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April 1

Past Real Worlders and Road Rulers come back to take on a new set of viewers in the ultimate of competitions in MTV's reality franchises.

Recaps by Brian Moore, GSNN

Host TJ Lavin
Creators Mary-Ellis Bunim
Jonathan Murray
EP Jonathan Murray
Packager Bunim-Murray Productions for MTV
Origins Whistler, BC
Web freshmeat2.mtv.com
Airs 10p Wed, MTV
Available In High-Definition Where AvailableStreaming Online

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Nice to Meat You
April 7

13 eager rookies get paired up with 13 seasoned veterans in Fresh Meat II with a prize pool of $300,000 at stake. The teams are made and the alliances are formed, but the backstabbing begins.

In the "Meet the Meat" special, a new group of 13 Fresh Meat challengers had their athletic abilities put to the test during Combine Day. Their stats have been recorded and now it's time to meet the Challenge alumni in alphabetical order.

CJ - Real World: Cancun
Danny - Real World: Austin
Darrell - Road Rules: Campus Crawl
Jenn - Real World: Denver
Jillian - Road Rules: X-Treme
Katelynn - Real World: Brooklyn
Kenny - Fresh Meat
Landon - Real World: Philadelphia
Paula - Real World: Key West
Ryan - Fresh Meat
Sarah - Real World: Brooklyn
Wes - Real World: Austin

There are 12 alumni so far, as there'll be a twist coming up later on.

Using the stats from the pre-season challenges in indivdual notebooks, each of the alumni selects a rookie of the opposite sex to be their partner for the entire season using the small totem poles that are placed on a table. On the base of each pole has an envelope with a number in it.

#1) Darrell & Cara Maria
#2) Jenn & Noor
#3) Kenny & Laurel
#4) Danny & Sandy
#5) Wes & Mandi
#6) Ryan & Theresa
#7) CJ & Sydney
#8) Landon & Carley
#9) Paula & Jeff
#10) Sarah & Vincent
#11) Jillian & Pete
#12) Katelynn & Brandon
#13) Luke

Luke is the only one left and he thinks he's going home. However, because one of the girls cast for this season was unable to make it into the country, a replacement had to be flown in which she'll show up momentarily. Upon hearing this piece of news, Luke is still in the game.

Over the next few weeks, 13 teams will be battling it out in a series of challenges. The team who wins that day's challenge not only gets immunity from going into Exile, but will also send one team to instantly go into Exile. The remaining teams then get together to vote for the other Exile team. During that time, the winning team and their pick for the Exile aren't present. Each individual gets to cast an open vote and the team with the most votes goes into Exile as the first teams' opponents.

Only four teams will make it to the finals to battle it out for $300,000 in prize money. $200,000 goes to the team who finishes in first place to be split between themselves. The team who finishes the season in 2nd place will split $60,000. The team of 3rd-place finishers will split a respectable $40,000 while the last place team will go home empty-handed.

The participants now get acquainted with each other and their home away from home which would make Oprah Winfrey jealous. The alumni are pretty big talkers telling the FM they know what's up. Then Ev shows up to homebase and she's now Luke's partner. The 'Fresh Meat' get wild during their first night.

The next day begins, and the alumni start forming alliances. Katelynn was really hoping to come into this challenge with Sarah as an ally, but she fells that the friendship they've had back in Brooklyn had soured. Darrell knows that there's a lot of politics in winning this game and doesn't want to make enemies. Right now, Kenny has to pay somebody else's game until the time is right for him to start playing his own. Kenny and Wes have had a bad history with the latter thinking he can use the former and vice-versa. Kenny can't trust Wes as far as he can throw him out of a two-story window, but for now Kenny will see how this will play out. Wes, Kenny, and Danny agree to throw Darrell in Exile.

The participants get their first clue via text message from host TJ.

I hope you are ready for your first challenge because this game is about to get very DIRTY... Wear your bathing suits and team uniforms and be ready to leave at 12:30 pm.

CHALLENGE #1: Dirty Mouth

In the middle of the giant mud put are some oversized balls in the middle. The goal of this challenge is to retrieve the balls and exit the pit safely and quickly as possible. There are a fewer number of balls than there are players and one of each team will be blindfolded, leaving their partners to guide them to the balls. If a player fails to get out of the pit with a ball, that person along with their teammate will be eliminated. And this challenge will continue until there's only one team left standing. The guys and the girls will be alternating rounds.

The first round begins 13 guys and nine balls. Noor, Kenny, Landon, CJ, Brandon, Wes, and Darrell score. The teams of Theresa/Ryan, Luke/Ev, Danny/Sandy, and Sarah/Vinny are eliminated.

We're now into the second round with nine girls and five balls. Carley, Jillian, Laurel and Katelynn score this time out. The teams of Darrell/Cara Maria, Mandi/Wes, Jeff/Paula and Sydney/CJ are the next four teams out.

The challenge now goes into the third round with five guys and three balls. The teams of Katelynn/Brandon, Landon/Carley, and Kenny/Laurel advance to the final round.

The final round will involve three girls with one ball. Laurel manages to score giving her and Kenny the win. They each win a digital camera and immunity from possible elimination. Kenny finds himself in a position of power as Wes tries to manipulate the first exile vote back at home base.

It's now time for deliberations and Kenny and Laurel sent Darrell and Cara Maria into exile. The rest of the teams then deliberate again, and after 30 minutes they vote Jillian and Pete into exile. The two teams were completely blindsided by Wes' ability to send them in. Unlike the original FM season, the teams don't participate in follow-up challenge prior to the Exile elimination, so the two teams up for the proverbial axe are in trouble.

The participants have some cans of beer, enjoying themselves. This doesn't sit well with Darrell and Cara Maria for whom the latter freaks out wanting respect. Then Wes gets upset, remembering how Darrell got him sent into exile five times during the first FM season. Theresa questions if she has more of an attraction to Kenny or Wes. Kenny thinks Theresa's an attractive girl, but he rebuffs her advances.

Darrell & Cara Maria and Jillian and Pete now are picked up by a van as they're taken, blindfolded, to Exile.

1st Exile: Lost and Found

The Exile is a race between two teams through a course, but this time there are required puzzle stations along the way. They have to solve a puzzle correctly within 15 minutes or else, they'll lose time. To make matters more difficult, each member will be carrying bags equal to the weight of the luggage they brought with them to the Challenge. The first team to cross the finish line first stays in contention, while the other team goes home.

Both teams get to the first puzzle station. They have to arrange the numbers in the grid so that the sum of each column, row, and both diagonals equal 15.

This puzzle has stumped both teams and the maximum time of 15 minutes have passed. Both teams now have to move on. Both teams eventually get to the other puzzle station where they have arrange all seven puzzle pieces to form the shape of a fish.

Jillian and Pete complete the puzzle first, providing them with a huge adrenaline rush. They get ahead of Darrell and Cara Maria whom they complete their puzzle.

Jillian and Pete get to the third and final puzzle station where they have to arrange puzzle pieces to form the shape of a mountain. They get that done and make their way to the finish line while Darrell and Cara Maria complete their puzzle.

In the end, Jillian and Pete win this Exile with a time of 1 hour and 42 minutes. Darrell wants to have Wes' head on a platter after he and Cara Maria are the first team gone. When the other challengers learn who survived elimination, Wes' confidence grows.

Wes better not be too confident as The Challenge: Fresh Meat II has already begun.
To view this episode in its entirety, along with extras and a blog, go to freshmeat2.mtv.com.