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Extreme sports fantasy plus extreme sports families equals a new take on a kids' classic.

Ben Lyons
Asha Kuerten
Albie Hecht (based upon "Nickelodeon GUTS")
Worldwide Biggies for Nickelodeon
Extreme Arena, Universal Orlando
8p ET Weeknights on Nickelodeon


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Sherry Storm vs. Chastain Charge
September 5

The game that asked "Do You Have It" is back for a new generation, so grab your parents, because it's time that THEY got off the couch and headed over to the Extreme Arena.

The players for game 1...

(Troy, Hunter, Diane, Cody)
(Tim, Lauren, Shawna, TJ)

One of these teams will be heading to the semifinals and perhaps to the championship final, where they'll play for the ultimate sports family vacation and a "glowing piece of our awesome rock, the Aggro Crag". Let's start determining which one.


It's an urban running obstacle course, where each family member will scale I-beams, vault over wedges, climbing water towers, trying to traverse the sky bridge, and finally finishing on the street hop. This is a four-man relay, and each player will have to complete their leg before the others can start theirs. The faster your time, the more the score.

The Sherrys won the toss and have elected to go second. The Chastains will go first with dad Troy at the construction site, mom Diane at the water tower, big brother Hunter is at the sky bridge, while little brother Cody is at the street hop. They stop the clock at 1:02 for 58 points.

About the Chastains in the Gut Check... they're a family of golfers and footballers. They tried out with the spirit of Troy's recently departed uncle. They say they can hold their own.

Now to the Storm, as daughter Lauren is at the construction site, son TJ is at the water tower, dad Tim is crossing the bridge, while mom Shawna has to hop at anchor. They too clock in at 1:02, but is it official? Nope. Off by a second, 1:03 for 57 points. So after one event, the Charge are charging at the leaderboard, 58-57.

Now it's time for the Sherrys to spill their guts... or not. Heh. As a family, they're very competitive. Shawna's an outdoorsy girl and Lauren is a distance runner. TJ's a baseballer. Tim... is out of shape. He does nothing. But they do well together.


Imagine doing your best Eli/Peyton Manning pass through the goalpost, then having your family member run it in the end zone for 7. It's basically the same idea, only you're running it in the end zone for 10 each trip in a minute-thirty. Nothing but bragging right for a pick, though.

Oh, and you're in mid-air.

For the Storm, it's TJ & Tim. For the Charge, it's Hunter & Diane. After 90 seconds of pigs flying, we have a final result of 100-30, Storm leading! That puts us at Sherrys up, 157-88 before...

Final Event: AGGRO CRAG

It's the mighty mountain you all know and fear. Two teams of family members (in this case, Lauren & Shawna vs. Cody & Troy) will go against each other in a head-to-head climb up our mega mountain. Along the way, they'll have to dodge smoke, water sprays, snow, rocks, water in the faces, and the fury of a living volcano that could just go berserk.

Starting at base camp, the first players will have to traverse the ice-surfing switchbacks, climb up the skeletal stalagmites, and reach Avalanche Peak to activate the Ice Portal, releasing their partners onto the Vertical Freeze wall. Twenty-two feet straight up lies the Crystal Peak and victory. Along the way, they must light up a series of scoring actuators. The team that lights all of them up including the final one at the summit of the Crag wins!

Since the Sherry Storm lead by 69 points, they get a headstart of one second for every 10 points, that translates into 6.9 seconds of freeplay before the Chastain Charge... charges.

 A tough start by the Chastains gets even tougher. Shawna gets the go-ahead to start her climb first, but she falls as Troy begins his ascent. This game all of a sudden is wide open. Troy takes full advantage and makes it to Crystal Peak first for the win! The Chastain Charge are moving onto the second round!

And of course, because they won, they get their first glowing piece of Aggro Crag... and they understandably hope it isn't their last.

Next time, it's the Cyclone Jones vs. the Hurricane Hutagalungs to see who will face the Chastain Charge in the next round. Until then, no ifs, ands, or buts... my family's got GUTS!