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Extreme sports fantasy plus extreme sports families equals a new take on a kids' classic.

Ben Lyons
Asha Kuerten
Albie Hecht, Scott Fishman, Byron Taylor (based upon "Nickelodeon GUTS")

Albie Hecht
Worldwide Biggies for Nickelodeon
Extreme Arena, Universal Orlando
8p ET Weeknights on Nickelodeon


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Semis: Gahres G-Dogs vs. Kickin' Johnsons
September 25

Last week, 12 families entered the Extreme Arena with one goal in mind... a family vacation with a glowing piece of our Aggro-Crag in the back seat. The Howlin' Howells howled back after overcoming a 2.5 second deficit to make it to the top of the Crag, leaving the Eichen-Splat in the dust for their second piece of the rock.

One more semi will determine who'll face them in the Aggro-Bowl.

(John, Donald, Cathy & John Mark)
(Brian, Emily, Lindsey & Sharon)

Semifinals will be a four-event affair today, with three new events and the familiar charge up an even more aggressive Aggro-Crag.


The only thing separating you and the ground are a round trip between seven high-up gates and, oh, about 15 feet of air where an aerial vert or a mega mogul is supposed to be. Each gate is worth 10 points up to 140.

Gahres won the toss, so they decide to go second, which means the Johnsons are first. Emily will launch Lindsey onto the course, and steering on the power lines are Sharon & Brian. Lindsey's having some trouble getting around the course, but she's able to regain some composure, setting the tone early with two gates for 20 points.

The Dogs are ready to Air Slalom, as John Mark will launch Donald into the air, with John & Cathy on the power lines. the key is to just take your time. the gates aren't going anywhere. You also want to communicate, but will any of that help Donald clear some of the gates? Well... one for 10. Johnsons lead, 20-10.


It's a cross-pollination of Formula One racing, biking up the Appalachian Trail, and driving fast and turning left. With one known casualty, the Formula Guts track takes no prisoners. Ben wishes he could take a pod-bike home, but the folks at Nickelodeon won't let him. Ha. Two and a half laps around with a switchoff halfway. Fastest wins 100.

Kickin' Johnsons will send Sharon first, Brian second. The hardest part is the corners, because you have to navigate without losing speed and you have to keep upright. The family does that for a final time of 1:02.

Gahres G-Dogs will send Donald first, then comes John Mark. Donald is ready to fire up the course... You want to go fast... but you don't want to go too fast or you'll crash! He has some trouble getting into Pit Row. With a fast turnaround, the stunt spotters will have nothing to do. They lead it with :54 seconds, which seems to be the record in this series of My Family's Got GUTS.

The Green Team, we see, lost it at Pit Row when they couldn't dislodge the door to the pod-bike. The G-Dogs overcome Air Slalom to lead after two, 110-95.


Bump. Set. Spike. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Hope you brought your sunscreen, because things are going to heat up rather quickly. Each spike above the 10-foot net and into the scoring zone is worth 10 points. Defense is allowable.

Remember, teams can play defense... and probably should.

Communication is key, and the Red Squad have it down in space. Accuracy and coordination also help matters as you have to spike it down the middle, then get back onto the aerial bridge to build your momentum. Johnsons make 15, Gahres get 21. G-Dogs are leading on 320 to Kickin' Johnsons' 245, translating to a 75 point advantage going into...

Final Event: AGGROCRAG

The mountain is calling... The mountain demands respect... The mountain requires every inch of your intestinal fortitude for your family to make it to the top. At the foothills of the Crag are the Mad Mesas, as one player will have to navigate hill over hill before sending player two to the Switchbacks to open up Avalanche Peak to reveal the .. err, guts... of the mountain, the Spiraling Vortex. Player three will await at the bottom to navigate the Crag Caverns before reaching the ice portal to send player four up the Vertical Freeze, where it's just you, the fog, and the call of the mountain, not to mention 22 feet, straight up to Crystal Peak, the summit, and victory.

At the Mad Mesas, it'll be John vs. Lindsey. At the Switchbacks, it's Cathy vs. Sharon. In the Crag Caverns, it's Donald vs. Brian. And up the Vertical Freeze, it's John Mark vs. Emily. The players have made their choices. Now they have to live with them.

The lead enjoyed by the Gahres G-Dogs translates to a 7.5 second head-start. Last team that had a head-start was blown away, but we'll see what happens.

One family is going to go to the Aggro Bowl. The other is going home. By the time John is finished on the Mad Mesas, Lindsey's just getting started. Red team is off to a great start, while the Kickin' Johnsons are struggling to find the final actuator to open up the other side of the Crag. But Donald is lost in the Caverns! This may just even the score! But the G-Dogs go out of the Glacial Gorge and send the final players up the Vertical Freeze. It is dead even... until John Mark uses every bit of his strength to move up to the final face of the mountain to lock in the W for the Gahres G-Dogs! And for the Kickin' Johnsons, it's just a look at their one piece of the rock and imagine what could have been.

And the final is set... the Cyclone Jones in Red... the Howlin' Howells in Blue... and the Gahres G-Dogs in Green... One of them is going to earn the final piece of the Aggro-Crag to make their monument complete. Who will it be? Find out on the finale in 47.5 hours. Until then, no ifs, ands, or buts... my family's got GUTS!