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Past Real Worlders and Road Rulers come back to take on a new set of viewers in the ultimate of competitions in MTV's reality franchises.

Recaps by Brian Moore, GSNN

Host TJ Lavin
Creators Mary-Ellis Bunim
Jonathan Murray
EP Jonathan Murray
Packager Bunim-Murray Productions for MTV
Origins Whistler, BC
Web freshmeat2.mtv.com
Airs 10p Wed, MTV
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Spoiled Rotten Meat
May 26

With the allies gone, an intense Ev lashes out at her partner, an easygoing Luke. One player from each team gets strung up by their heels -- literally -- in a hilarious challenge. And two of the teams are shocked by an Exile at an unexpected time, that has the players' fears about the elimination round redefined.

With Wes eliminated, Kenny's four-team alliance has made it so far in this game. However, Landon and Carley are still on the outs and that goes ditto for Ev and Luke. Ev, who struggles being alone, has to put 110% of her energy into fighting for her life in this game. Ryan will do whatever he can socially, politically, and physically to get him and Theresa to the end. They are very close to the final and Ryan wants to stay safe from the Exile.

Because Landon and Carley won the previous challenge, they get to pick the playing order for the next one and that's the only time they get control. Then Ev shows up talking about how she's getting awkward glances from the rest of the players. Landon tells Ev that if he and Carley give her the 2nd starting position and they win the next challenge, then they let Ev and Luke send a team of their choosing into Exile.

Landon then approaches Kenny about a deal about having him and Laurel be put third-to-last in the next challenge. And if Kenny and Laurel win, they would give Landon whom they want sent into Exile. Landon thinks that his biggest weakness as a player is playing the game deceptively. However, it's critical for him to be on an alliance that'll have his back. According to Kenny, Landon knows that he had made a bad decision in the beginning of the game to be allies with Wes and Ev. And Landon has no other option than to make a deal with Kenny. But at this point in the game, Kenny sees Landon as jumping on board too late. Kenny consults with his alliance about his conversation with Landon, but later sticks with their original plan.

It's time for another clue...

Are your bodies feeling wrecked yet? If not, they will by tomorrow. Be ready to leave by 11:30am.

Everything that Ev is doing in this game is building up to taking out Kenny and Laurel in the final challenge. And to do that, Ev needs her partner, Luke, on point. Ev's "win-win" attitude puts pressure on Luke and he has to live up to her expectations.

Challenge #8: Wrecking Ball

Each team will try to build a statue puzzle as fast as possible. And here's the catch...a teammate will be hanging upside down from the rope at the center of the playing field. Their partner will swing him or her around while collecting the puzzle pieces and putting them toghether and hoping they don't get knocked down. When the puzzle is completed, it must stand for five seconds before a team's turn is over.

After the teams have endured the hilarious challenge, let's see how they have fared?

Kenny & Laurel - 4m 4s
Jillian & Pete - 3m 5s
Jenn & Noor - 2m 22s
Ryan & Theresa - Disqualified (failed to complete)
Ev & Luke - Disqualified (failed to complete)
Landon & Carley - Time not given

Jenn and Noor have won this challenge and a trip for two with a two-night stay, two round-trip, business class tickets, complimentary cocktails, and more.

Ev got frustrated at Luke over his performance on the challenge. Ev is an intense player who wants to win, while Luke is an easygoing guy.

Landon makes one last attempt to swing Ryan to his side by having him vote for Pete and Jillian into the Exile. Although Ryan is seriously thinking about it, the decision is really up in the air and has no idea what to expect if there's a tiebreaker. Ryan wants to make it to final as there is a lot of money at stake and he's so close that he can taste.

Luke and Ev are a better team, but they just didn't have the opportunity to prove it. Ev then rethinks her attitude towards Luke and decides to start being a better teammate towards him.

The deliberations begin with the new blood of Jenn and Noor in the winners' seats, and they send Ev and Luke back into Exile. Landon wasn't with Kenny's alliance from the beginning and they aren't going to vote one of their own teams in. The other teams take the only option available, by sending Landon and Carley back into the Exile.

At this point, host TJ tells the two teams on the chopping block that they have to get ready right now. They're going to compete in the next Exile elimination round in the...wait for it...nighttime.

As Ev prepares herself for the upcoming Exile against Landon, Kenny's alliance doubts her confidence and they're hoping she doesn't come back.

Exile: Weight For Me: Blackout

This is about the same course as when it was played in the daytime. However, after the first checkpoint, teams have to carry bags that total 150 pounds of weight in their buckets. And the puzzles at two of the checkpoints are now optional, and teams who decide to complete them and do so successfully will give them some form of advantage.

On the first checkpoint, teams may try to arrange the seven puzzle pieces to form the designated shape. In the second checkpoint, teams must use the numbers provided to complete a Sudoku-esque puzzle. Each row, column, and color stream must consists of different numbers. Upon the successful completion of that, teams may remove 30 pounds from their total weight.

At this point Carley succumbs to the altitude, forcing Landon to take on all of her weight. Carley's situation causes Ev and Luke to narrow down her and Landon's lead. In the final checkpoint, teams may guide the marble from the green line to the green hole. If the marble falls through a red hole, they must start again. If successful, five minutes will be subtracted from their time. While Landon and Carley attempt the final puzzle, Ev and Luke opt to skip it and the perks that go with them. They then get to a point in the course where they see a sign. It tells Ev and Luke that they may remove all of the weight from their buckets and proceed to the finish line.

The light shines at the finish line where host TJ is standing. Ev and Luke get there first with tears of joy, but TJ tells them that Landon and Carley had completed the third puzzle for a five-minute time credit. This means that Ev and Luke haven't actually won the Exile yet. And unfortunately, we'll have to wait until next week to find out who'll be eliminated and who'll return to homebase.
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