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Season 3
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Fox's new quiz show will have one person singing for a million dollars... There's just one rule... Don't Forget the Lyrics!

Recaps by Pierre Kelly, GSNN

Host: Wayne Brady
Musical Director: Rickey Minor
Announcer: Mark Thompson
Creator: Jeff Apploff
EP: Jeff Apploff, Chris Coelen, Brian A. Veskosky, Greg Goldman, Brad Lachman
Packagers: Brad Lachman Productions, RDF USA, Apploff Entertainment
Airs: Fridays at 9p ET on FOX
Origin: CBS Television City, Los Angeles, CA


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Episode 3.14
January 23

"'Cause I'm dreaming...just let me sleep....don't wake me up 'til my ____ __ ______..."
Wake up! "Don't Forget The Lyrics!" is the cure for any nightmare. You don't stop singing all 10 songs until your "Dream is complete." Last time, Penn & Teller couldn't pull a rabbit out of hat with a Doors song, but all they got was $25K. We got a volunteer out of the audience who's ready to play.
Shannon Hamblin's from Houston who's an adrenaline junkie who loves the 80's. So hey, she likes a decade in which the NWA ruled the world.  On to the subjects:
THE DAY THE MUSIC DIED                              DUETS
ROCK                                                              MOTOWN
BAD COMPANY                                               POP
LET'S DANCE                                                   R&B
Shannon says "Let's Dance." Dance, dance, we shall. Here are the songs.
  • Shout - The Isley Bros.
  • Goody Two Shoes - Adam Ant
She gets Goody Two Shoes.  On we go!
With the heartbreak open
So much you can't hide
Put on a little makeup makeup
Make sure they get your good side good side

If the words unspoken
Get stuck in your throat
Send a treasure token token
Write it on a pound note pound note

Goody two, goody two, goody goody two shoes
Goody two, goody two, goody goody two shoes
Don't drink don't smoke - what do you do?
Don't drink don't smoke - what do you do?
Subtle innuendos follow
Shannon's answer: Must be something inside.  Something may be right. She locks it in....IT'S RIGHT!  On to Duets and these 2 are:
  • Say, Say, Say - Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson
  • Baby, Come to Me - Patti Austin & James Ingram
She gets Say, Say, Say. And.....
Say, say, say what you want but don't play games with my affection
Take, take, take what you need but don't leave me with no direction
All alone I sit home by the phone....STOP! Go Shannon!
Shannon's answer: Waiting for you baby.  She didn't take long to lock it in.....CORRECT IT IS!  Before the nest category, she does the Pee Wee dance. Check it out, Y'all!  We move on to Motown and these 2:
  • Cruisin' - Smokey Robinson
  • Please Mr. Postman - The Marvelettes
She gets Cruisin'. Ready....set......GO!
Baby let's cruise,
Away from here
Don't be confused, baby
The way is clear
And if you want it you got it forever
Oh, this is not a one night stand
Let the music take your mind
And just release and you will find

We're going to fly away
Glad you're going my way
I love it....WHAT ELSE?
Shannon's answer: When we cruisin' together.  Going for the finish line.....YES!  On to Rock and they are....
  • More Than a Feeling - Boston
  • Legs - ZZ Top
She, Legs, I guess. Alright, start singing.
She's got legs, she knows how to use them.
She never begs....FREEZE IT! 

And gets frozen with nothing.  Can the 3 lines help? They are:

A-Her skills will never lose men
B-Her smile will just confuse them
C-She knows how to choose them
Nothing doing, but she gets 2 words "Knows" and "Choose" appear, so it'll be c as her answer and it's.......CORRECT!  Earlier, Rick Springfield surprised her with a performance of his classic "Jessie's Girl." Now on with the game and the 1980's is her specialty, so she picks that and they are: 
  • The Heat Is On - Glenn Frey
  • Urgent - Foreigner
She gets Urgent.  We're on!
You're not shy, you get around
You wanna fly, don't want your feet on the ground
You stay up, you won't come down
You wanna live, you wanna move to the sound
Got fire in your veins, burning hot, but you don't feel the pain
Your desire is insane, you can't stop until you do it again

But sometimes I wonder, as I look in your eyes
Maybe you're thinking of some other guy
But I know, yes I know how to treat you right
That's why you call me....WHEN?
Shannon's answer: Up in the middle of the....maybe it's not it.  She changes to "In the Middle of the night," but she wants to make sure.  Instead of calling out Rick, she gets Erica with the same answer and they agree as they lock it in.....CORRECT!  She tries out Pop and they are:
  • Straight Up - Paula Abdul
  • The Monkees TV Theme
She gets Straight Up. Hit 'em straight!
Lost in a dream
Don't know which way to go
If you are all that you seem
Then baby I'm moving way too slow

I've been a fool before
Wouldn't like to get my love caught
In the slammin' door
How about some information--please

Straight up now tell me
Do you really want to love me forever oh oh oh
Or am I caught in a hit and run
Straight up now...WHAT?
Shannon's answer: Tell me it is gonna be you and me forever.  She locks it in....that is INCORRECT you cold, hearted snake. The real last word: Together.  "Together Forever" is a song, but that's another show as Shannon walks out with 25K in her pocket.
We go off the air with Rick Springfield doing "What's Victoria Secret?" Witty title.  But whether you're a fan of Hulk Hogan & ALF or a fan of Starbucks & grunge, you should know why it's not what you know about it, it's what you sing about it.