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Extreme sports fantasy plus extreme sports families equals a new take on a kids' classic.

Ben Lyons
Asha Kuerten
Albie Hecht (based upon "Nickelodeon GUTS")
Worldwide Biggies for Nickelodeon
Extreme Arena, Universal Orlando
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Dionne Dash vs. Gahres G-Dogs
September 19

Last night, the Howlin' Howells howled all over the Lowe Riders to take the game and move one step closer to the championship Aggro-Bowl. Next to enter the Extreme Arena...

(Donald, Sharee, DJ, and Danny)
(John, Cathy, Donald, John Mark)

First thing's first...


Our Parkour-style obstacle course, where you don't go over or under obstacles... you go THROUGH THEM! Today, we start at the Sky Bridge at the Catwalk Swings, followed by a new entry, the Skyscraper, where players will have to crawl, scrape, do whatever they have to do to get to the top. Then comes the Zero G Water Tower and finally from the top of the Construction Site all the way down.

Gahres G-Dogs won the toss backstage, so they elect to go second. Donald goes to the Sky Bridge, Sharee hits the Skyscraper. DJ goes to the water tower, and Danny anchors at the Construction Site. The Skyscraper proves to be the killer for this run as Sharee struggles to find a way up the darned thing. Remember, players have a maximum time of 2 minutes to finish the entire course, and Sharee's still on leg two! Maximum time has been reached on Sharee's leg (45 seconds), so we move to leg three and the water tower. Final time... 2:00... for no score.

Hopefully their Gut Check bio doesn't involve climbing. Donald "DJ" Jr. and brother Danny are baseballers. Parents Sharee & Donald are the heart and soul of their training regimen.

Next up in Free Run City, Donald G. has the Sky Bridge, Cathy has the Skyscraper, John Mark has the Water Tower, and John has the anchor position in the Construction Site. Time to beat is 2 minutes. Cathy manages to do what Sharee couldn't... finish the water tower. John Mark has no problem at the tower of power and as a result, the family finishes with a time of 1:33 for 27 points.

Donald and John Mark get Gut-Checked. They're the cross-country stars, while mom Cathy likes blading. John's the coach of the team, and he says you gotta have heart. Interesting side note... Donald tried out for the show with a cast on... and STILL made it.

Event 2: SKY SLAM

It's the perfect basketball scenario... Paul Pierce hobbles the ball. You pick up the loose ball. Set up the alley, while your partner soars above the rim and... oop, there it is.

We have three Donalds on the court, two of them playing for the Dionne Dash. The third is teamed with dad John for the Gahres G-Dogs. And it seems like both teams are having a problem getting the first ball off. But then Donald D. underhands the rock repeatedly to son DJ for the throwdown. Remember, defense is also key in this game, and the G-Dogs demand satisfaction. Final score, Dogs beat the Dash, 5-2, putting us at 77-20, a 57-point edge to the Gahres going into...

Final Event: AGGROCRAG

The roar of a lion... the cold of a sasquatch... the still-beating heart of a leopard... and the face of a mountain that just might lose it. Lighting up the actuators at the Switchbacks, the Skeletal Stalagmites, and the Frozen Lava Storm at Avalanche Peak is only half of the equation. Then their partners have to go face to face with the face of the Vertical Freeze. God sneezes, and all of a sudden comes an onslaught of steam, wind, rain, ice, snow, and rocks to get in between you and the Crystal Peak, the magical top of the mountain where dreams become reality. And some reality become dreams.

Climbing up the crag is Sharee & Danny for the Dionnes and Cathy & John Mark for the Gahres. First one to light up all the scoring targets including the final one at the peak of the crag wins. Because the Gahres lead by 57, they're given a 5.7 second head start.

The Aggro Crag has a hunger for fresh meat... Come... It shall be fed.

Sharee has a lot to answer for after costing her family the win in Free Run City. She never gets a shot, though, as even with a blaze of energy from Danny at the Vertical Freeze, any hope for the Dionne Dash is dashed as the Gahres G-Dogs bark their way to claiming their first glowing piece of our awesome rock.

So five of our final six are set. We have one more prelim match to go to see who'll face off against the Gahres... will it be the Kickin' Johnsons? How about the Richards Riptide? Find out next time. Until then, no ifs, ands, or buts... my family's got GUTS!