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March 2 (Zapatera)


Eighteen players -- including two of the biggest villains in the history of the game -- venture to Nicaragua to outwit, outplay, and outlast in the classic game of survival for a million dollars. And THIS time, there's a possibility for them to come BACK from Redemption Island! Twenty castaways, 39 days... only ONE Survivor!

Recaps by Chico Alexander & Chris Wolvie, GSNN

Host Jeff Probst
Creator Charlie Parsons
EP Mark Burnett
Charlie Parsons
David Burris
Jeff Probst
Packager Mark Burnett Productions
Survivor Productions
Castaway TV Productions
Origins San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua
Web cbs.com/survivor
Airs 8p Wed, CBS

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Keep Hope Alive (Zapatera)
March 2



Today, you won't be competing
Choose two who'll get a chance to see...

What happens when you let your guard down
At a place you don't want to be.

*If you can't reach a unanimous decision, each of you will pull a stone out of the bag. If you pull out a tribe-colored stone, you will go on this adventure.

Ah, so two of us get to see the goings-on at Redemption Island, eh? We draw the stones, Steve and David draw the purple stones and head over there. Ometepe's Andrea and Ashley join us to see Matt vs. Francesca at Redemption Island Arena. Uncle Jeff Probst plays the part of Commodus as the two former Ometepes as they do the old sticks-make-pole-to-get-keys-to-unlock-door Challenge. Francesca rocked at this to start (which I'll let Chico expound upon if he desires) but Matt catches up quickly and is - duh - WINNING! With a burning of her Buff(tm), Fran goes home. Uncle Jeff tells us watchers that it's up to us as to exactly what we tell the rest of the tribe.


So what do Steve and David tell Russell? That "the black girl ended up pulling the thing off...and the blond dude is gone." Well, hell, he won't know the truth unless HE gets to Redemption Island so...why NOT bull-ess-ech-eye-tee? When Russell leaves, Steve tells the truth to the rest of the tribe. Russell knows it's six-to-three against him and that he NEEDS that Individual Immunity Idol that he got the clue for the other day. So he, Stephanie and Krista go searching for it...unaware that it's already been found by Ralph. Steph has a cunning plan, like poetry in her fingertips. She's gonna FAKE a 3I and pass it off. Steve seems to believe it as she holds a bag allegedly holding the 3I. He knows Russell is the cancer for happening and they have to hold strong until it's removed.


You KNOW the puss-filled pimples on your armpits are disgusting when an Iraq War Veteran says it is! That's what Mike says about Russell's pits. The men start to think that about Russell as a WHOLE and they're tired of him pretending he's a total b****in' rock star from Mars. So Steve comes up with an ingenious: THROW the next Challenge and vote off Russell before he gets a second clue to the 3I. Julie's not much for that, not wanting Ometepe to get out of THEIR funk and go on a roll of their own. They decide to decide when they get to said Challenge...which, they have to get to right now.


Everyone gets a look at the Matt-less Ometepe on Challenge Beach, Ralph again hands the Immunity Idol to Uncle Jeff (though he DOESN'T say it's coming right back) and we get the Challenge explained to us:

Three members on a water wheel, three others turning it. As each member goes under, they gulp some water and then spit it like they used to do at the dentist. Once a tube is filled with enough water, it'll drop a ball down to the seventh member, who must arrange a slide puzzle to create a path for the ball to get through. First to get the ball in the hall at the end wins Immunity. But that's not ALL: you also get some comfort items like canvas chairs, a tarp, some blankets and a lantern! Ralph and Sarita sit it out...but NOT before everyone gives a thumbs-up to Steve...the signal for throwing the challenge. Julie's STILL not comfy with it...but agrees to it.

"Survivors ready...GO!".

The other ladies of Zapatera are on the wheel with the men sans David turning it. Bahstin Rob is on the ground for Ometepe. At first, things look even...but Steve looks pooped...and Russell looks pooped for REAL so that slows them down. As it is, Ometepe is the first to have their ball drop (that sounds...wrong somehow) and Rob works on the puzzle. A minute later, the purple ball goes down and David gets to work.

