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September 15

Extreme sports fantasy plus extreme sports families equals a new take on a kids' classic.

Ben Lyons
Asha Kuerten
Albie Hecht (based upon "Nickelodeon GUTS")
Worldwide Biggies for Nickelodeon
Extreme Arena, Universal Orlando
8p ET Weeknights on Nickelodeon


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Cyclone Jones vs. Hurricane Hutagalungs
September 16

Last night, the Chastain Charge charged against the Sherry Storm, becoming the first team to make it to the semis. Tonight, one more team joins them in the quest for the ultimate piece of our glowing rock...

(Matt, Brock, Kevin, Kali)
(Selina, Horas, Ashley, Arnold)

First thing's first...


The GUTS version of an international phenomenon, tonight's iteration goes from the Street Hop to the log-roll version of the Sky Bridge, the Water Tower, and the Construction Site. It's basically last night's version... in REVERSE.

The Hutagalungs won the toss and decided that the Jones will take on Free Run City first. Kevin's taking the hop, then we're going back to Kali on the Sky Bridge, Brock goes to the water tower, and Matt finishes onto the construction site. they end up with a time of 1:04 for 56 points. A little trouble on the water tower, but Matt makes up for it in the construction site.

The Jones get gut-checked. Kali, a softballing daughter, is the quickness, Brock is the strong uncle, Matt is the wrestling nephew, and Kevin is the wise coaching dad. They've got room for the trophy, but do you have room for the AggroCrag trophy?

Now it's time for the Hutagalungs to take on Free Run City. Selina's gonna hop it, Big Horas is going to run the Sky Bridge, Ashley's on the tower, and Arnold plows through the construction site. Ashley's taking her sweet time on the water tower... and it ends up costing them in the end, clocking in at 1:22 for 38 points. The Cyclones are overblowing the Hurricanes, 56-38.

Time for the Hutagalungs to get gut-checked. Ashley (niece) is the soccer chick, and brother Arnold is her coach. Daughter Selina is on the color guard. But the secret weapon according to team captain dad Horas... the rainbow socks.


We're bending it like Beckham in mid air. Soccerballs will be posted on tees, and your job is to kick it towards your opponents' goal. But be careful, because your opponents, in addition to kicking and screaming, will be goalieing as well. Each goal is worth 10 points, and the most goals at the end of 90 seconds wins.

For the Cyclone Jones, it's Kali & Brock, and for the Hurricane Hutagalungs, it's the coach Arnold and the not-soccer-girl Selina.

Selina and Arnold have a lot to answer for after the first event, but at halftime, they're still trailing 10-4. It's not a matter of them being d'ed on, as it is them not getting the kicks off that they have to.

And after this mini-matchup between Man U and Chivas (C-Note: Cosmos if you're old school), the Hutagalungs have a hard time keeping up with the Joneses, as the squad in red win it, 20-12. That translates into a 256-158 advantage going into...

Final Event: AGGROCRAG

The dreaded mountain. At the top, your dreams. At the bottom... three scoring actuators, followed by a spikey skeletal frame. Then comes the Ice Portal, which will send your partner up the glacial terrain, straight up 22 feet separating you from the Crystal Peak and the win. All the while, you're coming face to face with the beast of the mountain, complete with rocks, snow, smoke, thunder, cold, water... and all the fury of the legendary mountain.

Climbing the Crag for the Jones is Matt & Kevin. They'll be facing off against Horas & Ashley for the Hutagalungs. The Jones lead by an amazing 98 points, which would normally translate into a 9.8 second lead, but there's a cap on the headstart of 7, so that's what they're faced with.

First team to activate their scoring pods including the final one at the summit can call themselves the champ tonight.

And before you can say "Evan 'Rocket' Dollard", the red team is already at the top of the peak. The Cyclone Jones are your champs as Kevin takes his slide to victory to join his family in receiving their first piece of AggroCrag. They'll face off against last night's winners, the Chastain Charge.

Next time, the Rojo Grande rolls into town to show the Eichen-Splat what's what. Be there.  Until then, no ifs, ands, or buts... my family's got GUTS!