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Past Real Worlders and Road Rulers come back to take on a set of viewers in the ultimate of competitions in MTV's reality franchises.

Recaps by Brian Moore, GSNN

Host TJ Lavin
Creators Mary-Ellis Bunim
Jonathan Murray
EP Jonathan Murray
Packager Bunim-Murray Productions for MTV
Origins Thailand
Airs 10p Wed, Food
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Girls Gone Wild
October 21

In our last episode, Evan and Veronica took their relationship to the next level. Tonya's drinking has made her an 'easy target' for ridicule. The challengers have finally won a challenge, but they've continued to lose players in the Ruins, leading them to a decline in morale.
Katie's drunken antics become a source of entertainment for Kenny, Evan, and Johnny. Katie finds a plunger on her bed and angrily assumes that either Kenny or Evan put it there. KellyAnne feels like they are truly getting off on being d***s. Kenny was doing this to break Katie down and let her know that she's 'dead weight', ugly, and serves no purposes to their team. The challengers are stressed out and there isn't much fat to be trimmed. They need to pool toghether and need to be really smart about how they go forth in the Ruins.
Over at another room Tonya once again goes into her drunken antics, which have also become a source of entertainment for Kenny, Evan and Johnny for quite a while. Wes sees this situation as Tonya being a ticking time bomb for whom she feels like they've crossed that line. Tonya has definitely worn out her welcome and vows to stop drinking. According to Brad, Tonya is in a situation where she just got divorced, but she has to get her s**t in order.
Katie knows that Kenny and Evan will be definitely trying to get rid of her very soon. Katie doesn't like how Kenny and Evan think they can control every team they've been on and use the girls as much as they can to get what they want thinking they're disposable.
It's now clue time, it is...
Has your team burned more bridges that it's built? Wear your bathing suits and your team uniforms.
For the second night in a row, Katie sees the plunger in her bed. And at this point, she takes her issues with Kenny and Evan out on Sarah. Johnny didn't think any of them were prepared for the hell that came out of Katie. After that had occured, Sarah went out of the room.
Evan and Kenny's goal is to get Sarah to feel welcome after Katie got her upset. Sarah hopes that Katie's words are not the thoughts of other people. Evan then gives a boquet of flowers to Sarah and is now feeling welcome.
After the teams have their 10-minute deliberations, they've nominated...
Challengers: Brad, Danny, Cohutta, Sarah, Casey, and Kimberly
Champions: Tonya, Katie, Susie, Darrell, Derrick, and Johnny
Challenge: Burning Bridge
The object of this challenge is to build themselves a floating bridge all the way out to their team raft, and then light it on fire. On T.J.'s signal, one person must run to the water to grab their first piece of the bridge. To retrieve that piece, they must release it from its anchor, and put it in its place on the bridge. When a team's bridge is 100% done, one player must then run across it to light up the raft with their torch. The first team do accomplish this wins this challenge.
The challengers were having the lead until Casey has her turn. She's struggling so much that the champs are catching up to them, eventually taking the lead. Casey doesn't have enough breath to stay down in the water, which doesn't bode well for the challengers. In the end Casey slowed her team down enough to give the champs the win, $20K, and each of the players a portable projector.
Tonya, Katie, Susie, Darrell, Derrick, and Johnny now get to do the matchmaking for the next Ruins elimination round. Eventually, Darell decides to take on Danny and Katie opts to go against Sarah. Katie picks Sarah, because she's new to the challenge. Katie talks a big game about how she's a fierce competitor. But according to Susie, the champs don't really care if Katie comes back because she stinks in the challenges. Susie is sure Katie is picking up on that vibe.
Sarah has a good chance at to win in the Ruins and is confident in her own abilities. Sarah also says that whoever wants it more is going to come out the winner, and she wants the win so bad.
It's really no big secret that Danny was picked by Darrel to play against him in the Ruins. If Darrell wants to take Danny on, then good for him, but it won't be a cakewalk this time.
Just when the champions thought they have a little hope, here comes Tonya who gets what Ibis calls "schmammered". According to Johnny, Tonya has always kind of been one of the most unstable, knucklehead females that he has ever done a challenge with. And tonight, she has just stepped it up to a defcon 5 mode. Then Tonya brings up a moment from the Inferno II where she allegedly did something naughty which won't be mentioned here as was told by Veronica who thought it was funny. But it wasn't funny to Tonya who's still upset at her for saying that. According to Veronica, Tonya has different personalities and when she gets drunk, she's like the United States of's crazy.
Tonya has let Veronica push her into a corner and made her cry so many times, and she isn't backing down for the first time in her life. Then Veronica says things about Tonya which causes her to slap Veronica in the face enacting a drunken brawl. Wes and Evan then had to separate them from inflicting each other more pain. Veronica wanted to hit back, but she's come too far in the challenge to do that. Veronica now has to leave the room not realizing she did anything wrong. Then the field producer, Teri, steps in to take Tonya home.
The rest of the champions came toghether after the heated confrontation came to pass. Veronica still doesn't understand that Tonya, who just attacked her, has everyone supporing her. At this point Veronica breaks off her alliance with Wes, which means no cuddling time for him anymore.
After Tonya has left homebase, Evan, Kenny, and Johnny have had their fun with Tonya. Wes sees them as being hypocritical, but Derrick doesn't want him to just single them out. Wes's indifference upsets Evan and according to him, he is not Oprah. Kenny doesn't understand why are they having this conversation.
Katie announces that the Ruins will probably be her last challenge. Although Katie has said that before, she misses her financee and is ready to move on with her life being a wife and mother.
It's time once again to go into the Ruins.
Elimination Round: Oh-Ring
The players involved will try to wrestle a ring away from their opponent, while suspended above the ground. The first player to wrestle the ring away from their opponent twice wins.
Katie and Sarah proved to be fierce competitors in what was described as "The Bad Girls Club" on steroids. In the end, Sarah wins the match and gets $4,400 from Katie, raising her total to $6,400. Katie goes home not only disappointed, but also upset with her pride hurt. She'll remember mostly from the challenge the insects and a room full of a-holes.
Danny gave it his best efforts, but they weren't good enough as Darrell wins the elimination and gets $2,000 from him. Darrell is now up to $6,400, but Danny is leaving knowing he had an awesome time on the challenge. T.J. then tells the plays that because Tonya got sent home before tonights elminations, her $4,400 now becomes bonus cash for the end of the season.
With the loss of Katie and Darrell being back in the game, the champions are now just a little bit tighter. It seems like they've got rid of the main crazy people. But Susie thinks Veronica is close behind in the crazy department when compared to Katie and Tonya. Now Wes and Kenny are starting to plot politics, and that is when the game will get weird.
According to KellyAnne, since they've got here, the people that have been in control were Evan and Kenny. It sucks because if they don't have the politics down, then they're screwed.
Kenny and Evan are running this game, and everybody feels that they're just a bunch of chauvinistic pigs. But it comes a time when someone comes to them and say "I can't swim" or " I can't run", what are they supposed to do with them? If they were completely useless to anyone, why would the champs need them around.
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