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Fox's new quiz show will have one person singing for a million dollars... There's just one rule... Don't Forget the Lyrics!

Recaps by Pierre Kelly, GSNN

Host: Wayne Brady
Musical Director: Rickey Minor
Announcer: Mark Thompson
Creator: Jeff Apploff
EP: Jeff Apploff, Chris Coelen, Brian A. Veskosky, Greg Goldman, Brad Lachman
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Episode 3.15
May 22

"I want you... I need you... but there ain't no way I'm ever gonna love you,
Now don't be sad..."

On the final push of Fox's party game, Meat Loaf and his daughter are going to play the game. No word on his wife. Well, "two out of three ain't bad."

As we said before, the players tonight are Meat Loaf (host of "Rock & a Hard Place") and his daughter Pearl Aday. They're playing for their charity, the Painted Turtle, a Hole in the Wall Camp for ill children. They're playing with Patti and Tracy as backups.

And here's the board...

PARTY SONGS            POP
TV THEMES             1960s

Their first pick is Classic Rock. Pearl will play the first song...

- "Devil with a Blue Dress On" - Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels
- "Jungle Love" - Steve Miller Band

She's feeling "Devil"-ish. Three missing words for $2500...

Fee, fee, fi, fi, fo-fo, fum
Look at Molly now, here she comes
Wearin' her wig hat and shades to match
She's got high-heel shoes and... WHAT?

"An alligator hat"... is good for $2500. Next, Meat plays for $5000. He goes with Pop, and here's what's poppin'.

- "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" - Cyndi Lauper
- "Teach Your Children" - Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

He just wants to have fun. Hopefully he has three missing words...

I come home in the morning light,
My mother says "When you gonna live your life right?"
Oh, mother, dear, we're not the fortunate ones,
And girls, they wanna have fu-un.
Oh, girls just wanna have fun.

The phone rings in the middle of the night,
My father yells "What you gonna do... What ARE you gonna do?

"With your life" gives them $5000. Now to $10,000 with Pearl and TV Themes.

- "Making Our Dreams Come True" from "Laverne & Shirley"
- "Happy Days"

She's hoping for some Happy Days with four missing words.

Sunday, Monday, Happy Days.
Tuesday, Wednesday, Happy Days.
Thursday, Friday, Happy Days.
The weekend comes,
My cycle hums,
Ready to race to you.

These days are all,
Happy and Free. (Those Happy Days)
These days are all,
Share them with me. (oh baby)
Goodbye grey sky, hello blue.
There's nothing can hold me... HOLD IT!

"When I hold you... " Good for $10,000! Now Meat is going for the guaranteed $25,000 on.. Party Songs.

- "Having a Party" - Sam Cooke
- "Shout, Part 1" - Isley Brothers

He wants to "Shout"... Six words.  Let's party!

You know you make me wanna (Shout!)
Kick my heels up and (Shout!)
Throw my hands up and (Shout!)
Throw my head back and (Shout!)
Come on now (Shout!)

... and Meat hits a road block. He plays his three choices...

a) Don't forget to jump on in
b) Don't forget to take my hand
c) Don't forget to say you will

He locks in C... and gets the $25,000!

Pearl is up next, and she goes with Motown.

- "The Tears of a Clown" - Smokey Robinson & The Miracles
- "Just My Imagination (Running Away with Me)" - The Temptations

She takes "Just My Imagination". Six words will double the stash.

Each day through my window I watch her as she passes by.
I say to myself, "You're such a lucky guy."
To have a girl like her... And STOP!

Probably shouldn't have said that, because Pearl is stopped. She goes with the one backup singer. Patti says "... is truly a dream come true". Pearl agrees... and $50,000 is theirs!

Now Meat heads into his wheel house... Rock... Oh but is he so glad he did...

- "Two Out of Three Ain't Bad"- Meat Loaf
- "Cheap Sunglasses" - ZZ Top

Kinda stupid, but why not go with the one you actually sang. "Two Out of Three"... has 10 words missing.

Baby we can talk all night
But that ain't getting us nowhere
I told you everything I possibly can
There's nothing left inside of here
And maybe you can cry all night
But that'll never change the way that I feel
The snow is really piling up outside
I wish you wouldn't make me leave here

I poured it on and I poured it out
I tried to show you just how much I care
I'm tired of words and I'm too hoarse to shout
But you've been cold to me so long
I'm crying icicles instead of tears

And all I can do is keep on telling you
I want you
I need you
But -- there aint no... WORDS!

"Way I'm ever gonna love you, now don't be sad".... because $100,000 ain't bad.

Next to double is Pearl with Tom Petty.

- "Breakdown"
- "Don't Do Me Like That"

She doesn't want to be done like that. She needs 10 words...

I was talkin' with a friend of mine,
He said a woman had hurt his pride,
She told him that she loved him so and
Then turned around and let him go.
Then he said, "You better watch your step
Or you're gonna get hurt yourself... HURT ME!

Pearl comes up with a guess of "(something) gonna tell you lies, cut you down to size." She uses her final help, the two words... She's left with: "Someone's gonna ___ ___ ___ ____ ____ ___ ____ ___" She uses her original guess... and she's right!

For $350,000, Meat is going back to the 60s with either...

- "Pinball Wizard" - The Who
- "Piece Of My Heart" - Janis Joplin

He wants to take another little "Piece of My Heart". Missing 10 words still.

Didn't I make you feel like you were the only man, well yeah,
An' didn't I give you nearly everything that a woman possibly can?
Honey, you know I did!
And each time I tell myself that I, well I think I've had enough,
Oh but I'm... STOP!

He goes with "... gonna show you baby that a woman can be tough". GOOD!

For $500,000... Pearl has the final topic.. R&B.

- "Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours" - Stevie Wonder
- "Rescue Me" - Fontella Bass

She wants to be rescued like Denis Leary. Ten words separate her from the Million Dollar Song...

Rescue me
Oh take me in your arms
Rescue me
I want your tender charms
'Cause I'm lonely and I'm blue
I need you and your love too

Come on and rescue me
Come on baby and rescue me
Come on baby and rescue me
'Cause I need... TEN WORDS!

Pearl goes with " by my side, can't you see that I'm lonely?"...


It's GOOD! We've got $500,000 for the Painted Turtle... and they opt not to go for the Million Dollar Song. Still a great run for them and a great cause is going to be richer for it.

Come back next week for more karaoke fun, because as Pierre would say, "it's not what you know about it... It's what you sing about it."

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