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September 30

Past Real Worlders and Road Rulers come back to take on a set of viewers in the ultimate of competitions in MTV's reality franchises.

Recaps by Brian Moore, GSNN

Host TJ Lavin
Creators Mary-Ellis Bunim
Jonathan Murray
EP Jonathan Murray
Packager Bunim-Murray Productions for MTV
Origins Thailand
Airs 10p Wed, Food
Available In High-Definition Where AvailableStreaming Online

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The Booby Trap
October 7

The champs are struggling to decide how to handle Wes as Jonny comes up with a plan to send KellyAnne to the Ruins against Evelyn. Then KellyAnne talks with her BFF, Evelyn about a few things which I won't mention where like they've done in The Island. KellyAnne says Ev is 55 percent of the reason why she's here. Both Ev and KellyAnne are in the same position of being strong women, but are on the same team with weak, insecure ones. Johanna has never shown respect to KellyAnne because of her personality.
Johanna wants wes to compromise and meet the team half-way. Wes thinks Johanna is having a hard time understanding where he's coming from. Johanna really doesn't care to see Wes with KellyAnne, mainly because there's something about her that she dislikes.
The subject of their conversation then shifts to Johanna and her hook-up with Kenny on the Island. That's when Johanna says she's done protecting Wes and that goes ditto for trying to be his friend.
The teams get the clue to their next challenge...
> It's time to get into the swing of things at tomorrow's challenge. Wear your bathing suits and team uniforms.
The challengers are down two players and they really want a win. Evan talks about a few things that makes his team champions. They all know how to lie, cheat, steal, and screw one another over in the hopes of a little bit of cash. That's what separates them from the challengers.
Johnny knows Wes is not playing with a team, he's playing for himself, and KellyAnne's the closest thing to family that he's got. So now Johnny and the rest of the champs are going to go after his friends and family. They set their sights on their first target, KellyAnne.
The champs then hatch a plan to throw her under the bus against her best friend Evelyn. Evan first sees the challenger girls win because they don't have to go into the ruins. He also sees that the champions win because they just get to upset Wes a bit more.
Sarah is not necessarily against KellyAnne, but what do they expect when she's sleeping with the other team. Sarah wants people on her team that are going to be on her team. The fix is in and they've got 20 minutes to lock their plan up.
The challengers team has Casey and Shauvon volunteering themselves into the Ruins with the latter having an accurate reason for doing so. Brad believes there's more to Casey's volunteering than what she's telling to the challengers.
The teams now go to the Port of Phuket where they make their nominations. Wes then presents the most fair thing possible and see whether or not his teammates will take the bait. Everyone agrees to it knowing very well that the first chance they get, they're going to throw his girlfriend, KellyAnne, into the ruins...and NEVER pull names out of a hat. Wes thinks he has made peace with his team.
The champs nominate Derrick, Wes, Bananas (Johnny), Katie, Susie, and Evelyn. The challengers then nominate Cohutta, Nick, Danny, Shauvon, Casey, and KellyAnne.
Challenge #2: Swing on By
There are two platforms separated by a fence suspended up above the water. One by one, each person will take their turn using the rope to swing from the launch pad, then going around the fence, and landing on the pad. Once a player is on the landing pad, they must stay on there. If a player falls off at anytime, they must take another swing until they've made a successful landing. This is a timed event, and the team who has all their players on the landing pad in the fastest time wins the challenge, split another 20K, and a mobile webcam.
Host T.J. tells the champs that they have to sit out one guy and one girl for this challenge. First one out is Katie, because she sucks in the opinion of her team. The next one out is Syrus, because he isn't as good as his teammates. Since the champs have won the previous challenge they decide which team will go first. Evan then decides to have the challengers set the pace. Fast forward to Casey taking her turn, she was trying her butt off, but it wasn't deemed a successful landing which might be causing some suspicion from her teammates.
Shauvon then takes her turn, but she ends up landing completely wrong in the water, causing the champs to bust out laughing. Then before Shauvon takes her second she feels that something is wrong with her, but Danny, her teammates, and the champions won't let her quit. Shauvon takes her second swing, and she ends up in the water again causing her pain and is then sent to the hospital. And this ends the challengers turn with only 11 players being successful.
