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Past Real Worlders and Road Rulers come back to take on a set of viewers in the ultimate of competitions in MTV's reality franchises.

Recaps by Brian Moore, GSNN

Host TJ Lavin
Creators Mary-Ellis Bunim
Jonathan Murray
EP Jonathan Murray
Packager Bunim-Murray Productions for MTV
Origins Thailand
Airs 10p Wed, Food
Available In High-Definition Where AvailableStreaming Online

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Thai Me Up! Thai Me Down!
November 18

A night of drunken partying turns violent when two players from opposite sides get into a fistfight. Susie finds herself at odds with her male champion teammates. And reignited tensions between Dunbar and KellyAnne threaten the foundation of the Challengers' team.
The episode begins with KellyAnne celebrating her 23rd birthday. And everybody wants to party and have a good time...well, except for Dunbar. Darrell is joining in on the action as he already has $33,000 in his bank account and a free pass to the final challenge.
So far, Casey has truly been MVP for the champs and Susie, watching Brad over the last few days, sees him unraveling. The champs need Susie to not only win the challenges, but they also need her vote. Susie's plan right now is to convince the boys that if they win, she should be able to go against Casey. And if they aren't will to do that, Susie has the incentive to throw the challenges.
Ever since the players had arrived in Thailand, KellyAnne had heard a rumor that Dunbar has been telling people that he slept with her when they were recording "The Real World: Syndey" years ago. This leads KellyAnne to make the aforementioned an issue, but Dunbar could neither confirm nor deny it. Brad sees KellyAnne as having a hard time keeping her head in the game.
Brad tells KellyAnne that confronting Dunbar tomorrow might get a better reaction out of it, but she has known Dunbar for a while and she won't have to be quiet and pretend he's not making up lies about her. Brad doesn't want to call anybody out on a personal level, but he does want to come toghether as a team.
The game is getting to Brad as he's getting angry at KellyAnne without provocation from her. KellyAnne then goes into emotional distress after dealing with Dunbar and Brad and all Susie can to is try to ease her pain. KellyAnne's birthday is no more, but at least she had some cake.
Brad is at a crossroads and is frustrated at this point. He then turns to alcohol to cope with the pressures of the game. Dunbar then sees Brad as being psychologically broken, which sucks because the other team is already focused on what they need to do.
Brad goes to another room where he goes from the voice to reason to a different person. He tries to start a fight with the Champion guys. Darrell thinks Brad is mad because his team sucks with only one challenge win and $2,000 in his bank account. Brad and Darrell go at it until the fight ends in bloodshed. Then EP Justin Booth enters homebase to inform both Brad and Darrell that they broke the "no physical fighting" rule and they have to go home.
Brad and Darrell's forced departure from the game has serious implications for both teams. They have made it easier for the guys on the Champion's team to take control, make some cash, and get the hell out of Thailand. Brad was the only guy in the game that Dunbar talked about serious stuff to him. But now that he's gone with no money, Dunbar is going into these last two elimination rounds no matter what happens. Losing Cohutta was hard enough for Sarah, but losing Brad had also lost the Challengers' heart and soul in less than 12 hours. And already things are looking more and more bleak for them.
The girls on the Challengers' side can't believe that they'll be all-girls team. KellyAnne, still reeling from previous confrontation, wants Dunbar to lose one of the next two elimination rounds. Dunbar says that everything that he said about KellyAnne making whoopee with him is 100% true and thinks that the logic had escaped her. KellyAnne has done some things that she isn't proud of, but she would never ever make love with Dunbar and would rather stab herself in the throat.
The feud between Dunbar and KellyAnne seems to have no end in sight. Dunbar talks to Kimberly about KellyAnne, who then shows up. Dunbar wants her to not talk to him until after the game's over, but at this point KellyAnne would rather be immature and be onto him. Dunbar sees KellyAnne as a "train wreck", he resents her when she goes crazy. But KellyAnne will be in Dunbar's face every day until he admits that he's a liar.
Going into the challenge, Susie has the incentive to throw it. Because if the Challengers win, they would throw Casey in and Susie is just really desperate to win. KellyAnne and Casey are snooping on the champs and the latter tells the former that telling the boys about potentially throwing the challenge to have them get on their page is not smart. But KellyAnne likes Susie's honesty. Kenny thinks Susie has the power to throw the challenge, but she could screw the champs over. Susie then passes by KellyAnne and Casey who are laughing at her.
Susie later calls out KellyAnne and Casey for their aforementioned snooping on the Champions' meeting. But they think Susie is blame-shifting on them because the boys won't let her go up against Casey. According to her, Susie has made her bed, and now she has got lie in it.
Finally, it's time for a clue!
Is your team on the fence about tomorrow's challenge? Be ready in the morning in your team uniforms.
The champs have four guys and a girl on their side while the challengers have the opposite with a guy and four girls on their side.
After the contestants have enjoyed an overdue night on the town, they go to the top of a building which is the site of their next challenge. And because Darrell and Brad were sent home due because they were fistfight, their accrued cash winnings are up for grabs for the final challenge.
Becuase there are five players remaining on each team, they now have to nominate one of their own to be safe from possible elimination. The champs will nominate one guy while the challengers will nominate one girl. Evan of the champs feels good being exempt while the challengers are happy to sit out Sarah this time out.
Challenge: On the Fence
There is a giant structure with a series of three different chainlink fences suspended out on the edge of the 20-story building the players are on. The players will race across the fences and ring the gong at the end by any means necessary. If any player falls off the structure, a 15-minute time penalty is added to their team's overall score. The team with the fastest combined time will share in another $20,000 and will each receive a fully-automatic espresso machine.
All of the players have managed to complete the task so no time penalties were factored in. But the champs have managed to hold onto their lead throughout to give them another win, another 20 grand, and an espresso machine for each of them.
Susie promises wants to take on Casey, but the guys have their own ideas as they enter another 'Ruins' deliberation. Because Susie is the only girl on the Champions' team, she's automatically on the chopping block. Dunbar is also on the chopping block because he's the only guy on the Challengers' team. The guys and Susie agree on her playing against Kimberly instead of Casey for the simple fact that she can slow her challengers down. Then Johnny thinks that Kenny should go into the Ruins, but he isn't going anywhere. Johnny tries to get out of taking on Dunbar, but Susie sees this as an act of a desperate man. Derrick then thinks that Johnny should step up to the plate. Johnny eventually agrees to do this and the match-ups are set.
The players now enter the 'Ruins' although it's raining over there.
Elimination Round: Rag Doll
The players involved will be in a circle, holding an end of the rope. The player who wrestles the rope away from their opponent wins.
Susie and Kimberly go first, but unfortunately we're out of time for now. We'll find out who'll be staying and who'll be eliminated in the next episode of The Ruins.
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