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Past Real Worlders and Road Rulers come back to take on a set of viewers in the ultimate of competitions in MTV's reality franchises.

Recaps by Brian Moore, GSNN

Host TJ Lavin
Creators Mary-Ellis Bunim
Jonathan Murray
EP Jonathan Murray
Packager Bunim-Murray Productions for MTV
Origins Thailand
Airs 10p Wed, Food
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Silence of the Ruins
November 11

In this installment of the Ruins, Brad becomes increasingly frustrated with his team's losing streak and hopes to lead his team to victory in the "Rotary Club" challenge. Then a champion makes a deal with his teammates that could keep him out of the Ruins for the rest of the season. Then a challenger gets called out by her aggravated team as the champs begin to plan for the final challenge.
In the previous episode, the champions have lost Syrus and Veronica in the Ruins. They're now down to seven players as is the case with the challengers. Going into the home stretch, although both teams are equal in numbers, the champs are light years better. This is close pretty close to exactly an ideal scenario according to Johnny.
Some of the players in the pool played a rousing game of Truth or Dare. They did a few things which I won't mention here, but they'll probably regret them minutes later. Kenny and Even then come back from the pool and hear something that sounds like two animals wrestling, which leads them to investigate. They later hear some giggling and moaning before opening a double door to find Dunbar with a topless Casey in the bathroom. Casey and Dunbar were talking about strategy, but Evan had never done that with a topless girl in a bathroom. Then Dunbar mentions he had slept by himself and that it's getting kind of lonely.
The champions have one player who doesn't take the game as seriously as the rest of them. Brad is here as a team player, but he won't let someone control his destiny in this game and by no way, shape, or form that will happen. It's no secret to the champs that Brad is upset that they didn't get rid of Casey sooner. As far as Casey is concerned, her team likes her as a person, but it's a different story when it comes to competing in the challenges. In the views of the champs, they like Casey as both a person and a competitor in the challenges. According to Evan, if Casey is still on the challengers' team, the champs can't lose.
Susie and Johanna are pondering the idea of throwing the challenge, because they feel the only way they're going to stick around is to go against Casey. But Kenny says that it's not going to happen, because the more girls that are gone, the better off him and his alliances will be.
And here comes another clue...
Tomorrow's challenge will start a revolution. Ready to join the club? Be ready with your team uniforms in the morning.
Sarah knows that any clue that sounds like it's going to be fun is probably not. The male champs then reach an agreement about the 'Ruins' nominations before the next challenge.
The teams go to the playing area for their next challenge. And because there are two girls remaining on the champs side, both Johanna and Susie are automatically up for possible elimination. That also goes ditto for the three men on the challengers team who are also automatically nominated. The rest of the nominees are up to them.
Champions: Johanna, Susie, Evan, Kenny, and Darrell
Challengers: Cohutta, Dunbar, Brad, Casey, Kimberly, and Sarah
Challenge: Rotary Club
Each team will have each player roll down a hill to the end zone inside a giant tractor tire. If a player's tire stops before it reaches the end zone, the 'tracker' of the team in play will reposition the tire to get it over there. Then the player must push the tire back to the top of the hill. The team who has all of their players completing the requirements in the fastest time will win $20,000 and a T-Mobile Sidekick wiress device for each of them.
The champions decide which team goes first. They choose the challengers to pave the way. The champs clocked in at time of 17m 13s while the challengers did it in 26m 43s. By nine-and-a-half minutes, the champs smoked the other team and share in another $20,000. Winning never gets old for the champs, but losing should be getting old for the challengers.
Darrell, Evan, Johanna, Kenny, and Susie have an easy 'Ruins' deliberation this time. Johanna quickly volunteers and she decides to take on Sarah. That goes ditto for Darrell who will oppose Cohutta.
When Sarah's own nomination gets brought to her attention, she doesn't think of it as a death sentence as she uses the power of positive thinking. Cohutta, who has a bank account of over $18,000 is in deep trouble when word of his nomination came to him.
Unfortunately for Johanna, she is so mentally exhausted of being in the game that she thinks she has already checked-out. Susie thinks Johanna has lost some of her zeal for the game, making her nervous. Susie wants Johanna to win the next elimination round because she doesn't want to even think about being the only girl on the champions team. The Ruins has proven to be a game where it's hard to come up with a strategy for. Brad is growing more irate about Casey, and her participation on the challenges.
Darrell feels great going against Cohutta, and he prepares himself by waking up early, doing a light workout, and getting a little sweat off. Cohutta has mentally prepared himself before going into the Ruins. He has already succeeded twice in there, can he conduct a three-peat?
Elimination Round: Crunch
The players involved will be hanging upside down in a crunch position by their legs from bamboo poles, with their heads partially submerged in separate water tanks. The players must try to maintain 40-pound weights on their chests by using their abdominals, while trying to keep their heads above water. If a player surrenders by pulling an emergency lever inside the tank, which releases all the water, then their opponent wins.
Johanna's hopes of staying in contention were drowned in the water as she pulls the lever first. Sarah wins, inheriting $11,300 from Johanna's bank account adding to the $6,400 she already has for a total of $17,700. Consequently, Susie has lost a friend and now has to deal with the crazy people on her team. Johanna goes home being a good loser, but she thinks that she'll miss everybody although they're really annoying.
Darrell then did what few other champs couldn't, taking Cohutta out of the game. And for his efforts, Darell takes $18,660 away from Cohutta, making him the richest player so far with $31,960. Cohutta then kisses Susie before he goes back to Georgia.
Back at homebase, Brad yells at Casey about her lack of effort in the game. Kimberly thinks that Brad is looking for a fight, seeing that he's stressed out and over it. Sarah sees Brad as a balloon that's ready to be popped.
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