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Past Real Worlders and Road Rulers come back to take on a set of viewers in the ultimate of competitions in MTV's reality franchises.

Recaps by Brian Moore, GSNN

Host TJ Lavin
Creators Mary-Ellis Bunim
Jonathan Murray
EP Jonathan Murray
Packager Bunim-Murray Productions for MTV
Origins Thailand
Airs 10p Wed, Food
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Ruining on Empty
November 4

Last time on the show, the champs had managed to claim victory in the Block Party challenge. In the Ruins deliberations, Wes nominated himself and selected Cohutta as his opponent in the hopes of taking out his girlfriend's old flame. Veronica nearly escaped a trip to the Ruins when Ibis was forced in against Kimberly. In the Ruins for the "Spool" elimination game, Cohutta pulled off one of the biggest upsets in the history of the challenge by sending home Wes. In the girls' heat, Kimberly secured a big win for the challengers by sending Ibis home. There are nine champs left on their team while the challengers still have seven on their side.
KellyAnne reads a note to her that was left by Wes. She is bored now that he is out of the challenge. There is only so much KennyAnne can talk about with these people and is counting the days before she gets out of here.
Susie genuinely wants Veronica to take KellyAnne out. According to Susie herself, if the champs win the next challenge then they'll throw in Veronica because she hasn't done anything athletically and politically to secure her spot. And that goes ditto for the rest of the champs who will also not go against KellyAnne.
A few minutes into the episode, the players get their next clue...
Were you told not to play with your food? Get reprimanded at tomorrow's challenge. Wear your bathing suits and team uniforms.
Johnny sees Evan playing his own game and they need to diversify their strategy to benefit the entire alliance. At this point Johnny is questioning Evan's loyalty. He sees Johnny as playing scared and knows that everyone wants to call him out and the more he talks the more people distrust him. But Johnny sees Evan as basically setting things up in a way that's going to benefit himself and not the team. All that Johnny can do at this point is continue playing his game.
Veronica doesn't trust anybody, and whenever she goes in, Susie and Johanna will be voting for her. Veronica already feels alienated and already feels like she's going to be the scapegoat. This gives her no incentive to work hard for her team.
Derrick is thinking maybe Veronica has got a deal set up with the girls from the other team where they won't pick her if she throws the challenge. According to him, this is something the champs have to take into consideration. It seems to Derrick that Veronica is one of those people that might throw a challenge. Derrick is sorry to say that, but it's the truth.
The players go to a beach with lots of food set up for their next challenge. And their nominees for possible elimination this time are...
Champions: Syrus, Derrick, Johnny, Johanna, Susie, Veronica
Challengers: KellyAnne, Casey, Sarah, Cohutta, Dunbar, Brad
Challenge: Fruits of Your Labor
There are two identical obstacle courses with each of them having a container full of authentic Thai fruit. The players will try to take as much of that fruit as they can through the course and dump them into their team scale.
The players of each team will be assigned jobs. The throwers at the beginning will load up their baskets, run to their wall. Then they'll throw the contents over to the catchers who'll then use a burlap sack to transfer the fruit to the baskets. The runner will then take the baskets over to the delivery guys who'll then pick them up, transferring the contents to the final player using two bamboo sticks. The final player will then dump the fruit into the scale. The team who gets the most fruit dumped into the scale will split $20,000 and will each receive a laptop computer.
The players are going at it, but about six minutes remaining, thunder and rain are causing the scales to tip against the challengers. And after 20 minutes have passed, the champs had enough fruits to tip the scales in their favor to share in another $20K and a laptop for each of them. The challengers' continue their losing streak that may have no end in sight.
Johnny thinks Syrus is a great dude, but at this point has been getting banged up in the past few challenges. He considers Syrus dead weight, but Evan thinks he is stirring the pot by potentially throwing Syrus under the bus.
Johnny tells Syrus about the situation from a physical standpoint, but he's not pleased. Because to his knowledge, he was not going to be the one going into the Ruins. But Syrus feels that Johnny was looking for a scapegoat.
It's now deliberation time for Syrus, Derrick, Johnny, Johanna, Susie, and Veronica. They set the match-up for the girls with Veronica going against KellyAnne. This leads Veronica to call Derrick a coward, but he thinks this isn't the time for her to start a movement in the middle of a deliberation.
For the men's heat, their match-up is set with Syrus who'll take on Cohutta. This upsets Syrus as much as Veronica and they're irritated by how their team is playing the game. But Syrus and Veronica now have to focus on actually getting into the Ruins and surviving elimination.
Susie has simultaneously formed an alliance with Evan, Kenny, and Johanna. And the bottom line is that Susie is trying to win and she'll always throw Veronica into the Ruins instead of her. But Veronica knows that something is up and thinks that she's getting annoyed that her canoodling hasn't paid off. Veronica then confronts Evan about their relationship. She feels hurt that Even has been playing both sides. KellyAnne really likes Veronica, but it's a loss if she wins becuse she could have played against any other girl first. If Veronica does stay in the game, she may have to play her own way by throwing missions.
The players are now back in the ruins looking at a setup not knowing what could possibly happen.
Elimination Round: Hog Tie
The players involved are suspended from carabiners by their wrists and feet under a large bamboo pole. They must shimmy their way from one end of the pole to the other, grab a key halfway through, then unlock the carabiners with the key, while laying on a platform. Once a player unlocks the carabiners, they can return to the ground, race back to the beginning side of the pole, and ring a gong.
In the men's heat Syrus had the early lead, but he blows it on the carabiners. Then Cohutta goes by him to steal the victory from him. Syrus' haul of cash has been transferred to Cohutta's account raising his total to $18,660. Syrus hopes to come back to the challenge with his game face and also as a different person.
Veronica and KellyAnne are up next to face off against each other. KellyAnne has lost leverage with her hands, which could cost her. Both players then get stuck before KellyAnne pulls ahead and wins. KellyAnne rejoins her team with her account now totaling up to $13,300. As for Veronica, she has nothing to say to the champs and thinks they're screwed without her. Evan is going to miss Veronica, but not really.
Back at homebase, KellyAnne knows that she isn't as rich as Cohutta, but she's still being made a target in this game. KellyAnne has proved herself to be in this game and that's what she came here for. At this point, Cohutta doesn't know how the rest of this game is going to be played out. Johanna and Susie are the only girls left on the champions team and they're going to have to get rid of the girls on the other team one-by-one.
Derrick passes out after having a couple of drinks, which gives Johnny the ultimate idea of tarring and feathering Derrick using maple syrup and feathers. But this idea lands Johnny in hot water with Derrick as he lashes out at him. Johnny now needs to learn that at that point that the biggest obstacle is himself.
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