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September 15

September 16

Extreme sports fantasy plus extreme sports families equals a new take on a kids' classic.

Ben Lyons
Asha Kuerten
Albie Hecht (based upon "Nickelodeon GUTS")
Worldwide Biggies for Nickelodeon
Extreme Arena, Universal Orlando
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Rojo Grande vs. Eichen Splat
September 17

Last night, the Hurricane Hutagalungs got blown away by the sheer force of Cyclone Jones, as they move one step closer to the ultimate piece of our radical rock. Now two new teams will try and make the semis themselves....

(Danny, Pearl, Rigo, Danaechia)
(Jared, Moriah, Lisa, Keith)

First thing's first...


The urban obstacle course is going from the Construction Site to the Water Tower, 18 feet above the arena floor, the Colossal Cubes on the Sky Bridge, and the Street Hop to finish. Teams have two minutes to finish.

First up, Rojo Grande won the toss, so they send Danny through the construction site, Rigo up on the power tower, Danaechia at the sky bridge, and Pearl ready to jump! jump! on the street hop. Danny makes short work of the wedges, but Rigo has an issue with the tower. Final time: 1:08 for 52 points.

Gut Check time. Check the guns on Danny. Rigo, his son, is into basketball, as is his sister Danaechia. They're here playing for the honor of their recently-departed grandfather. Pearl... she's the cheerleader of the bunch.

Next up, Team Eichen-Splat goes free running. Jared is at the base of the work site, Daddy Longlegs Keith is at the water tower, Lisa is on the bridge, and hopping at anchor is Moriah. The time to beat is 1:08. Keith has no trouble on the tower, but he's got to move faster! Lisa tries to move faster... and almost gets swept away by the colossal cubes. Final time: 1:12 for 48 points. Rojo Grande lead, 52-48.

Time for the Eichens to get gut-checked. Moriah's the cheerer, Jared's a gymnast, Lisa likes boogieboarding and skating, and Keith the stepdad is a golfer. Keith's playing for pride... He's told too many people to lose.

Event 2: SKY SLAM

Ever wanted to dunk on Yao Ming? With the help of your partner setting up the play, it's possible. One player will retrieve a loose ball from the aerial bridge, then pass it to their partner. They then have to jam it home for 10 points each. And defensive boards are allowed so get your fill. Most baskets in 1:30 win.

For the Rojos, Rigo & Danny will take on Moriah & Keith for the Eichens. And... neither team can grab the first ball. Rigo makes up for it by using his b-ball prowess to full advantage. He hasn't missed a shot yet! The final score... 9-2 in favor of Rojo Grande. That's another 90 to another 20, putting the score at 142-68... a 74 point advantage to Rojo Grande.

Final Event: AGGROCRAG

Some say it's the top of the lost continent. Some say it's an ancient ruin. Some just think it lives and breathes on its own. One thing's certain... this dreaded mountain - replete with snow, ice, rocks, steam, sprays, and fear - eats lightning and craps thunder. Players will have to do battle against each other and the radical rock for the chance to move one step closer to the Aggro-Bowl at the end of the season. First, though, lighting the spires of the bottom ledges, then up top, the skeletal stalagmites and Avalanche Peak, where you send your partner up the Glacial Freeze wall and into the heart of the Crag, where ultimately, you'll find yourself at the Crystal Peak for the win.

Going up against his mythical mountain is Danaechia & Pearl for Rojo Grande and Jared & Lisa for Eichen-Splat. The Rojos' 74 point lead translates into the full seven-second headstart.

First team to activate their scoring pods including the final one at the summit can call themselves the champ tonight. When the crag is rocking, you better come knocking.

Danaechia makes quick work of her side of the crag to send Pearl up to the Vertical Freeze, but here comes Jared up that same side of the mountain. But wait! He slips! And again! All of a sudden, it's a race... and it's going to... EICHEN-SPLAT! They're moving on to the semis with their first piece of the Aggro-Crag.

And the Aggro-Crag falls silent awaiting the next challengers, the Lowe Riders and the Howlin' Howells to see who'll face the Eichens in the semis. Until then no ifs, ands, or buts... my family's got GUTS!