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Fox's new quiz show will have one person singing for a million dollars... There's just one rule... Don't Forget the Lyrics!

Recaps by Pierre Kelly, GSNN

Host: Wayne Brady
Musical Director: Rickey Minor
Announcer: Mark Thompson
Creator: Jeff Apploff
EP: Jeff Apploff, Chris Coelen, Brian A. Veskosky, Greg Goldman, Brad Lachman
Packagers: Brad Lachman Productions, RDF USA, Apploff Entertainment
Airs: Fridays at 8p ET on FOX
Origin: CBS Television City, Los Angeles, CA


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Episode 3.19 - Series Finale
June 19

"We're leaving together
But still it's farewell
And maybe we'll come back
To earth, who can tell?
I guess there is no one to blame
We're leaving ground
Will things ever be the same again?...
It's ___ ____ ____"

A pizza maker and Bostonian will hope to beat the board for big bucks as "Don't Forget the Lyrics!" heads into "the Final Countdown." Let's meet her. Her name is DEANNA DELLA CIOPPA. She comes from a big family, 34 first cousins who all own restaurants. Her board...

R&B                1960s

We start out with Pop and these two for $2500...

- "A Thousand Miles" - Vanessa Carlton
- "Sussudio" - Phil Collins

She wants to go a thousand miles for $2500... three letters...

Making my way downtown
Walking fast
Faces passed
And I'm home bound
Staring blankly ahead
Just making my way
Making my way
Through the crowd
And I need you
And I miss you
And now I wonder....
If I could fall
Into the sky
Do you think time
Would pass me by?
'Cause you know I'd walk
A thousand miles
If I could just... AND STOP!

"See you tonight" is good for $2500. Now let's try and double with Divas.

- "Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves" - Cher
- "So Emotional" - Whitney Houston

She gets so emotional. Hopefully not too emotional, because she needs four words...

I've been hearing your heartbeat inside of me
I keep your photograph beside my bed
Livin' in a world of fantasies
I can't get you out of my head
I've been waiting for the phone to ring all night
Why you wanna make me feel so good
I got a love of my own babe
I shouldn't get so hung up on you
I remember the way that we touched I wish I didn't like it so much
I get so emotional, baby
Every time.... TIME'S UP!

"I think of you". She thinks... about locking it in... and she's right for $5000! Doubling again with country.

- "Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song" - BJ Thomas
- "Queen of Hearts" - Juice Newton

She plays with the "Queen of Hearts". She needs a trey.

and I'm a-waiting
on the twelve-oh-five
Hoping it'll take me
just a little farther down the line
you're just a heartache in disguise;
Won't you keep my heart from breaking
if it's only for a very short time
Playing with the queen of hearts,
knowing it ain't really smart
The joker ain't the only fool who'll do... DO WHAT?

"Anything for you". Sounded like a childhood favorite. She locks it in. And she's.... RIGHT AGAIN for $10,000! We had some twang, now we have some feeling.... R and Bizzle (that means rhythm and blues!) for the guaranteed money.

- "Show And Tell" - Al Wilson
- "Just the Two of Us" - Grover Washington, Jr. (with Bill Withers)

Just you and me, Wayne. Seven words is the price, and $25,000 is the cost...

I see the crystal raindrops fall
And the beauty of it all
when the sun comes shining through
To make those rainbows in my mind
When I think of you some time
And I want to spend some time with you
Just the two of us... WORDS?

"We can make it if we try." Confident? Locked? And... BOOM, $25,000!

Can she double it on Easy Listening?

- "True" - Spandau Ballet
- "Into the Night" - Benny Mardones

She goes with "True". She needs six words... THAT's the truth.

So true funny how it seems
Always in time, but never in line for dreams
Head over heels when toe to toe
This is the sound of my soul
This is the sound
I bought a ticket to the world
But now I've come back again
Why do I find it hard to write the next line?
Oh I want the truth to be said
Huh huh huh hu-uh huh... HUH?

"I know this much is true." She knows a LOT! Will she know enough to lock this in? YES!

Had a little quiet time... now it's time to rock it out for $100,000.

- "Summer of '69" - Bryan Adams
-"Killer Queen" - Queen

She goes with the Summer of '69... and she needs nine..

I got my first real six-string
Bought it at the five-and-dime
Played 'til my fingers bled
It was summer of '69
Me and some guys from school
Had a Band and we tried real hard
Jimmy quit and Jody got married
I shoulda known we'd never get far
Oh when I lock back now
That summer seemed to last forever
And if I.... IF YOU WHAT?

She goes with "...had my choice, yeah, I'd wanna be there those". Obviously cut off. But her mom Mary and her BFF Joy could help OR she could take 2 words from the line OR she could take 3 lines and choose. She goes with 3 Lines...

A: ...had the choice, yeah, I'd never wanna leave there
B: ...had the choice, yeah, I'd always wanna be there
C: ...had the choice, now, I'd always wanna stay there

She thinks A sounds right. Because six of the words are common, they're lit. She wants 2 Words more...  "Had the choice, ____ I'd always wanna be there." She locks in B...

... and she's right! Now to double on... Piano players!

- "I'm Still Standing" - Elton John
- "New York State Of Mind" - Billy Joel

Despite being from Boston, Deanna's in a New York state of mine. She has to catch the nine for the 200 large.

Some folks like to get away, take a holiday from the neighborhood
Hop a flight to Miami Beach or to Hollywood.
But I'm taking a Greyhound on the Hudson River Line-
I'm in a New York state of mind.
I've seen all the... WHAT?

.... and she blanks. She calls out Joy as her 1 Backup. She goes with "movie stars in their fancy cars and their limousines". Deanna agrees... and she has..... a figure that begins with the number 2.... and has five 0's!

Going to the '60s for $350,000...

- "Windy" - The Association
- "Cupid" by Sam Cooke

Cupid, draw back your bow and let 10 words go...

Cupid, draw back your bow and let your arrow go
Straight to my lover's heart for me, for me
Cupid, please hear my cry and let .... da DA da DA da DA...

She thinks about it and locks in "Your arrow fly straight to my lover's heart for me " If she's right, she wins another $150,000. If she's wrong... she takes a $175,000 swing DOWNWARDS.

The words are... "...your arrow fly straight to my lover's heart for me"! That's $350,000!

Only one song left on the board and that's... the Steve Miller Band.

- "Rock N' Me"
- "Fly Like An Eagle"

She wanna fly like an eagle... Nine words gets you the Million Dollar Song...

Time keeps on slippin, slippin, slippin
Into the future
I want to fly like an eagle
To the sea
Fly like an eagle
Let my spirit carry me
I want to fly like an eagle
'Til I'm free
Oh, Lord, through the revolution
Feed the babies who don't have enough to eat... FREEZE!

And... blanked. She has the end with "with no shoes on their feet". That leaves three in the middle. But she can't figure it out to save her life... "Free the people"? Nope. It's too big of a risk, so she pulls out with $350,000. The correct answer... "shoe the children."

And that'll do it for this series of "Don't Forget the Lyrics!" As Wayne takes us out with a number from his new album, we remind you, as always... no matter where you go... no matter what you do... no matter what song you call YOUR song... it's not what you know about it... it's what you sing about it! For Pierre Kelly, I'm Chico Alexander... over and out!

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