The champs now take their turn, and they're doing this challenge like they've been practicing it every day. All 12 out of the 12 players participating manage to have successful swings making the champs the winners.
Derrick, Wes, Johnny, Katie, Susie, and Evelyn get the position of power as they're back at homebase for their deliberations and votes. Wes and Nick have been selected for the guys. Evelyn wants to go up against Casey, but Johnny says no although Wes would be cool with it. Johnny says the reason the champs won the last two challenges is because of Casey and Shauvon. Johnny doesn't want to see either one of them gone, especially at this point in the game. Then Suzie wants Ev to go into elimination, but she doesn't want to go against KellyAnne. Then Johnny says to Ev that as a team, the girls wanted to have her against KellyAnne and he backs the guys on that decision. This piece of information blindsides Evelyn just as much as Wes. Wes then figures out that both teams have staged a coup, and KellyAnne and Ev are about to get screwed. This leads to a shouting match with Johnny before T.J. returns. Since the decisions for the female players competing in the next elimination game haven't been made, they're going to have to vote right now with no more delibrations. Derrick decides how the team wants him to and he chooses Evelyn and KellyAnne for the girls. Both Wes and Ev leave saying the challenge is over.
After their votes didn't go their way, both Wes and Ev bring on destruction and snap at their teammates, while Kenny is enjoying every minute of it. KellyAnne sees that the champs have reached a new low. But Susie is worried that Wes could act violent. Wes is being more mad at Johnny than at Kenny to show what a lowlife the former is.
Ev isn't going to help her team win as she already had made that mistake on the Island when she sold her soul to the devil with her enemies. Those are the same ones Ev's dealing with in the Ruins and she isn't making the same mistake again. Ev is now stuggling to decide whether or not to throw her elimination game against KellyAnne.
Shauvon returns to homebase from the hospital and then reveals the extent of her injury. She tells the other players that she has suffered major damage in her chest area down to her waist. So, unfortunately, Shauvon has to take herself out of the competition, and this means Christmas has come early for the challengers because she was awful in the challenges. It's a sad day for Shauvon as she would have loved to prove to her teammates that she's a strong player. As a parting gift, Danny gives her a placard with her name and the $0 added to it.
Evan thought the champs had a good plan, they all thought they could get rid of KellyAnne and further isolate Wes. No one expected that Ev would join sides with the "dark forces" and team up with Wes. As far as the champs are stacked with him, though, Wes is as good as done in Johnny's own opinion. The bridges that have been burned before have been torched and Wes needs to go.
The next session in the Ruins could be epic.
Elimination Round: Shadowfighter
Two players will stand on two separate platforms while being tied together by a series of ropes by the feet and hands. The players involved must use the ropes to make their opponent fall off the platform. The first player to do this three times wins.
Wes puts $2,800 on the line as he's up against Nick, but they're battling as the rain falls. In the end, Wes schools Nick in the art of shadowfighting, getting his $2,800 back into his account. Nick is the next guy to go home broke after underestimating how tiring this game was.
The girls are up next with Evelyn putting up $2,800 as she plays against KellyAnne. Ev then follows her heart by not helping the champs win another challenge, so she lets KellyAnne win. Susie never knew that Ev was a quitter. Kenny is glad that everyboy sees what is really going on here is a bunch of bull. The $2,800 goes to KellyAnne's bank account, making her the only challenger to have any accrued money.
T.J. then tells Ev it was obvious what happened here. He also tell's her that he really doesn't think quitting is a part of this game. T.J. was really disappointed becuase she wouldn't go out like that, but it was interesting to him that Ev's hatred to her teammates was deeper than her love for money. Ev goes home possibly knowing losing the elimination round to KellyAnne was worth it.
Back at homebase, Johanna makes a dangerous threat to Wes if that he keeps throwing challenges, she'll sell the house and keep it all. Johanna makes this threat because nothing in that house is in Wes' name and they'll end up in hers. Wes now sees that Johanna does not get the concept of the word 'fair'.
Wes thought he was at a spot where he could coast to the final. But Wes now finds himself back at square one.
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