David seems to hesitate at times, much to Steve's silent glee and Russell's silent chagrin. Not that Bahstin Rob is having a field day but he's still moving, wanting revenge on losing the first Challenge to David. David looks perplexed at the puzzle...like he wasn't even trying...wasn't even warm. Rob seems to have it done. He puts the ball in the puzzle, moves the ball down the path...and you can call it "bi-winning" because OMETEPE WINS IMMUNITY AND REWARD!

Rob thinks the win was overdue as they take the Idol and the comfort goods back to Ometepe. As for Russell...he SUSPECTS something. He feels he's dealing with fools and trolls...and that something smells rotten in Zapatera (and not just his pits)!


While the tribe knows they're picking a fight with the Alliance warlock of "Survivor", they already have the plan: three votes each for Russell and Stephanie. If Russell DOES have the 3I, it should force a tie and Russell's alliance is history. Else, it's a three-way tie, and whoever voted for Steph swings to Russell. It's win-win either way. Russell is almost CERTAIN the Challenge was thrown and looks to swing ONE vote away from him or his "girlfriends" to prevent his ousting. Steph is asked to go after Julie...and the conversation seems to go nowhere until Steph claims to have the 3I. Julie thinks Steph is making sense about her being #4 in Russell Alliance III...or so she SAYS. Then Russell himself approaches Julie...and says they'll be voting for Ralph tonight. Julie says she'll go with them...but, actually, she's not so sure.


Grass Missionary of Doom. Uncle Jeff. Torch...fire...life. Extinguished? Out (unless you're Redeemed later on). Sit. Let's talk.

Ralph thinks Tribal is good because they have "two teams in the same team". Steve elaborates that there's a six-three division...the three being Russell, Steph and Krista. Salina talks about Russell's "legacy" and how he lied about playing this game differently than the past. Russell fires back, saying that he's here to WIN Challenges...not like TODAY.

Mike says they didn't give 100%...and that some fat needs to be trimmed. Julie thinks numbers are important, wanting to have a larger tribe come the merge. Steph then plugs Russell like the man could strafe guns in his underwear. David tries to interject...but Steph shuts him up and says that throwing the Challenge is "plain stupidity"! But Steve outright says they did NOT throw it.

David says that Rob beat him...and Steph doubts it. David said his MIND was moving even if his hands weren't...and Steph rolls her eyes. Salina then goes into how Russell does nothing at camp...and Steph says he DOES things. Ralph then says Steph doesn't catch fish but will eat it handily...and Steph believes she's said enough. Uncle Jeff says the tribe's polarized.

Russell talks of the new tattoo on his bicep that says, "KEEP HOPE ALIVE". It's all he has, he says. And he adds that what the rest of the tribe THINKS may not be what it SEEMS...whatever that means.

It is time to vote. Into the small alcove goes each Zapatera, writing down the name of the one to be kicked out on a slip of parchment and inserting it into wicker cask. We see Ralph voting for "Ressell", Salina voting for Stephanie (and calling her rude) and "Ressell" voting for Ralph (saying, "This is MY game, sucka!"). Julie is the last...but we don't see if the swing is on.

Uncle Jeff tallies the votes, arranges them in a dramatic way (and asks for hidden 3Is, I'm sure, though it was edited out) and reads them to the tribe:










It's a three-way tie. All but the three involved must re-vote only for one of the three. Steve, Salina, Krista, Mike, David and Julie write down names and Uncle Jeff announces them again:






If one of Russell's girls rolled on him is unsure...but one thing is: Russell's third "Survivor" experience may only be nine days long unless he is Redeemed. For now, his torch is snuffed...and I'm sure the rest of Zapatera wishes him nothing but pain in his silly travels. His last words to the tribe before his surprise meeting with Matt at Redemption Island: "I'll be back...be ready!" Rooster Ralph replies, "I'll be ready!"

Uncle Jeff notes that they have voted out the most successful player in "Survivor" history...but wonders if that decision won't come back to haunt them. Even Steph whispers it: "Storm's a comin'."

(Y'know, I didn't care much for Charlie Sheen going bat-guano crazy...but I must admit that it's awesome the quotes he spewed! WINNING!)

To view this episode in its entirety, along with extras and blogs, as well as information on how to become a contestant, go to cbs.com/survivor.