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October 7

Past Real Worlders and Road Rulers come back to take on a set of viewers in the ultimate of competitions in MTV's reality franchises.

Recaps by Brian Moore, GSNN

Host TJ Lavin
Creators Mary-Ellis Bunim
Jonathan Murray
EP Jonathan Murray
Packager Bunim-Murray Productions for MTV
Origins Thailand
Airs 10p Wed, Food
Available In High-Definition Where AvailableStreaming Online

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The Road to Ruins
October 14

In the last episode, the champions agreed to make peace with Wes in exchange for his help in the challenge. But it turned out to be a deal they had no intention of honoring. Then the challengers went bust, pun intended, when Shauvon injured herself in the Swing on By challenge, causing her team to lose again. Shauvon would later take herself out of the challenge because of the injury, relieving the challengers of a weak player.
Then both Wes and Evelyn get caught off guard when the champs, seeking revenge against Wes, force Evelyn to take on her best friend, KellyAnne. And in the elimination, Evelyn shocks everyone by letting KellyAnne win to spite her teammates. Then Wes easily sends challenger Nick home broke and is now back to homebase, still furious at his team.
The teams now relieve some stress, partying on a sailboat in the middle of Thailand. Then Tonya climbs up one of the sailboat's masts, which causes panic among the other players until Derrick gets her back down. Tonya has a way of doing things she wants to do. Tonya then gets wasted and makes out with a random local, but what else is new with her.
Back at home base, Veronica feels like after not being on the challenge for a long time that she's the odd one out. Veronica then attempts to form an unlikely alliance with Evan. However, Wes calls out his team for being cowards after the deal they've made fell through. Evan thinks that Wes is changing the way he remembers things at his convenience and then calls Wes selfish. Wes then calls Evan both selfish and a coward and then Evan walks away. He doesn't know how Wes walks around the house with his head so high. Wes comes here pissed off and Evan doesn't trust him. He wishes that he could take Wes over the balcony and throw him into the river.
Wes has been trying to make peace with the rest of the champs and Johanna is hoping it'll work out in the long run. Johanna knows Wes is a strong competitor and they do want him in the end if he behaves. But the other teammates are being kept in the dark about Wes's behavior, which promps Evan to call his integrity into question. Wes believes that his team is convinced that he'll throw the challenge. Which means Wes has got to prove that he's a strong player. Wes then claims that he's changed and is donating his winnings to charity. Johanna has dated Wes for three years, and finds that claim hard to believe. That also goes ditto for the other champs who believe Wes is full of crap.
The next clue comes to the teams their way...
Do you know which of your teammates has your back? Find out at tomorrow's challenge...wear your game face and team uniforms.
The champions, including Kenny are all for throwing Wes into the Ruins. Evan knows that Wes doesn't play nice and he's in the competition for himself.
Susie knows that Evan is clearly the leader of the champs in the sense that he's masterminding everyone they're voting for. And as long as Susie is staying in line with Evan, she'll feel like she can make it to the end.
It's now nomination time, but both teams are struggling with their decisions. Okay, the deliberations are over, and the nominees are over...
Champions: Kenny, Evan, Syrus, Ibis, Susie, and Veronica
Wes is off the nominations this time, but not for the reason he thinks. It also looks like Veronica's attempt at an alliance with Evan didn't go her way.
Challengers: Adam, Danny, Brad, Brianna, Casey, and Kim
Challenge #3: Repo Race
Both teams will have a course with a platform, a mound, a bridge, and a bag platform. Their goal is to get one of their players through the course without ever touching the sand. To make this possible, they have to get a few other players to line themselves on the sand and become a human bridge with their backs acting as the plank. When the runner is on the obstacle, then their teammates must reposition themselves in between that and the next obstacle so that the bridge doesn't end. If the runner touches the sand or falls off at any time, the team must start back from the previous checkpoint. This is a race and the team who crosses the finish line wins this challenge.
The champs have Derrick and the challengers have Cohutta as the runners. As the race went on, the lead went back and forth between both teams. Then when Derrick reaches the bag platform, he does not know what to do next. Then we see a sign saying...
You must carry this bag with you across the finish line without ever letting it touch the sand!
Derrick then gets back up on the platform seeing the sign and then is back on track, but both teams are now neck and neck. The race ends in an upset, giving the win to the challengers after a two-loss streak. They share in an extra $20,000 and they each win a pair of watches. Adam, Danny, Brad, Brianna, Casey, and Kim now find themselves in the position of power for the first time. The champions have now suffered a loss of morale, and are now trying to understand how they've lost the challenge.
The PoP players in the deliberation decide to vote. Brad and Casey both get one vote, and Danny gets two votes. Adam gets three votes and Brianna gets five votes, putting them both into the Ruins. Adam and Brianna then choose Syrus and Susie respectively as their opponents in the Ruins. Susie thinks Brianna is making a mistake and will be taught a lesson on how to work the challenges. This later leads Adam and Brianna to worry that their team has made the wrong decision.
It's now go time once again in the Ruins.
Elimination Round: Burnout
The players involved must race to extingush a fire by steering water from a center pipe, with a wheel, into their opponent's barrel. Once that barrel becomes full, it spills into a gutter, leading to a pot filled with burning cigars. The first person to extinguish their opponent's fire wins.
In the girls' run, Susie was behind Brianna in terms of task progress. But near the end, Susie manages to defend her undefeated title meaning Brianna is gone and is no longer in the posession of $2,000. That money now goes into Susies bank account, raising her total to $4,800.
In the guys' run, Adam tries to take out Syrus but the latter wins in a close finish. The $2,000 came to Adam, but now it goes to Syrus' bank account which is now up to $4,800. Adam expected that his time in Thailand would last longer, but that didn't happen and now has to go back to the states with a bitter taste in his mouth.
Back at homebase, Adam and Brianna's names have been taken off the board and the challengers' morale has been shattered. They have to take the champs out, but it's not going to be easy.
We end tonight's episode with what could be possible romance heating up between Evan and Veronica.
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