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Past Real Worlders and Road Rulers come back to take on a set of viewers in the ultimate of competitions in MTV's reality franchises.

Recaps by Brian Moore, GSNN

Host TJ Lavin
Creators Mary-Ellis Bunim
Jonathan Murray
EP Jonathan Murray
Packager Bunim-Murray Productions for MTV
Origins Thailand
Airs 10p Wed, Food
Available In High-Definition Where AvailableStreaming Online

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Good Thai and Good Luck
December 9

In the season finale, the Champs become paranoid that they could lose in the end if one worrisome team member fails to pull their weight. And in the final challenge, all of the remaining players take part in a nail-biting, grueling race for the $160,000 prize to be split evenly among them.
The season began when 28 competitors arrived in Phuket, Thailand. Where they were then divided up into two teams, the Champions and the Challengers. Along the way, they competed head-to-head in a series of challenges with the Champs devouring the competition. In the Ruins, the Challengers fought back against them, sending home some of their toughest players.
We're now down to the final episode of the season, and these seven players remain...
Derrick - $19,300
Evan - $19,300
Johnny - $21,300
Kenny - $19,300
Susie - $31,520
KellyAnne - $13,300
Sarah - $17,700
Both of the teams are trying to channel their pre-final energy. Derrick misses her wife and baby at home as becoming a father has defnitely changed him a lot.
Sarah has full confidence in KellyAnne as she has seen her compete and getting the job done. KellyAnne motivates Sarah and vice-versa with her coming into and leaving the season with her.
Susie anticipates a lot of abuse from the boys, and if her team loses, she'll never hear the end of it. The only thing that has Johnny worried at this point is Susie and how she's going to perform. Derrick doesn't want to hear any more about it, but Kenny is also worried about Susie.
It sees that there's no end in Kenny's quest to get Sarah to crack. According to Kenny, 90% of this game is how much you can manipulate the situation. Sarah doesn't know what she did to the guys to get made fun of, but she just wants a 24-hour break from all that. Sadly, Kenny continues to talk smack to Sarah until she finally breaks down.
Derrick is worried about the consequences to losing the final challenge to two girls. He can't allow himself to think of how to explain about that potential situation. KellyAnne would find it neat if she wins $80,000 against a team of four guys and a girl.
Susie is shocked about how stupid Johnny is for going around the house saying she's a piece of ****. Susie thought he should not have done that yet and would have been smart enought to wait until its over. There is a lot of money on the line and Susie doesn't want Johnny to yell at her. In all honesty, if the Champs lose the final challenge, she wouldn't be all that sad.
Evan tries to smooth things over between Johnny and Susie. He has done everything for Susie and all of the Champs have to come together when the final challenge rolls around.
The teams receive their final clue...
> Congratulations on making it to the final! Let's see if you choose wisely, or let fate run its course. Be ready tomorrow in your team uniforms.
The teams do their best to prepare the night before the final. Sarah sees the guys as chickens running with their heads cut off, which brings a sense of calm to both her and KellyAnne.
The final challenge of the season is now upon the teams as they're at the starting line of a giant race course. Throughout the course, there is a series of checkpoints. At each one, all players on the team have to complete an assigned task to collect an artifact. There will be directions to let the teams know what to do with each artifact. The team who crosses the finish line will be joint Ruins champs and split $160,000 among/between themselves.
T.J. rings the gong and the teams are now off and running. They first get to the Bizarre Buffet where each player much completely finish each of the five foods on the table. For the curious, those foods are beetles, fried frog legs, durian (stinky Thai fruit), red chilies, and crickets and grasshoppers. The Challengers take a surprising lead after easily completing the task before the Champs do.
The challengers first arrive at a "Junction" sign...
Junction - You are now faced with four colored paths that will need to be completed in any order you choose. At the end of each path will be an artifact to collect. You will need all five artifacts placed in your team stone in order to open the secret door.
The Challengers arenow at the "Jigsaw Puzzle" checkpoint.
Jigsaw Puzzle - Complete this puzzle using the pieces provided to obtain your team artifact.
The Challengers can rest for a few moments while using their brains to figure this one out. But the Champs are lost and they have no idea what to do which leads Evan to consider Susie dead and the whole team in trouble. The Champs eventually get to their team stone to put up their first artifact before following the Challengers to the puzzle checkpoint.
The Challengers complete the puzzle first, grab their next artifact, take their pieces off the board, and move on. And at this point, panic sets in on the Champs as they realize they're a full artifact behind the Challengers who now lead 2-1.
Mud Pit - Each player must crawl through this mud pit to reach your team artifact and then crawl back.
Both KellyAnne and Sarah complete the first half of this checkpoint, but are sort of dreading the return trip. The Challengers now get their third artifact which means trouble for the Champs. Both teams now take on the "Short Cut" checkpoint.
Short Cut - Each player must walk across these bamboo poles.
The Champs are making good progress, but then Evan falls off, which means they have to start all over. The bamboo poles are also creating for the Challengers their worst nightmare. The Champs complete both halves of the task first to catch up to them as they now have three artifacts on their side.
The Champs now have their turn in the Mud Pit, dealing with a slow-moving Susie whom are getting impatient with. KellyAnne and Sarah now have completed the Short Cut task. Both teams are now tied with four artifacts a piece. The race is now neck and neck, and the Champs' backs are up against the walls at this point.
The final checkpoint of the race involves a difficult puzzle. From a line of 10 blocks, the teams have to form five stacks of two by only jumping two blocks at a time. They have five moves and a half-hour to do it in. Failing to solve the puzzle within a half hour will force the players of that team to carry one of the blocks through the rest of the course.
Thanks to Susie, the Champs have figured out the solution. Unfortunately for the Challengers, they timed out and have to endure holding on to a heavy block at the cost of their lead.
The competition comes down to a close foot race between both teams. But the Champs reach the Ruins arena first, putting the artifact on the giant mash, and claiming victory! The mask then reveals the big check for $160,000 to be grabbed by the Champs. They each get $32,000 a piece to be added to their individual total winnings. As for the Challengers, well at least they've finished the course.
And thus ends The Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Ruins. We hope that you'll look forward to next season, if there ever will be one.
Derrick - $51,300
Evan - $51,300
Johnny - $53,300
Kenny - $51,300
Susie - $63,520
KellyAnne - $13,300
Sarah - $17,700

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