista in his sights and talks to her about the eventual "Individual Immunity Idol" (or "3I" as I call it) clue coming with the next Reward Challenge. Russell doesn't want to wait; like Kristina back in Ometepe, he wants to find the 3I right now! So he, Stephanie and Krista set out to look for it. He's CERTAIN he'll find it...because it's what he does well.

So the search goes on...but finding it is a different story. And it doesn't go unnoticed by Steve and Mike. Meanwhile, "Rooster" is out picking up rocks for...some reason. After getting bitten by fire ants, he lifts a rock near a small tree, looks inside a hole in the root...and pulls out an Individual Immunity Idol! (Dude, they have GOT to hide those 3Is better!) A crow is heard...but no one knows if it's because of his discovery or just a random cock-a-doodle. But Ralph is damned happy to have found it, saying to the camera, "Eat your heart out, Russell!"


Challenge Cove, Uncle Jeff, a Francesca-less Ometepe and a fairly interesting set-up as Ralph gives back the Immunity Idol, saying he'll take it right back soon...and Phillip gets angry. Let's get to it:

Five members, one at a time, swim across the Survivor Challenge Pool and break a tile to release a key. Once all five keys are in place, a sixth member unlocks a trunk to get a heavy ball. The last two take turns to toss it at five more tiles, attempting to shatter them. First tribe to break all the tiles gets to lay back and relax while the other sends someone to duel Francesca to remain of Redemption Island. Oh, and the winning tribe ALSO gets fishing gear. Zapatera puts David on the bench to even things out and we get ready to go.

"Survivors ready...GO!"

It starts with Grant vs. Steve...and Grant pretty much reaches the platform before coming up for air. And he just SNAGS the key off the tile and swims back, leaving Steve in his wake (almost literally). Ashley vs. Sarita doesn't help Zapatera much. Matt goes for Ometepe and gets key #3 before Sarita can tag for Julie. Andrea belly-flops but holds the lead, Russell trying hard to catch up. Bahstin Rob runs the anchor and all the keys are in before Mike is half-way to the platform.

Phase II: unlocking the box. It's Natalie for Ometepe, working hard while Mike brings back Zapatera's last key. Stephanie is the lock picker, trying to work out which of the five keys opens the three locks. Steph lucks out and gets her first lock undone while Natalie struggles. It's close going to the final locks, but Steph manages to open Zapatera's box (not releasing evil like Pandora) and handing the ball the Ralph and Krista. A few seconds later, Phillip and Ashley get THEIR ball.

Phase III seems to be all guys; they won't relinquish control of the balls to the ladies...and the ladies seem all right with it. Phillip shatters first, with Ralph right behind. Ralph feels like he's at a carnival midway, tossing like a pro two break the second...and then third tile. Phillip aims for the upper tiles, figuring they'd be harder and best to get done with. A fourth purple tile is shattered and Ralph is close to winning that kewpie doll...er, Idol and gear. But the upper tile IS hard to break. Phillip FINALLY gets HIS upper tile...then cracks another as Ralph's ball HITS the final tile...but doesn't BREAK it. ANOTHER upper tile is broken and Ometepe has caught up. At four tiles apiece, who will break the tile, the tie and the other tribe's collective heart?

It's RALPH! Phillip was CLOSE, but the "Rooster" crows and ZAPATERA WINS IMMUNITY AND REWARD!

Awkward moment...Matt comes over and shakes hands with the conquerors...and Bahstin Rob don't LIKE it! Anyway, Ralph SAID he'd be taking the Idol back...and so he has. We take the gear and skeedaddle, leaving Ometepe wondering who they're going to send to face Francesca!


As a T-storm starts to roll in, so does Zapatera back into camp. Russell has the basket of fishing stuff...because he KNOWS there must be a clue to the 3I amidst it. Sure enough, it's in a flipper and he snags it right away. The tribe cheer for "Rooster"...and Ralph sees the Alliance King with the clue and inwardly laughs. He tells the others...and they agree not to let Russell touch a Reward again. Meanwhile, Russell meets with Stephanie and Krista and opens the clue:

Clue to hidden immunity

If the looming vote,
Has you in a scary spot...
Then I'd look where something is alive
Next to something that's not.

As they discuss the clue, along comes Mike (who is secretly disgusted by Russell's lies). They change the discussion to how bad a swimmer Sarita was. But then enters Ralph who asks up front if there was a 3I clue. "Maybe there was," replies Russell. "You're either WITH me...or AGAINST me!". And the shouting match betwixt "Rooster" and Russell erupts from there...but Ralph seems to be calmed when Russell admits not having it...yet. Ohhhhhhh, if he ONLY knew...


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