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Fox's new quiz show will have one person singing for a million dollars... There's just one rule... Don't Forget the Lyrics!

Recaps by Pierre Kelly, GSNN

Host: Wayne Brady
Musical Director: Rickey Minor
Announcer: Mark Thompson
Creator: Jeff Apploff
EP: Jeff Apploff, Chris Coelen, Brian A. Veskosky, Greg Goldman, Brad Lachman
Packagers: Brad Lachman Productions, RDF USA, Apploff Entertainment
Airs: Fridays at 9p ET on FOX
Origin: CBS Television City, Los Angeles, CA


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Episode 3.8
November 14

"Get up, 'cause you can't stop, get up, __ __ ___ __ ___...."
"Don't Forget The Lyrics!" is on. Last time, En Vogue snatched up $350,000 for 3 charities. We "got a lot to do" this week, so let's get started!
Playing today is Marcus Johnson, a music teacher from Kimberly Caldwell's home, Katy, TX. Our subjects today are:

His first choice: Rock and these 2:

  • Good Lovin' - The Rascals
  • Cheap SUnglasses - Z.Z. Top
He gets Good Lovin'. 1,2,3....
(Good love)
(Good love)
(Good love)
(Good love)

I was feeling, so bad
I asked my family doctor just what I had
I said Doctor (Doctor)
Mister M.D. (Doctor)
Now can you tell me what's ailing me (Doctor)
He said yeah,yeah,yeah,yeah,yeah (yeah,yeah,yeah,yeah,yeah)
Yes indeed, all I, I really need

(Good love) Now gimme that good good lovin'
(Good love) All I need is love
(Good love) Good good lovin' baby
(Good love)

Now honey please, squeeze me tight (squeeze me tight)
Don't you want your baby to feel alright
I said baby (baby)
Now it's for sure (it's for sure)
I got the fever, yeah
And you...WHAT?
(Good love)
Marcus' answer: Got the cure. Is that it? He locks it in....YES!  Next up, Classic Rock and these 2:
  • The Joker - Steve Miller Band
  • Wheel In The Sky - Journey
He gets The Joker. Yoke 'em Marcus!
Some people call me the space cowboy, yeah
Some call me the gangster of love
Some people call me Maurice
Cause I speak of the pompitus of love.
Cause I a picker
I a grinner
I a lover
And I a sinner
I play my music...WHERE?
Marcus' answer: All night long. Thinks it's not right. He gets the 2 words backup. He changes the last 2 to..."the sun." Maybe it's still not right. He calls out Craig to get...."IN." And he locks it in......CORRECT!  Next up will be Love Songs and these 2:
  • Just My Imagination - The Temptations
  • Tell Me Something Good - Rufus & Chaka Khan
He gets the Chaka Khan song. Let's go....
Tell me something good
Tell me that you love me, yeah
Tell me something good
Tell me that...WHAT?
Marcus' answer: You like it. He locks it in.....LIKED IT! It's correct. Mark Cuban surprises him with a ball by the Dallas Mavericks, an invite to sing the national anthem and watch his students see a game. Same if you're a Dallas Desperadoes fan. Back to the game and TV Themes are next with these you should tune in:
  • The Brady Bunch Theme
  • Making Our Dreams Come True - Laverne & Shirley
He gets the Brady Bunch in honor of Trivial Pursuit's Brady Week. Let's get it!
Here's the story of a lovely lady
Who was bringing up three very lovely girls.
All of them had hair of gold, like their mother,
The youngest one in curls.
Here's the store, of a man named Brady,
Who was busy with three boys of his own,
They were four men, living all together,
Yet they were all alone.
Till the one day when the lady met this fellow
And they knew it was much more than a hunch,
That this group would somehow form a family.
That's the way...WHAT?
Marcus' answer: They all became the Brady Bunch. That may be it, but he locks it in.......CORRECT! Man, that was close.  On to 1980's now and these 2:
  • Let's Dance - David Bowie
  • Hold Me Now - Thompson Twins
He gets Hold Me Now. Please hold while I give you the lyrics...
I have a picture
Pinned to my wall
An image of you and of me and were laughing
We're loving it all
(Oh oh)
Hold me now
(Whoa)...WHOA THERE! PLEASE STOP! Go Marcus!
Marcus' answer: Warm my heart, stay with me, let lovin' start. Will the game stop right here? He locks it in......YES! The game goes on. Next up. Pop and these 2:
  • Teach Your Children - Simon & Garfunkel
  • PYT - Michael Jackson
He gets PYT. Let's G-O.
Where did you come from lady
And ooh won't you take me there
Right away won't you baby
Tenderoni you've got to be
Spark my nature
Sugar fly with me
Don't you know now
Is the perfect time
We can make it right
Hit the city lights
Then tonight ease the lovin' pain
Let me take you to the max

I want to love you (P.Y.T.)
Pretty Young Thing
You need some lovin' (T.L.C.)
Tender lovin' care
And I'll take you there
I want to love you (P.Y.T.)
Pretty Young Thing
You need some lovin' (T.L.C.)
Tender lovin' care
And I'll shake you there

Anywhere you wanna go

Nothin' can stop this burnin'
Desire to be with you
Gotta get to you baby
Won't you come, it's emergency...FREEZE!
Marcus' answer: Cool my fire yearnin' honey come set me free. Is that it? Locking it in.....CORRECT!  We get The "Eyes" have it as the next subject. Let's see it:
  • Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue - Crystal Gayle
  • In Your Eyes - Peter Gabriel
In Your Eyes is his pick. The Crystal Gayle song, by the way, is a play on words, but maybe another show. On to In Your Eyes....
love I get so lost, sometimes
days pass and this emptiness fills my heart
when I want to run away
I drive off in my car
but whichever way I go
I come back to the place you are

all my instincts, they return
and the grand facade, so soon will burn
without a noise, without my pride
I reach out from the inside

in your eyes
the light the heat
in your eyes
I am complete
in your eyes
I see the doorway to a thousand churches
in your eyes
the resolution of all the....WHAT?
Marcus' answer: Fruitless urges.......maybe it's too many blanked out. The last backup will help. Computer, please...
A - Fruitless searches I can feel the light & the heat
B - fruitless searches now I feel the light & the heat
C - fruitless searches oh I see the light & the heat.
He locks it in with.........B.........INCORRECT. He leaves with just $25,000. The real answer: C. See there? That what happens when you play the game, because it's not what you know about it, it's what you sing about it.