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Extreme sports fantasy plus extreme sports families equals a new take on a kids' classic.

Ben Lyons
Asha Kuerten
Albie Hecht, Scott Fishman, Byron Taylor (based upon "Nickelodeon GUTS")

Albie Hecht
Worldwide Biggies for Nickelodeon
Extreme Arena, Universal Orlando
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Kickin' Johnsons vs. Richards Riptide
September 22

Last time, the Gahres G-Dogs barked all over the Dionne Dash, earning a spot in the semi-finals, leaving one spot open. It'll go to one of these two teams...

(Sharon, Lindsey, Brian, Emy)
(Ray, Lori, Zach, Shawna)

First thing's first...


Our Parkour-style obstacle course, where you don't go over or under obstacles... you go THROUGH THEM! It's a reprise of Friday's course, with the Catwalk Swing Sky Bridge, the Skyscraper, the Water Tower, and the Construction Site.

The Richards won the coin toss in the locker rooms, so they'll choose to go second. First up, the Johnsons with Sharon at the Sky Bridge, Lindsey at the Skyscraper, Brian at the Water Tower, and Emily rounding it out at the Construction Site. And it looks like all four family members are looking to break records tonight. Doesn't happen, but we have a great time with 1:09 for 51 points.

They spill it in the Gut Check. Daughters Emily & Lindsey are soccer players, while Brian's their coach. Sharon runs a lot. Together, they're... kicking.

Over to the Riptide, with Lori on the Bridge, Shawna climbing the Skyscraper, Zach going zero-G, and Ray anchoring the course at the work site. Zach slips at the Water Tower, but Ray more than makes up for it. Final time: 1:22 for 38 points. The Johnsons lead it after one, 51-38.

The Richards get checked. Shawna plays volleyball. Lori's the cheerleader. Zach is a wrestling footballer. They almost didn't make the cut at tryouts, not for lack of physicality, but for lack of following directions.... Ray.


Flying through the air like Peter Pan, and kicking it into the goal like Freddy Adu, it's aerial soccer at its finest, and defense is allowed.

Kicking it for the Johnsons are Brian & Lindsey, while Shawna & Ray rip it for the Richards. Expectations are high for the Johnsons, who live, breathe, eat, and crap soccer... and they don't disappoint, like a good game between DC United and the LA Galaxy... and it ends up just as close... The official score... TIED at 12! That's 120 points for each.  That puts the score at 171-158, meaning that the Johnsons maintain their 13 point advantage going into...

Final Event: AGGROCRAG

It's going to take the heart of a lion, the eye of the tiger, and the speed of the cheetah to take on the legendary mountain. Sharon & Lori will start out at Base Camp, forging themselves against the Switchbacks and Skeleton Stalagmites, before reaching Avalanche Peak and sending Emily & Zach up the Vertical Freeze and toward the majesty of Crystal Peak. All the while players will have to face snow, ice, sprays, rocks, steam, and anything else Nick can throw at them.

The first players have three actuators to light up, and their partners will have to light up one... the big one at the top. First team to do that wins. Because the Johnsons lead by 13, they earn a 1.3 second headstart.

The monolith eats players like these for breakfast... and he's STARVING. It's a tight race all around, but the Kickin' Johnsons utilize all of their upper body strength to keep their lead and hold on to win.

We finally have the top six squads. Starting tomorrow, they face off against EACH OTHER. First up in the semis, the Chastain Charge and the Cyclone Jones.  Until then, no ifs, ands, or buts... my family's got GUTS!