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Extreme sports fantasy plus extreme sports families equals a new take on a kids' classic.

Ben Lyons
Asha Kuerten
Albie Hecht, Scott Fishman, Byron Taylor (based upon "Nickelodeon GUTS")

Albie Hecht
Worldwide Biggies for Nickelodeon
Extreme Arena, Universal Orlando
8p ET Weeknights on Nickelodeon


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Semis: Eichen-Splat vs. Howlin' Howells
September 24

Last week, 12 families entered the Extreme Arena with one goal in mind... a family vacation with a glowing piece of our Aggro-Crag in the back seat. The Cyclone Jones were the first team to get their second piece of the rock. Now the Aggro-Crag and another slot in the Aggro-Bowl await these two teams...

(Lisa, Jared, Keith, Moriah)
(Annie, Morgan, Marty, Alex)

Semifinals will be a four-event affair today, with three new events and the familiar charge up an even more aggressive Aggro-Crag.


Skateboarding without the ramps. Snowboarding without the powder. It's full air, full gated high-up slalom. Each gate is worth 10 points up to 140.

Eichens won the toss, so they decide to go first. Moriah will launch Lisa into the air, while Keith and Jared will steer. Lisa isn't agile enough to clear the entire course, but they do clear two gates for 20.

Howells are next as Alex gets launched by Morgan, and helping cloud-surf are Marty and Annie. Alex has no problem using his upper body strength and his flexibility to clear two gates to knot it up at 20.


Ben & Asha are taking it to the broadcast box because the tracks are down F1/Tour de France/NASCAR style as the teams race podbikes against the clock. Fastest team wins 100, slowest will have to settle for 75. A two-and-a-half-lap race will settle this score at least for now.

Jared will drive for the Eichen-Splat, followed by Keith in the second lap. They have to work together in the pits for the switchoff, but in the straight away, you have to build up the speed and keep stable in the bends. Final time: :54. Very fast indeed.

Next up, the Howells will take the pit to start. Annie's the first driver. Morgan will wrap it up. Another important bit in this race is keeping upright... unlike the turn to pit row, where Annie takes a hard fall. The stunt guys are there to guide her into pit row, where they make the switch. Morgan's got a whole lot of time to make up, and not just because of that, but because Annie also ran off the track a few times. In the end, penalties do not figure as their time of 1:12 is only good for 75 points. Eichen-Splat leads it, 120-95.

And the big hit in pit row is officially dubbed "The Crash Heard Round the World"


Teams of two are going to go high up into the air, making Gabby Reece look like a dwarf in comparison if you're taking it old school as the Extreme Arena is transformed into a beach volleyball configuration. Each team will have two setters to set up the spike, and two spikers to throw it down. Each goal scored in the colored zone is worth 10. 

Remember, teams can play defense... and probably should.

The Extreme Beach was rocking... and in the end, it was tied up with eight spikes for 80 points, meaning that with a lead of 200-175, the Eichen-Splat will have a 2.5 second advantage in...

Final Event: AGGROCRAG

It's four against one... and it's one heck of a one, as the mega mountain of the Extreme Arena gets even more extreme. At the foothills of the Crag are the Mad Mesas, as one player will have to navigate hill over hill before sending player two to the Switchbacks to open up Avalanche Peak to reveal the .. err, guts... of the mountain, the Spiraling Vortex. Player three will await at the bottom to navigate the Crag Caverns before reaching the ice portal to send player four up the Vertical Freeze, where it's just you, the fog, and the call of the mountain, not to mention 22 feet, straight up to Crystal Peak, where all your dreams come true.

At the Mad Mesas, it'll be Keith vs. Morgan. At the Switchbacks, it's Lisa vs. Marty. In the Crag Caverns, it's Moriah vs. Alex. And up the Vertical Freeze, it's Jared vs. Annie.

As stated before, Team Eichen-Splat has earned a 2.5 second head-start. Players have to brave the obstacles and activate all their scoring pods including the final one at the summit of the Crag. First one to do so wins.

One family is going to go to the Aggro Bowl. The other is going home. Snow goes crazy as the first leg is in the books. The Howlin' Howells overcome the headstart to reach the Vortex first. From there, it's all green, they do not let up. Moriah is still lost in the cave while Annie is halfway up the vertical freeze. This is a one-sided affair as Annie makes it up the Aggro-Crag as the Red Squad is consumed by the Cavernous Caves.

Annie silences the beast for now, but the Aggro Crag awaits another set of semifinalists, the Gahres G-Dogs and the Kickin' Johnsons. One team will complete the lineup for the Aggro-Bowl. The other will complete nothing.

Final semi next time. Until then, no ifs, ands, or buts... my family's got GUTS!